Chapter 11: You will regret betraying me


Su Wei also got out of bed and hugged Lu Chenjiu’s waist tightly from behind, “I thought you have a cleanliness affair with women, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie to you. However, I promise you that I will never let other men Touch me, okay? Brother-in-law, please don’t be angry with me.”

“That is your business, it has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Chenjiu coldly broke Su Wei’s arm.

Where is the enthusiasm of just being in bed.

Su Wei also consciously stopped entanglement, she stood on tiptoe to help Lu Chenjiu tidy up the shirt collar, after thinking about it, she couldn’t help but asked one more sentence: “Brother Nine, since you have no chu female complex, then Why do you never touch my sister?”

Speaking of Su Li, Lu Chen Jiu Moren instantly froze, and the cold contour lines became sharper.

Indifferently brushed away Su Wei’s hand, “I will ask the driver to take you back to school.”

“Brother Nine, are you leaving now?”

Su Wei still couldn’t let go.

Lu Chenjiu grabbed the suit jacket on the hanger and left the hotel suite.

Before leaving, I did not forget to remind Su Wei: “Remember to take the contraceptive pill.”


Su Wei obediently agreed.

Lu Chenjiu left.

Su Wei glanced at the emergency contraceptive pill lying on the head of the bed. After thinking about it, she flushed the medicine into the toilet.

She didn’t want to take medicine. On the contrary, she wanted to get pregnant and let herself steadily be pregnant with his Lu Chenjiu’s child!

Once she successfully conceived, she would naturally have the opportunity to marry into the Lu family. From then on, she will have inexhaustible glory and wealth, and she will no longer have to carry the huge debts of her family.

As for her…

Sister, don’t blame me, but blame yourself for being too disappointed! Who made you unable to lead our family to riches?

By the time Lu Chenjiu hurried back to the old house, his lunch had already been used up. Lu Yanbei left early because he had just returned home and was busy with work. Su Li also found an excuse to leave.

The old man stayed with his family all morning, feeling very tired, and went back to his room to rest.

Seeing her late son, Li Wenjuan was furious, “What on earth do you want to do? Your grandfather’s 80th birthday. How dare you be absent on such an important day?”

“Something has been delayed.”

Lu Chenjiu found an excuse to stall.

He threw the suit on the sofa.

“What’s so important? Don’t you know that your brother-in-law is back today? You really plan to hand over our Lu family property, don’t you?”

“Mom, besides our Lu family industry, can you tell me something else?”

Lu Chenjiu pulled the tie around his neck impatiently.

“Okay, if you like to listen to other things, then I will tell you about other things! I ask you, what on earth is Wen Shanshan not in your eyes? Although her family background is not comparable to our Lu family, but Anyway, after being a celebrity, it would be a few streets away from Zurich to discuss the value of her face. What’s more, she is still pregnant with your child in her belly, that’s it, why don’t you want to marry her?”

“Mom, if you like her so much, then go and marry yourself!”

Lu Chenjiu stretched his legs on the coffee table with a cold face.

“You’re such a bastard! Isn’t the child in her belly you sow the seeds yourself? Now that everyone is pregnant with your child, you are naturally responsible for her, not to mention that she is still pregnant with a boy! Chen Jiu, you Just listen to my mother’s advice! Now as long as you give birth to this child, the old man will definitely share his share of the shares. By then, at least half of the Lu family’s industry will be in our hands, so you can count on me. , For your paralyzed father, you should marry Wen Shanshan back, do you understand?”

“Mom, I think I need to repeat to you again. I have no interest in grandpa’s industry at all. Whoever wants to take it! In addition, my uncle’s foreign industries are at least three Lu Groups. Great, do you think he would care about us?”

“You are really ignorant!”

Li Wenjuan hates iron and steel, “Who would think that he has little money? If he doesn’t covet the Lu family’s property, he can’t wait to give birth to such an illegitimate child with Li Chuqing? How could he kill your dad?”

“Mom, the person who hurt my dad back then wasn’t my brother, don’t you understand? He is not that kind of person at all.”

“You turned your elbow out!”

“Okay, I won’t tell you anymore, go and toss as you like! I shouldn’t come back.”

Lu Chenjiu said, got up, ready to leave.

But when I saw the door, I didn’t know when Su Li stood there.

It’s also a coincidence that Su Li realized that he had forgotten to take the bag when he walked halfway, and then turned back to take the bag again. As a result, he didn’t want to, and happened to collide with Lu Chenjiu.

It’s nothing more than a bump, and it just wants her to hear such a disgusting conversation.

Li Wenjuan also saw Su Li at the door, her face was a bit ugly, and she coldly snorted: “Anyway, Shanshan must enter our Lu family, and the child in her stomach must be born. It belongs to my Lu family. Blood, whoever dares to hurt his hair, I can’t get along with anyone!”

After Li Wenjuan finished speaking, she went upstairs with anger and went to take care of her husband who was paralyzed in bed.

Of course Su Li knew it, and the following remarks were clearly meant for her.

She just pretended not to hear, and ignored Lu Chenjiu, and went straight into the door to get the bag.

After holding the bag, Lu Chenjiu’s hand was grabbed, “I’ve had a temper for a few days, shouldn’t it be enough?”

Su Li looked indifferent, “I didn’t lose my temper.”

She said, trying to free his hand.

“Do I have to go and invite me to come back?”

Lu Chenjiu made a backhand, took Su Li around for a half circle, and then hugged her tightly from behind, “Are you jealous?”

Su Li trembled all over.

The sudden intimacy made her feel in a trance.

She had an illusion, as if at that moment, they were back five years ago.

Until a strong rouge smell came from his nose, Su Li felt a pain in his heart and broke free from Lu Chenjiu’s arms in disgust.

“Lu Chenjiu, do you have to disgust me like this?”

Her eyes were reddish, and her eyes were stained with mist.

Su Li didn’t want to say anything to him, so she turned and left.

Just now Li Wenjuan said so many unpleasant things, but at least one sentence is right.

He Lu Chenjiu is a bastard!

No matter how bad, the children in her Wen Shanshan’s belly are all the seeds he sowed. What is he now? Do you really want to be when this has never happened?

No matter how humble she loves Zurich, she won’t be bullied like this.

“Zuli, stop being pretentious, the most innocent person in our marriage is you! It was not before, and it is not now!!”


Su Li’s steps stopped.

Then, two lines of clear tears rolled out from the eyes.

Yes! After she had a derailment experience with Lu Yanbei that night, she was no longer an innocent person in Zuri.

“If you want a divorce, wait anytime.”

Su Li left this sentence and left without turning his head.

Lu Chenjiu looked at the back of her leaving, his eyes getting colder and colder, “Su Li, one day you will regret betraying me…”

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