Chapter 2: Confusion

Tonight, Su Li did not return to the home where she and Lu Chenjiu used to be.

She went to a villa on the third ring road in the north of the city.

This villa is owned by the Lu family and is temporarily unoccupied. It is said that it was bought by Lu Chenjiu’s grandfather as a gift to his five-year-old grandson in the United Kingdom.

Su Li happened to take a taxi and went there for the night.

She changed her shoes to enter the door, but before the lights in the hall could be turned on, she fell on the floor and fell asleep.

Outside the villa, two dazzling car lights flashed, and a black business version Rolls Royce stopped at the door.

Soon, the back seat door was opened, and a long and tall black shadow strode out.

The man stood against the light, his figure was slender, and his temperament was cold and cold.

“Give me the luggage!”

He took the silver-gray suitcase from assistant Wei Xun.

“Mr. Lu, I’m really sorry, because I don’t know that you will suddenly return to China, and the villa has not had time to ask a worker to take care of it. Look…” Wei Xun looked embarrassed.

“I know.”

Lu Yanbei faintly replied, pushing through the suitcase with one hand and lifting into the house.

He swiped the fingerprint lock and opened the door, but his brows were frowned by the pungent smell of alcohol inside.

what’s the situation?

He entered, intending to find out.

Suddenly, he was caught by something cumbersome under his feet. For a while, his body became unbalanced and almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately, he reacted in a timely manner, and his arm quickly supported the ground to avoid intimate contact with the ground.

I just don’t want to, but it’s not the floor, but a…woman? !

To be precise, she was a drunk woman.

Lu Yanbei tightened his eyebrows displeasedly.

How could there be a woman in his family?

With the moonlight outside, he could vaguely see the outline and facial features of a woman.

The facial features are exquisite, but they are not so beautiful, at best they can be called delicate.

I don’t know if he felt the compelling gaze on his body, Su Li, who was drunk, suddenly opened his eyes.

The goal is a pair of dark eyes that are deep and bottomless, like a dense net, which locks her firmly, but it is like an abyss, as if if you are not careful, you will drown in it and cannot extricate yourself.

The stern face in front of him kept overlapping with Lu Chenjiu’s face repeatedly.


She groaned softly, her voice soft and waxy.


Lu Yan’s eyebrows jumped, “I am not your husband.”

He said coldly, about to get up.

Su Li didn’t follow him, and hurriedly reached out and grabbed his neck, “You are my husband!”

“I’m not.”

Lu Yanbei unhappily dragged her around her hands.

“You are! You are my husband!”

Lu Yanbei tightened his lips.

Sure enough, don’t try to argue with women and drunks.

And this one, both accounts for both.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked with trifling brows patiently.

“I’m your wife, Zuli, Zuli! Your wife, your only wife…”

“I don’t have a wife.”

Lu Yan didn’t change his face to the north, “In that case, let the police resolve it!”

As he said, he took the phone out of his trouser pocket, and just dialed out the phone, but the phone was snatched by the woman under him.

“I don’t allow you to call those stinky women outside. You never go home because you are entangled by them…”


Lu Yanbei didn’t have much patience, and now it has disappeared.

“Give me the phone.”

Of course, he didn’t really call the police, he just called the assistant and wanted him to help deal with the crazy woman.

“You are mine, I am alone!”

Su Li tugged at his tie, forcing him to look down at himself.

The drunk eyes were stained with a layer of aggrieved vapor, “Husband, don’t ignore me, don’t be so fierce to me…”

Looking at the mist in the eyes of the woman in his arms, Lu Yanbei felt a little pity in his heart, “I didn’t mean you.”

He reacted after responding.

He narrowed his eyebrows and lowered his face, “I emphasize it again, I am not your old man…”

The words were not finished yet, but my lips felt hot.

Lu Yanbei’s dark eyes sank quickly, and her big hand squeezed her small hand holding the phone.

A thin layer of sweat oozes from the palm of his hand.

“President Lu.”

Assistant Wei Xun’s respectful response came from the phone.

“President Lu?”

“Mr. Lu, has something happened to you?” Wei Xun asked Lu Yanbei over the phone.


Su Li yelled.

Lu Yanbei only felt an electric current swiftly passing through the limbs.

His eyes sank and he let out a dull “um” from his nose.

Wei Xun on the other end of the phone was so scared that his glasses almost fell off the bridge of his nose.

Husband? !

Moreover, Mr. Lu should have responded? ?

What’s the situation? !

Isn’t they Mr. Lu who has never been close to women? When did an extra wife come?

Hasn’t he just returned home? Gee tut! This is the first night! It’s really Yanfu and not shallow!

Lu Yanbei cut off the phone impatiently, and threw the phone about ten meters away.

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