Chapter 7: He is actually the uncle

Today is the 80th birthday of Father Lu.

He is the grandfather of Lu Chenjiu and the chief founder of the Lu Group.

And he is the only person in the whole Lu family who really treats Zuli well.

As soon as Su Li was about to go out, she received a call from her mother-in-law Li Wenjuan, “Su Li, if you don’t want your grandpa to swallow at the 80th birthday, you’d better not mention anything that morning in front of him!”

Su Li snorted coldly.

It turns out that Li Wenjuan was also afraid of her.

“Also, Chen Jiu’s brother-in-law is back, and you ask Chen Jiu to come back earlier, so you are not allowed to be late!”

Su Li curled his eyebrows.

Lu Chenjiu’s uncle, Lu Yanbei?

He returned?

I heard that this uncle who has never met, although only thirty-two years old, has created business legends one after another in the European economic market.

When the media wrote about him, they always used words like’blue is better than blue’,’clandestine’,’iron and blood’,’mysterious’ and so on.

There is a fiancee who has been in contact for many years. The two have already had a son together, but for some unknown reason, they haven’t been married.

And the appearance of this young man is said to be even more beautiful.

Speaking of the Lu family, I have to mention that although they are a wealthy family, they are not thriving.

The father also had two sons under his knees. His eldest son was Lu Chenjiu’s father, Lu Yanming. He had been in charge of the Lu Group for these years, but he didn’t want to be poisoned by a treacherous man two years ago and almost died. Regret has become a vegetative person who sleeps forever.

And the second son of the old man is this mysterious and curious Lu Yanbei.

To be honest, not only Su Li, but all the other Lu family members knew little about him. There were even reports that Lu Yanming was killed by him.

However, the rumors are only rumors. Two years later, there is still no conclusion on this matter.

But I don’t know if his return this time is related to this matter.

When Su Li drove to Lu’s house, there were already quite a few people in the main hall.

The old man is sitting on the front seat in front of the screen. Although he is very old and has white beard and hair, he is radiant and full of energy. You can see that he is in a good mood today.

Su Li hurriedly stepped forward to present a gift to his old man, “Grandpa, happy birthday, I wish you a blessing in the East China Sea and a longevity.”

Sitting on the right side of the old man, Li Wenjuan cut in harshly, “Suri, what is the use of doing these fancy things? Your grandfather’s only wish now is to let you give him a little great-grandson, but you Look at you, this has been in our Lu family for many years, but there is no movement in my stomach. I am really disappointed!”

Su Li knew that her mother-in-law had deliberately told her father.

But fortunately, the old man didn’t buy her, “Wenjuan, it’s useless to blame Xiaoli for this kind of thing, Chen Jiu? I think he hasn’t missed those gossip weekly magazines recently, what’s the matter? Do you even forget Grandpa’s birthday?”

“How can that be? He must be here soon.”

Li Wenjuan lost a smile.

But I was also anxious in my heart, why didn’t my own son show up yet?

Today is the birthday of the old man. The point is that the old man’s youngest son Lu Yanbei is back. If Lu Chenjiu does not come to the old man, he will be respectful and filial. I am afraid that this inheritance right will really be left to the hands of others.


Suddenly, an arrogant little milk sound resounded in the hall.


This sound sounds familiar!

Su Li looked along the sound source, and saw a milky white baby trotting towards her carrying a small schoolbag of Captain America.

“……little devil??”

Su Li was surprised, “Why are you here?”

Today’s little devil is actually wearing a small black suit with a delicate bow tie around his neck.

Not to mention, a little gentleman really alive!

The little devil raised his head and looked at her, his big round eyes gleaming black, “I should ask you this, why did you come to my grandpa’s house?”

“Your grandpa’s house?”

Su Li is even more confused, what’s the situation?

“Lu Jingchen, go wash your hands and prepare for dinner later.”

Suddenly, a deep voice, revealing the majesty of incapable of being beaked, sounded not far behind Su Li.

Su Li was startled when he heard this.

Why does she think this voice…inexplicably familiar? !

She looked back subconsciously, but was completely shocked when she saw the handsome and innocent face of the man on the sofa.

His mind went blank for a moment.

This… Isn’t this the man who was obsessed with himself in a dream that night?

He was also the mysterious tycoon who accidentally met at the company that day.

He…Where is he sacred? !

Why does it appear here today?

The man seemed to feel Su Li’s shocked gaze, he picked up his head from the financial newspaper in his hand and looked at Su Li.

His eyes were faint, and his expression calm and composed, as if the two had never known each other before.

It was Su Li, who was staring at him, instantly confused.

“Xiao Li, do you know Jing Chen?”

The old man was quite puzzled.

“Ah… yes, yes.”

Su Li quickly turned back and looked at the old man.

But the mood still completely stayed on the man behind him.

“Then you also know Yanbei?”


Banquet? Which Yanbei? Lu Yanbei?

The little devil seemed to see Su Li’s panic and embarrassment. He compared his chin to the dangerous man on the sofa, “Hey, he is Lu Yanbei, my dad!”

The last three words, the little devil is clearly proud.

But Su Li’s mind only left a “buzz—” a mechanical sound.

The old man’s voice still rang in his ears, “He is Grandpa’s youngest son, Yanbei. In terms of generation, Xiao Li, you have to call him uncle!”

Little… Uncle? !

Su Li began to sweat, especially when confronted with the man’s dark eyes. The ambiguous scenes that night flashed out of memory like a movie.

She pestered him and called out her husband.

She said she hurts, make him gentle.

She even took the initiative…

Take the initiative to serve him!

Su Li never expected that the stunning man who fell asleep in his sleep, was not only the legendary business giant, but also…

It’s even Lu Chenjiu’s uncle! !

That’s it!

If she could, she wished she could dig a hole and bury herself directly.

God, where are you singing to her?

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