Chapter 4: Little Devil with Angel Face

“Sister, things are not what you think. This kid is actually a poor man. His parents haven’t come back abroad at the moment! There is only one grandfather who is over 80 years old. This teacher wants to see his parents. Can’t let this old grandfather go?”

“But this is not a reason to lie, right?”

“Of course there are other reasons. This child can also be said to be that the mother does not hurt, and the father does not love. It is said that his father is very cruel. As long as he is not happy, he is allowed to act on the child. It is also common to beat his nose and face. Something, and it’s still a big radish! This kid’s mother has given birth to such an elder son with him, he is better, but refuses to marry someone, so now this child has no serious family yet! You! Do you think he is very pitiful? So, sister, we really have to help him.”

If such a father is really on display, then this child is indeed very pitiful.

“It seems that this kid gave you a lot of money!”


There are indeed many.

“All right! For the pitiful sake of this child, I’ll run for you! But you have to promise me that you will not be allowed to take this kind of scam job in the future.”

“If you don’t answer, I promise I won’t answer again. I’ll send you the kindergarten address on WeChat soon.”

“it is good.”

Soon, Su Wei sent the kindergarten’s address and the child’s information to her mobile phone.

The child’s name is Lu Jingchen, a big student, only two days after he returned from abroad, and the kindergarten this child attended is a bilingual international aristocratic school that charges high tuition fees. The tuition fees are even more expensive, with hundreds of thousands a month. Many celebrities, wealthy businessmen and children of big stars have studied in this kindergarten.

Su Li was speechless, “It should be a little bear kid raised by a big local tyrant who has not run away.”

Su Li tidied up and drove to the noble kindergarten.

Only when I arrived at the door of the head teacher’s office, I saw a crowd of people standing there, all large and small.

All of them looked dignified and angry.

And in the center of this group of people stood a child with his head high and his chest standing tall and back.

The child turned his back to her, and couldn’t see his face. He could only see his fluffy black hair that looked like instant noodles, which was very trendy.

Everyone was pointing at the child, “This child is too skinny!”

“With an angelic face, it’s just a little devil!”

“That’s not it! I still have it when I grow up.”

“It’s so bullying!”


Children are like sinners nailed to the cross, constantly accepting condemnation from their parents.

But he didn’t seem to care about it, his little head stubbornly raised his head, without any sense of guilt at all.

“Are you Lu Jingchen’s mother, Mrs. Lu?”

The head teacher recognized Su Lilai outside the door at a glance.

Su Li was very embarrassed.

She hasn’t blew herself up yet! How did this teacher recognize it?

The point is, as soon as the teacher said this, Su Li suddenly had the illusion that he would be cramped by the parents inside.

And the class teacher’s words also successfully caused the little devil who was undergoing soul torture to turn his head to look at her.

Su Li originally thought that this child must be a bear child with a bare-skinned face, but what he saw at a glance was a bright and clean eye pool, innocent, ignorant and stubborn, and then set off his white and snowy little A cheeky little angel.

No wonder some parents just said that this little guy has a harmless angel face.

Now it seems to be true!

“Mrs. Lu, come in first!”

Seeing that Su Li was still sticking outside, the head teacher greeted again.

Su Li glanced at the silent “son”, and finally walked in with the scalp.

This deceptive job is really hard to do!

And her’son’, his gaze fell on her face from beginning to end, as if looking up, like looking up.

It seems to be doubting her business ability.

Su Li was speechless.

This kid is still qualified to look at himself? Are you afraid that she is not qualified?

Su Li stared back in dissatisfaction.

Unexpectedly, the little guy immediately turned his head back, and introduced with the head teacher and the group of parents seriously: “Teacher, this is my mother. Tell her what you have.”

As soon as these words came out, Su Li immediately became the villain that Qian Fu pointed out. The parents quickly transferred all the hatred value from the little demon to Su Li.

“How did you become a parent and teach such a cute child so bearish!”

“Yes! Don’t give birth to a bad mother!”

“If you don’t teach well after giving birth, this is not responsible for your own children, and it is also not responsible for our children!”


Su Li glanced at the bear boy who was the culprit at his feet. At this moment, he actually showed an aggrieved look of being taught?

I go! !

So, is she being put on by this bear kid now? Isn’t it the one who pulled her over to block the gun? !

But what can she do? Give up this brat? Say you are not fucking at all?

Thinking of what his sister said to him and thinking of the poor child who had been in his womb for eight months, Su Li couldn’t bear it.

“sorry Sorry!”

Su Li bowed and apologized one by one, and asked the head teacher, “What the hell did this little guy do?”

“He stuffed a live frog into my son’s desk!”


“He used chewing gum to make a necklace for my daughter. My stupid daughter actually wears it. Look at her neck, it’s sticking everywhere, and it’s in her hair!”


“Also, the little piggy Peppa doll I just bought for my daughter was cut by him with scissors. Look, all the cotton has come out!”


Really bear!


Su Li apologized one by one.

“Mrs. Lu, these are not the worst, this is.”

The head teacher angrily handed Su Li a workbook, “Look at it yourself!”

Su Li glanced at the’son’ beside his leg, and then looked at the workbook in his hand.

The homework is all his exercises.

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