Chapter 12: The new BOSS is here!

Beirun Construction Group——

Su Li took a cup of hot coffee from the water room, and saw Manager Chen hurried into their office.

He applauded and signaled everyone to be quiet, “Everyone, be quiet, our new BOSS will arrive immediately in five minutes, and now the BOSS has arrived downstairs, we will come to our general secretary to say hello, everyone now quickly tidy up their appearance, no makeup Those who have put on a light makeup, and those who have put on heavy makeup, quickly remove and reapply! In addition, the BOSS will select an elite from our general secretary to go to the 36th floor. It will be settled in the next two days, and everyone will perform well. “

Hearing this, Chi Nian hurriedly walked to Su Li and pulled her sleeves excitedly, “Lizi, the new boss is here! You have to behave well, you have to take down the position of privacy!”

“Heh! I advise you two to stop daydreaming.”

Qin Yan stood beside the two of them, applying makeup and proudly saying: “The new BOSS is my boyfriend’s uncle. This position has already been appointed by me. No matter how much you do, it won’t be in front of me. It’s a clown jumping beam!”

“Oh! Unbelievable, you walked through the back door so you feel so superior, I really saw it for the first time!”

Chi Nian left no room for Qin Yan.

“What? Jealous?”

Qin Yan was not ashamed but proud. She raised her chin, “If you have the ability, you should also find such a good boyfriend! I’m afraid that no one wants you to post it!”


Chi Nian was so angry.

At this moment, someone could hear someone whispering, “Come, here! The new BOSS is here!”

“Quickly, stand in line!”

The manager yelled.

The crowd lined up to stand.

Outside the glass door, there was a long, tall and tall shadow, like an emperor, coming in heavy steps surrounded by the crowd.

Dozens of executives and bodyguards followed him vigorously.

Su Li looked at the person in front of him in shock, and she couldn’t believe it.

How… how could it be… Lu Yanbei? !

He has a suit and leather shoes, a majestic figure, and a steady walk. When he steps forward, his whole body is up and down, showing everyone his precious status everywhere.

As soon as Fang appeared, it caused a commotion in the whole department.

“God!! So handsome!”

“Isn’t this Lu Yanbei from the Lu Group? I’ve seen him in many magazines and newspapers, damn! I finally saw a living thing this time! It’s worth my life!”

“He is the only double champion who has won the Forbes Rich List and Charm List for five consecutive years! Now he has become my top BOSS, it is incredible!”

“No! I look better than on TV! This is basically a walking hormone!”

“I must get Mr. Lu’s signature in a while!”

“I want too, I want too!!”


Su Li’s mind was muddled, like a thousand layers of silk net.


“Hello, Mr. Lu!”

The manager took the lead and bowed.

“Hello, Mr. Lu!”

All employees bowed politely, except for Zu Li who was still in shock.

Seeing this, the manager winked at Su Li anxiously, and Su Li came back to his senses afterwards.

Bend down and said, “Good for Mr. Lu.”

Lu Yanbei glanced at Su Li, then turned to everyone, “I hope we can cooperate happily in the future.”

“President Lu, don’t worry, we will work hard.” Qin Yan answered with a smile.

Lu Yanbei only glanced at her faintly and nodded slightly: “Well, then you guys are busy!”

After speaking, he turned his body and led the mighty force to leave one after another.

It’s really a simple and straightforward greeting.

Su Li turned around and returned to her desk, took a cup of coffee, and took a big sip.


The coffee was freshly brewed, and she was burning her teeth.

Tears almost choked out.

“Lizi, are you okay? Why does your complexion look so bad?” Chi Nian found her strange.

Qin Yan came up, held the partition on the table with her hand, raised her eyebrows and said, “Seeing that the position she was thinking of was going to be lost, of course her expression was bad. Su Li, save yourself some face, don’t fight, after all One day I have to call our new boss uncle!”

After Qin Yan finished speaking, she twisted her waist and left triumphantly.

“Oh, I’m going! I really don’t know what this dead girl is screaming about, what kind of eye-opening thing is his boyfriend?”

“Lu Chenjiu.”

As Su Li said, she peeled off a piece of candy and put it into her mouth, only then did she feel that her heart was not as astringent as before.

“Who are you talking about?”

Chi Nian was shocked and his eyes widened.

Su Li remained calm, “The new boss is Lu Chenjiu’s uncle.”


Chi Nian suddenly felt more disgusting than swallowing a fly, “Lu Chenjiu is really…”

Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered something, “You said he is Lu Chenjiu’s uncle? Then isn’t he the same as you that night… um um ————”

Before Chinian could finish speaking, Su Li tightly covered his mouth, “You keep your voice down, I knew I wouldn’t tell you about this big horn!”


Chi Nian looked around and lowered his voice.

Su Li nodded depressed.

“Fuck!!” Chi Nian was excited, and slapped Su Li on the shoulder, “Lizi, you can do this anti-operation! Very 66666!”

Su Li: “…”

CEO’s office–

“Mr. Lu, Manager Chen just handed me a list of several secretarial candidates. I brought out an employee with outstanding work ability. Do you think you need to take a look?”

Assistant Wei Xun respectfully handed the iPad in his hand to Lu Yanbei who was standing in front of the window.

Lu Yanbei did not reach out to take it, “You can talk about it!”

“Her name is Qin Yan. She graduated from IONB in the UK and majored in architects. She has won several international awards. In terms of professional strength, she is really outstanding. But there is one thing that I have to mention to Mr. Lu. “


“Young Master Chen Jiu greeted me two days ago. I hope I can leave this post to Miss Qin. I took a look. There are indeed more outstanding employees in the general secretary’s office than Miss Qin, but I consider How much I have to sell Young Master Chen Jiu’s face, so I chose this Miss Qin Yan on my own terms. I don’t know what you think of Mr. Lu?”

“Chen Jiu said hello to Miss Qin?”


Lu Yanbei thoughtfully, after a long while asked, “Does the General Secretary’s Office still have a staff member named Su Li?”

Lu Yanbei asked Wei Xun again.


Wei Xun said: “She is also on the list of candidates this time, and she is the employee whose work ability and knowledge are better than Miss Qin.”

“Give me her information.”


Wei Xun was surprised.

“something wrong?”

“No, no!”

Wei Xun was just surprised. Just now, Qin Yan and the boss of Lu did not show any interest, but when he arrived in Suli, he was actually very interested.

Is this the so-called cherishing talent?

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