My husband is a Vinegar Bucket

In an accident, Su Li ran into a mysterious man. The name of the other party is unknown, the occupation is unknown, and the marriage is unknown. what? Meeting again, turned out to be his immediate boss? Is it even more famous and popular male god Lu Yanbei? He said he wanted to be a stranger, but now, who is the man who pesters her every day and wants her to be the mother of the child?
Title: My husband is a vinegar bucket
Alternative name: 我老公是醋桶
Author: Nan dock
Genre: Urban, president, romance, novel
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 20+
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Su Li coldly looked at the two people who came to force the palace in front of him.

One is her mother-in-law Li Wenjuan, and the other is a child-rearing tool carefully arranged for her husband by her mother-in-law, commonly known as’Little San’.

“Suri, sign it! Let go of my son.”

Li Wenjuan arrogantly used her chin to compare the cheque on the coffee table, “I signed it, and the ten million is yours.”

Su Li looked faint.

After taking the property agreement, he flipped through two pages, “How many months?”

She asked the little third opposite without raising her eyes.

“It’s almost five months.” Xiao San answered truthfully.

“several times?”

“Eight times.”

I remember very clearly.

“Zuli, what are you doing? The criminals are on trial!”

Li Wenjuan couldn’t stand it anymore, and began to show off to Xiao San, “You can’t blame her for this. You can only blame your own stomach for being too unsatisfactory. It’s been five years, and you have a chicken at home and still lay eggs, but what about you?”

She waved her hand impatiently, “Take this little money, and quickly vacate the position of Mrs. Lu for others, so that you can take up less of the pit and not shit.”

Su Li chuckled and tapped his chin, “Looking at you like this to me, Lu Chenjiu really looks like a public toilet.”


Li Wenjuan turned green with anger when she heard this about her son.

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