Chapter 15: Do you take medicine?

“Why cry?”

Lu Yanbei stunned, “Are you still wronged?”

Su Li also didn’t know what she was being hypocritical, and she was indeed the one who started the kiss just now, so it was only her own responsibility to be punished by him in the end.

She was very clear, but her tears flowed out unwillingly.

She might be angry with herself!

Lu Yanbei took off his suit jacket and threw it into Su Li’s arms, “Put it on.”

Su Li glanced at him and hesitated.

“The image of employees is the face of the company. Do you want everyone here to think that Beirun is like you?”

Su Li looked down at her embarrassed herself, and finally she didn’t know how to put on Lu Yanbei’s suit.

“Wait for me here.”

After dropping this sentence, Lu Yanbei went straight into the private room.

Su Li leaned against the wall and struck uncomfortably.

She sniffed, and her mouth slumped again.

The red lips that had been ravaged by Lu Yanbei still hurt a bit.

But the lingering smell of him still remained between her lips and teeth, which made her feel in a trance, but strangely, she did not reject this feeling at all.

The suit on her body still retains his temperature, which tightly wraps her embarrassed, making her cold body warmer in an instant.

Lu Chenjiu hugged Qin Yan and got into the car.

He told the driver, “Go to the nearest hospital.”


The driver quickly started the body and hurried to the hospital.

Qin Yan clutched her injured head, leaned against Lu Chenjiu’s arms, and cried loudly, “Brother Nine, I will have my injuries in a while, and I will sue Su Li.”

“Who allowed you to provoke her?”

Lu Chen Jiudai has changed himself since he got in the car.

In front of Su Li, he treated Qin Yan with such eagerness, but after getting in the car, his face was as cold as a layer of frost.

“Brother Nine?”

Qin Yan didn’t expect that Lu Chenjiu would be like this suddenly. She was hurt and she was weeping, “Brother Nine, I didn’t provoke her first, but she did it to me first. I was hurt like this, don’t you see Are you there?”

Lu Chenjiu turned his face away from the window, his outline was tight, and his expression was cold and stern, “If you dare to provoke her again, it may not be as simple as breaking your head next time!”

“Brother Nine…”

Qin Yan never expected that she was injured like this, and Lu Chenjiu actually turned around to protect Su Li.

She grabbed Lu Chenjiu’s arm, and she couldn’t believe it, “Brother Nine, do you like Su Li? But when you were in front of her just now, it was obviously not this attitude. What happened to you?”

Lu Chen flicked away Qin Yan’s hand in disgust.

The lip line was strained and he said nothing.

Her Qin Yan was just a pawn that Lu Chenjiu carefully picked to avenge her Su Li!

Can she be worthy of bullying Su Li?

Lu Yanbei only went to say hello at the dinner, and then came out, but Su Li was not seen in the corridor.

When she walked out of the clubhouse, she saw that she was wrapping his coat, squatting on the side of the road, blowing the cold wind, drawing circles over and over with her hands on the ground.

Probably because of drinking, his delirious appearance still looked a little silly, but it was charming and lovely.

Lu Yanbei didn’t go to call her, only went to the parking lot and drove the car out.

The black Rolls-Royce Phantom steadily stopped in front of Zuri.

The window slid down, revealing Lu Yanbei’s perfect side face, “Get in the car.”

Su Li looked up at the man in the car, and mumbled dissatisfiedly: “Why have you been there for so long? People are almost frozen into ice sculptures.”

She got up, opened the back seat door, and sat in unceremoniously.

“Sit in front.”

Lu Yanbei glanced at the position of the passenger seat.

Su Li pursed her lips uncomfortably, “No need! It’s fine for me to sit back.”

Lu Yanbei curled his eyebrows, turned his head, staring at her with an unhappy expression, “Do you think I am going to be a driver?”

Su Li: “…”

Not to mention, in this way, he really looks like the special car service she called.

Su Li had to get out of the car and get on again.

This time I was sitting in the front passenger seat and fastened the seat belt very consciously.

After Su Li reported the address of the community, he never said a word along the way.

I don’t know if it was because of the alcohol factor, and within a quarter of an hour, she fell asleep on the chair.

Lu Yanbei drove steadily to the community where she lived.

The phone rang once, and it was from the little demon Lu Jingchen at home.

Lu Yanbei hung up after a sound.

Then the phone was turned into silent mode directly.

Lu Yanbei glanced at the sleeping woman next to her. She fell asleep very deeply, without any precautions.

Perhaps because it was still a bit cold at night, she wrapped her coat tightly and hugged it in her arms.

The head was buried in the collar, only half of his white face was exposed.

It seemed as if he had smelled the distraught fragrance that night, and heard her calling him’husband’ in his ear.

Lu Yanbei’s dark eyes were so dark.

He kept his eyes away and focused on driving.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the gate of the community.

Su Li did not wake up, and Lu Yanbei did not wake her up, so she let her continue to fall asleep.

When Chi Nian knocked on the car window, it was already half an hour later.

Lu Yanbei was burying the first batch of documents to pass the time.

When Su Li woke up, he opened his eyes and saw Lu Yanbei who was focused on work.

She was a little panicked, very embarrassed, and took off her messy long hair, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lu, I didn’t expect that I would fall asleep. You should wake me up earlier.”

Lu Yanbei put away the documents, “It’s okay.”

Su Li hurriedly got out of the car and bowed to Lu Yanbei in the driver’s seat, “Thank you for sending me back.”

Thinking of the suit she was wearing, she was busy taking off and returning him, but was stopped by Chi Nian, “Lizi, you have soiled Mr. Lu’s clothes, so it’s not good to just return it to him?”

It seems right.

Su Li was a little embarrassed, “Mr. Lu, I will return the clothes after I have finished dry cleaning them.”

“up to you.”

Lu Yanbei started the engine and prepared to leave.

Su Li and Chi Nian stood by the car and sent him respectfully, “Mr. Lu, go slowly.”

Lu Yanbei glanced at her, seemed to ponder for a few seconds, and then asked her: “Have you taken emergency contraceptives after that night?”


what? ? ! !

Su Li’s eyes were wide as copper bells. “You… didn’t you… that night?!”

Chi Nian was also a shocked face.

She seemed to have heard some incredible gossip!

On the contrary, it was Lu Yanbei, his expression always calm and calm, “Do you think that in the situation that night, I still had to go and buy?”

Su Li: “…”

“Take time to go to the hospital to check, and if you want to approve the leave, you can directly contact Wei Xun.”

After Lu Yanbei finished speaking, he drove away without turning his head.

Leave Zuli standing there, as if struck by lightning.


Isn’t she going to recite like this? Shouldn’t you win the lottery once? But she once won a lottery. this time……

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