Chapter 13: Qin Yan’s boyfriend

Wei Xun hurriedly found out Su Li’s information and handed it to Lu Yanbei respectfully.

Lu Yanbei took it, and carefully reviewed her work history from beginning to end.

Unexpectedly, she was really an elite in the workplace. She was also involved in the two rounds of the company’s turnaround. This made Lu Yanbei somewhat admired.

After reading through Su Li’s resume, he handed the IPAD back to Wei Xun and asked him, “Did Chen Jiu find a position for her?”

“She?” Wei Xun didn’t know why.

Lu Yanbei glanced at Zuli’s resume on the iPad.

“Not really.”

“is it?”

The expression on Lu Yanbei’s face is somewhat meaningful.

Wei Xun couldn’t help but asked more: “Mr. Lu, do you and Young Master Chen Jiu know this Su Li?”

Lu Yanbei let out a “um” and looked out the window with a distant look, “She is Chen Jiu’s wife.”


what? !

Wei Xun’s face was shocked.


It turned out that a relative of the emperor was hidden in the company.

But, what play did Young Master Chen Jiu sing again?

Leave your wife indifferent, but care about other women, this…

“By the way, President Lu, there is one more thing. Today, the Secretary General has specially organized a welcome party for you. Look…”

“You just do it for me.”


The dust feast for Lu Yanbei was set at the Champs Elysees.

This is a high-end leisure club. After a meal, even if it is less than six figures, there is definitely a small number. From this, it can be seen that the general secretary is sincere to help Lu Yanbei.

Although Lu Yanbei himself did not show up in the end, he also appointed his assistant Wei Xun to come over, which is actually a kind of supreme honor for the General Secretary.

In the middle of the meal, Qin Yan went out and came back, but there was a man beside her.

Su Li was a little dazzling.

Lu Chenjiu, whose arms were held by Qin Yan, was dressed in an elegant navy blue suit. His figure was tall and straight, and his temperament was outstanding.

The lines of the facial features are cold, but the beauty is compelling. As soon as Fang appeared, it caused a commotion in the box.

He stared at Su Li in the crowd with cold eyes, with a slight chuckle on his lips.

The smile was like a needle prick, and it plunged into Su Li’s most sensitive heart. It was painful.

It really is him!

Su Li subconsciously sipped the wine in hand.

The spirits in my throat didn’t seem so uncomfortable anymore.

Qin Yan, who was next to Lu Chenjiu, smiled the most brilliantly, “I would like to introduce you, this is my boyfriend, Lu Chenjiu, the eldest master of the Lu Group.”

She proudly introduced Lu Chenjiu to everyone present.

Chi Nian was so angry that he almost squeezed the carbonated drink bottle beside him.

Wei Xun had actually guessed this result a long time ago, but he didn’t expect the two of them to dare to show affection in front of the master so blatantly, which surprised him a bit.

But this matter has nothing to do with him.

But Wei Xun still sent a text message to the boss of his family Lu with his dedication and dedication.

“Report to Mr. Lu that Young Master Chen Jiu also appeared at the dinner, but he turned out to be Qin Yan’s boyfriend.”

When Lu Yanbei received the message, he just came out of the shower, and he didn’t even have time to dry the water stains on his body.

Clicking on Wei Xun’s message and taking a look, he exited the program, threw the phone back on the bedside table, and continued to lower his head to wipe his wet hair.

But the dinner here was completely lively due to Lu Chenjiu’s sudden appearance.

“Mr. Lu, fortunate to meet you!”

“Qin Yan, you are too uninteresting, you are hiding a boyfriend like Mr. Lu, what’s the matter? I’m afraid we won’t be able to grab it?”

“Yes! You are too low-key!”

“Then it seems that the position of the president’s secret is really yours.”


Chi Nian sat next to Su Li, his teeth tickling with anger, “Pear, can you bear this? Go up and tear this pair of dogs and men!”

“What’s there to tear? If you want to tear every one of these dramas up, wouldn’t there be nothing left in my life?”

Su Li was calm on his face, but unconsciously sipped the wine in his glass.

Chi Nian sighed distressedly, “If you really have what you said so calmly in your heart, you won’t be drinking here all the time.”

After being ruthlessly pierced by Chi Nian, Su Li’s eyes were red, but she recovered quickly. She pretended to be relaxed and joked: “Can’t you give me the last bit of face?”

Chi Nian didn’t know how to comfort Su Li, who pretended to be strong. She knew that all the language was pale.

She stretched out her hand and hugged Su Li, “Pear, believe me, one day you will meet the right person, he will take care of you carefully, and heal all the festering wounds on your body one by one.”

If Chi Nian was emotional, Su Li’s nose was sour.

She couldn’t help asking herself, would such a person really appear in her life?

She was very skeptical.

Su Li got up and went to the bathroom because his stomach was so uncomfortable.

Not wanting to come out, but met Qin Yan at the entrance of the corridor.

It’s really a narrow road.

She also carried a bottle of freshly opened red wine in her hand.

Seeing Su Li, she rushed over in a few quick steps, blocking Su Li’s way.

“Su Li, to be honest, do you like my elder brother?”

After a few glasses of wine, Su Li was dizzy. She leaned against the wall and looked at Qin Yan who came to Xingshi to question her sin, but she just pressed her lips and said nothing.

“Not speaking is the default meaning? You really like him, I just saw you keep eyebrows at him, what’s the matter? Want to seduce him?”

Su Li smiled contemptuously, “Qin Yan, has Lu Chenjiu told you the fact that he is married? By the way, he also has a son who was pregnant by a woman outside. Now she is five months old. It’s time to give birth in a few months. If you want to stay with Lu Chenjiu, you have to be more upbeat.”

“I can’t seduce, now I still want to provoke? Su Li, you are really shameless! Why don’t you say that you are the wife of my brother nine?”


Su Li didn’t want to talk with her anymore, so she brushed her away and wanted to leave.

Qin Yan dragged her past her. The next second, she raised her hand and poured the bottle of red wine in her hand over Su Li’s head, “Su Li, I think you are very drunk, so help You wake up at the bar! This wine is precious, a bottle worth tens of thousands! It’s really fortunate for you to be able to sober up with the wine bought by my elder brother!”

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