Chapter 3: Wasn’t it a dream last night?

The next day–

The sunlight outside the window like golden awns penetrates through the glass windows, as if covering the whole room with a layer of warm gauze.

Su Li woke up with a splitting headache.

what’s the situation?

Is this what a hangover feels like? But this is too uncomfortable.

Su Li rubbed his painful eyebrows, but suddenly, the scenes from last night, frame after frame, came out of his mind like a movie.

Isn’t it?

Su Li was shocked and quickly opened the quilt to look at herself.


She let out a long breath, but luckily it was just a dream.

But this dream is too real, right?

Could it be that I was really stimulated by Lu Chenjiu and Xiao San’er yesterday?

However, I have to say that the man in her dream looks too good-looking.

Although hidden in the dark night and unable to see his facial features, the dark eyes of the man in the dream made her remember deeply and unforgettable.

When Su Li lifted the quilt and got out of the bed and stepped on the carpet barefoot, he was taken aback for a while.

Did you sleep in bed yesterday? Besides, this is still the master bedroom on the second floor, right? But when did she go upstairs? When did you sleep in the master bedroom? Why does she have no impression at all?

She was actually fragmented!

Sure enough, this wine really cannot be drunk casually.

Su Li arbitrarily cleaned himself up, and hurried out of the villa.

Walking too quickly, so I didn’t notice the silver-gray suitcase left in the bedroom.

Su Li decided to move to the house where he lived.

Although she and Lu Chenjiu have been separated since they got married. Lu Chenjiu has never set foot in this family for several years, but it was once their new house.

If I live any longer now, I just add to myself!

She planned to squeeze with her in Chinian’s rental house first.

In fact, this abnormal marriage between her and Lu Chenjiu is also considered to be disbanded. After a few years of separation, the relationship between husband and wife has disappeared. The law no longer recognizes this relationship. Now it is only necessary to go to the court to distribute the property. From then on Go on their own way.

But she is not reconciled.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Su Li returned home to pack his luggage, but suddenly there were more people at home.

It was the husband Lu Chenjiu who had come to her for several years.

Perhaps, to be more precise, he should have been called an ex-husband long ago.

At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa in the hall, flipping through the magazines on the table boredly, passing the time.

He had a cold face and furrowed his brows, until he saw Su Li enter the door, his tight lips seemed to loosen, but his face remained cold and cold, “Where did you go last night, why didn’t you go home all night?”

Su Li was taken aback and stopped, “It’s really rare, there are still leisurely feelings that miss me.”

After speaking, I passed him and prepared to go upstairs.

But he clenched his wrist forcefully.

Lu Chenjiu raised his head to look at her, her dark eyes seemed to be stained with a bit of tired scarlet, “I will let her take the baby.”

Speaking of the child between him and that woman, Su Li had a pain in his chest, as if he had been pierced by a sharp needle.

She shook off Lu Chenjiu’s hand coldly, “That’s a matter between you, it has nothing to do with me!”

Go upstairs.


Lu Chenjiu got up and held her.

“what is this?”

Lu Chenjiu caught the mark on her shoulder at a glance.

The angry spark seemed to gush out at any time.

“what is what?”

Su Li was still a little confused.

When she saw the marks on her shoulders, she shook, her pupils dilated rapidly.


Su Li was unexpected.

So, that dream last night… is not just a dream? !

“Are you fooling around with a man?”

Lu Chenjiu asked her.

The thick scarlet, little by little, crawled into the dark pool of Lu Chenjiu.

He grabbed Su Li’s neck furiously, “Tell me, are you fooling around with a man?”

Seeing the thunderous anger in his eyes, at that moment, Su Li felt a sense of revenge.

His neck was strangled, and he couldn’t breathe.

She was flushed, “You, a scumbag who lingers in the flowers, have any qualifications to question me? Also, Lu Chenjiu, let me remind you that the only issue between the two of us is not clear. As for the relationship between husband and wife, early morning Up!”


Lu Chenjiu pinched Su Li’s strength, getting heavier and heavier.

The scarlet eyes are as if soaked in blood.

Su Li felt that she would suffocate at any time.

Suddenly, the man in front pushed her away.

“Su Li, you are so cheap!”

The sneer was immersed in unconcealable disgust and contempt, but there seemed to be a trace of pain flashing through his eyes.

“I must be crazy to wait for you all night here! But Zuri, are you worthy?”

After he finished speaking, he turned and walked out, leaving without turning his head.

The door slammed shut with a bang.

In the huge villa, only Su Li was left alone.

She shivered from the cold, tears streaming from her eyes.

If last night was not just a dream, then the future of her and Lu Chenjiu…

No, they have no future anymore.

When Su Li returned to the bedroom upstairs, the first thing was to take a shower.

Su Li wiped his dirty body with a towel severely, but the dream of last night kept popping up in his hazy mind.

But my heart was full of guilt and sorrow.

In the end, she turned herself into a similar person to Lu Chenjiu.

When I came out of the shower and was about to pack my luggage, the phone rang when I was charged.

“Sister, you finally took the call.”

The person who called was Su Li’s sister, Su Wei.

“What are you doing? I just took a shower.”

Su Li clipped the phone to her ear and continued to organize her clothes.

“I really need your help, this weekend, will you take a break? Can you help me take a part-time job?”

Because the two fathers were gambling and owed a gambling debt, Su Wei has been used to working part-time while studying since she was in college.

“You are about to graduate, why are you still doing a part-time job? You are not busy with thesis?”

Su Li has a lot of criticism about Su Wei’s part-time job, but most of it is because she feels sorry for her.

“Okay, sister, I promise it will be the last time. Today’s job is a fat man. You can’t go.”

“What’s the fat?”

“It’s easy, just go to a parent meeting for a kindergarten child.”

“What kind of job is this?” Su Li didn’t dare to compliment him. “You are here to help the evildoer.”

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