Chapter 5: Little Thunderer is so cute

The first question is to buy early.

The questions clearly marked the price of each type of breakfast and asked how much it would cost to buy four steamed buns.

Lu Jingchen answered: 0.25X4=1 (yuan)

There is nothing wrong with this answer.

The question asks again: What do you want to buy? How much does it cost?

His answer turned out to be: I have already had breakfast at home, so I didn’t buy it, and spent a total of 0 yuan.

Su Li: “…”

Good willful answer.

Next is the ancient poem filling in sentences.

Su Li couldn’t help but read it directly, “Two orioles mingled in the green willows, and a group of egrets went to the west?”

“When will the Mingyue be there, from the first to the fifteenth?”



The third is the question of language practice.

It was about the idea of a parent giving birth to a second child, and asked the children what they want to communicate with their parents. His answer was concise: “I don’t want a brother or sister because I want to monopolize my father’s wealth.”


What a great ambition!

I don’t know, I thought he had a throne to fight for!

After reading Zuli, I couldn’t laugh or cry, and I had no eyes to turn down again.

It would be strange if his parents watched it and were half-dead.

After apologizing for nearly half an hour, Su Li was finally relieved.

The little devil swayed ahead with a Captain America schoolbag on his back. How could it be that he knew what was wrong? Su Li followed like a little follower.

If it hadn’t been for the money, she really couldn’t swallow this breath.

“What’s your name?”

The little devil suddenly turned around and asked her.


She gave a wicked answer.

It was only after the response, why did I tell him?

“Lu Jingchen, my name.”

“…I didn’t ask again.”

Besides, she already knew it.

“But I just want to tell you.”

“Well, then I can barely remember.” Su Li teased him deliberately, and couldn’t help asking: “Why do you use frogs to scare classmates?”

“I didn’t scare him! He said he likes to eat frogs, so I caught one and played with him! He was so useless and scared to pee his pants.”


“What about the chewing gum necklace?”


The little devil turned around with a blushing face, and his little nose hummed dissatisfiedly, “I want to give a diamond necklace, but my dad doesn’t follow it. He also told me that bubble gum is sweet and sweet, and girls will do it. Like it, it turns out…”

The result is naturally no results!

The father of this pitted baby!

The little devil kicked the handrail of the stairs with his toe in irritation, “Xiaohong said she would never pay attention to me again.”


I blame you! People’s hair is cut because of you!

Also, are you sure that your dad asked you to give bubble gum to make a necklace?

“Then what’s the matter with you using scissors to cut Peppa Pig?”

“Not because her Peppa has no nostrils.”


“I cut two small nostrils with scissors!”

But all the cotton in that little belly ran out of the big nostrils.

“But I will pay her for a new one, and it must have nostrils.”

Su Li was speechless.

Odd people!

It’s really not an easy job to bring children.

“Let’s go! Take you home.”

The little devil in front stood still, looking sideways at her.


He, send yourself home? Did you make a mistake?

“I think I’ll give it to you!”

The little devil thought for a while, and finally nodded, “Sure.”

Su Li: “…”

You’re really welcome!

The little devil followed Su Li into the car.

She was in the driver’s seat, and the little devil was in the co-pilot.

Su Li fastened his seat belt and asked him, “Where do you live?”

The little demon proudly used his chin to compare the position directly in front, “Follow the Rolls Royce Phantom in front.”

Su Li: “…”

What’s the situation? !

Later, Su Li learned that the car in front had made a special trip to pick up the little ancestor from get out of class.

The car stopped in the northern villa area.

“You live here?”

Su Li was surprised.

She only spent the night in this villa area yesterday, met a man she shouldn’t have met, and made a mistake she shouldn’t make, but she didn’t expect to be here again today.

The little devil jumped out of the car, “Stay temporarily.”

“All right! Go back obediently, don’t do anything wrong in school in the future.”

The little devil let out a dissatisfied “sound”, but still stood still.

“Not going back?” Su Li asked him.

The little devil suddenly reached out to her.

“What are you doing?”

“Phone number, write this.”

His other little hand nodded his palm.

Su Li was puzzled, “Let’s just have a relationship, what phone number should I leave!”

Although she said so, her hands had already gone to the bag to read the pen.

Did not turn out the pen, but turned out a liquid eyeliner pen.

She wrote a string of numbers in the palm of the little devil’s hand.

The little devil glanced at Su Li again, his small ears were reddish, “Don’t think about it, I just think you performed well today, and I will contact you again if I need it.”


This little devil really thought she was a professional scam?


The little devil turned and left.

After taking two steps, he suddenly stopped and looked back at her.

“What else? Little ancestor, please instruct.”

“I will call you’Susu’ from now on.”

what? ?

After the overbearing little demon finished speaking, before Su Li could react from his consternation, he had already turned around, holding two backpacks in his small hands, and went into the community by himself.

The instant noodle hair on his head swayed with his footsteps, so vivid.

Seeing him walking away, Su Li couldn’t help but bend his mouth.

Little Tsundere, so cute!

At that moment, Su Li couldn’t help but think of his child who left her before he was born. If he was still alive, he would probably be as old as this child!

Thinking of him, Su Li couldn’t help but feel bored.

Soon, I picked up my mood, drove, and went to Chinian’s residence with his luggage.

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