Chapter 14: As a pawn for revenge

Qin Yan dragged her past her. The next second, she raised her hand and poured the bottle of red wine in her hand over Su Li’s head, “Su Li, I think you are very drunk, so help You wake up at the bar! This wine is precious, a bottle worth tens of thousands! It’s really fortunate for you to be able to sober up with the wine bought by my elder brother!”

The red wine was poured down.

It soaked Su Li’s long hair and dyed her white shirt blood red.

It also made Su Li’s slightly drunk consciousness gradually sober.

She raised her eyes and looked at Qin Yan coldly, her eyes sharp as if she wanted to shoot her through.

Qin Yan’s heart trembled, and the action of pouring the wine stopped, “You…you dare to stare at me like this?”

Su Li suddenly stretched out his hand and snatched the bottle of wine in Qin Yan’s hand.

Then, with a “bang–“, without hesitation, Qin Yan’s head was half-shrouded and smashed.


Along with Qin Yan’s painful scream, the top of her head was already blooming, and blood splashed out all of a sudden.

Su Li looked indifferent, “Then you use the wine bottle bought by your elder brother to smash your head, do you think that the eighteenth generation of the ancestors are all because of your brilliance?”

Qin Yan covered the wound with her hand, tears streaming down, “Brother Nine…”

“Brother Nine! Help—”


Lu Chenjiu, who was going out looking for Qin Yan, happened to see this shocking scene.

“Su Li, what did you do to her?”

Lu Chenjiu hugged the injured Qin Yan into his arms.

“Brother Nine, I… am I dying… woo woo woo…”

“It’s okay, Brother Nine is here, and I won’t let you have an accident.”

Su Li was still holding half of the fragments of the wine bottle in his hand, and Qin Yan’s blood was still on the tip of the fragments.

Looking at the disgusting picture in front of him, Su Li couldn’t help clenching his palms, and her fingers were horribly pale, which complemented her pale complexion.

Above her head, there was still red wine dripping continuously.

Drop by drop, splashes fell on her feet.


Su Li stared fiercely at the negative man in front of her. She couldn’t help asking herself over and over again, why she would allow herself to live so embarrassingly.

“Su Li, you’d better pray that Xiaoyan is okay, otherwise I will only ask you!”

Lu Chenjiu stared at Su Li fiercely, hugged Qin Yan horizontally, and walked out quickly.


Su Li resentfully smashed the remains of the wine bottle in his hand towards Lu Chenjiu’s back.


She deliberately missed it.

Knowing that she should have let this ugly man shed his blood, but in the end, she still failed to be cruel.

When tears rolled out of his eyes, Su Li saw a long, fuzzy black shadow.

In fact, she had just noticed Lu Yanbei at the end of the corridor, but she was too far away, she was not sure.

Through the thin mist, Su Li stared blankly at the man who was approaching her step by step.

At this time, Su Li was embarrassed like a stray cat abandoned by others.

However, Lu Yanbei was like a male model walking out of a pictorial. He was incomparably handsome, calm, and neatly dressed. Even the black suit on his body was meticulous, with no folds in sight.

But even so, at that moment, Su Li still hoped extravagantly that this man might have come for himself.

Lu Yanbei approached her and glanced lightly across her, but only stayed for half a second, and then strode past her to leave.

Su Li also didn’t know if she was really stimulated by Qin Yan and Lu Chenjiu. Seeing Lu Yanbei was about to leave, she suddenly turned around. The whole figure seemed to be filled with ecstasy, and she grabbed Lu Yanbei’s arm in a ghostly spirit.

Lu Yanbei’s steps stopped.

Looking at her sideways, there was a trace of doubt in his indifferent expression.

Su Li’s hands were not tightened but tightened, as if a drowning man grabbed the last driftwood.

But without waiting for Lu Yanbei to move her away, she suddenly walked forward, and without warning, stood on tiptoes, held his beautiful face, raised her head, and deeply kissed his thin lips. .

Lu Yanbei’s dark pupils were instantly dull, staring at her coldly.

But there was a fiery flame at the bottom of his eyes, which seemed to burst out.

In the next moment, she pushed her away indifferently.

Unexpectedly, Su Li slammed his back against the wall, dizzy for a while, but gradually became more conscious.

Tears, unwillingly, came out of his eyes.

Lu Yanbei didn’t give her any buffer time at all. Like a dangerous beast, he forced her towards her.

“Do you know what you were doing just now?”

Lu Yanbei loosened his tie and asked her.

The cold long fingers squeezed her jaw, forcing her to look up at him, “You take my Lu Yanbei as a pawn to avenge Lu Chenjiu?!”


Su Li clenched her lower lip.


She could not say anything to deny, but could only apologize to him.

In fact, she didn’t know what happened to her just now, and she felt as if she was caught in an evil spirit, completely dominated by alcohol and hatred.

“President Lu, I’m sorry.”

At this moment, Su Li was completely awake, and she bowed her head to admit her mistake, “I apologize for my impulsive behavior just now, I know I was wrong, and I promise I will never make such a mistake again in the future.”

Su Li already wished to dig a hole to bury herself.

She must have been crazy just now to kiss him!

Lu Yanbei stared at her fiercely, as if he wanted to take her apart and eat her, “I always don’t like others owe me. Whoever owes me, I will find her ten times a hundred times. Come, especially you, never change after repeated teaching!”

After Lu Yanbei finished speaking, he bent down and lowered his head, and kissed her red lips deeply.

Provoked him before, but now he wants to run? late!

“This is a punishment for your lack of measure!”

Su Li bit her lower lip tightly.

There are tears of grievance in the eyes that keep spinning.

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