Chapter 10: Lu Chenjiu’s Woman

Before the meal, the old man suddenly became concerned about the daily life of Lu Yanbei and Xiao Jingchen, “Yanbei, where do you live now?”

“Dad, we live in a villa on the third ring road in the north of the city.”

Sitting at the farthest away from Lu Yanbei, Su Li still felt his scalp numb.

“Before there was no one to take care of it, how can you live in it now? The small foreign house in the south of the city has always been cared for by special personnel. You can live there. Of course, you and Jingchen must be willing, and it is better to live back here.”

“Don’t bother, Wei Xun has already found someone to clean up, and I don’t plan to move any more places.”

“Well, I just think the house is not big. When Chu Qing returns to China in the future, your family of three will live in a crowded place.”

Chu Qing?

Li Chuqing, the second lady of the Li family!

Su Li has heard of this person, a wealthy daughter, with an extraordinary appearance, and her father is also one of the shareholders of the Lu Group.

It turns out that Lu Yanbei’s fiancee, Xiao Jingchen’s mother is her!

Speaking of Li Chuqing, Lu Yanbei’s expression was indifferent, and he only said: “Let’s talk about it when she gets back! That’s right.”

Lu Yanbei suddenly asked the old man, “Who set my villa password?”

“It should be Chen Jiu! That villa seemed to be entrusted to him to buy it.”

“password is……?”

Lu Yanbei suddenly fixed his gaze on Su Li, who was looking at him diagonally.


Su Li’s cheeks were hot.

But I don’t know if it is because of nervousness, panic, or something else.

“Xiao Li, you should know Chen Jiu’s password?” The old man also looked at Su Li.

“I… my birthday.”

Su Li replied falteringly.

Lu Yanbei seemed to have a deep “um”, then looked back, no more.

But what about Zurich?

With her hands hidden under the table, she was already nervous and began to sweat.

The heart was so scared that it almost jumped out of the atrium.

She felt that this guy was on purpose! !

At the meal, the servants began to arrange meals, but Lu Chenjiu did not show up for a long time.

“Su Li, did you make Chen Jiu unhappy again? Why did no one listen to me when I called him?” Li Wenjuan tried to push his son’s faceless pot onto Su Li.

Sitting next to Su Li, Xiao Jingchen who was earnestly picking up rice suddenly raised her head, with a naive expression on her face: “Big auntie, Brother Chen Jiu doesn’t listen to the phone, why should I blame Su Su? Brother Chen Jiu is not like me. He’s a kid, doesn’t he still know how to use a cell phone?”

“Lu Jingchen, he can’t speak for food and sleep.”

Lu Yanbei glanced at his son sitting across from him seriously.


The little guy squatted his mouth and choked his head.

“I think Jingchen is right!” The old man’s face sterned and scolded Li Wenjuan: “Do you think Xiaoli made a special trip to see your children? Or do you think Chen Jiu is like Jingchen? Big? Huh! I think he is not as sensible as Jing Chen!”

Li Wenjuan’s face was extremely ugly.

In my heart, he blamed his son Lu Chenjiu thousands of times.

This kid is really disappointed! Knowing that this Lu Yanbei came back with the purpose of fighting for the family property, he would do well. He even dared not show up on the birthday of the old man! This is clearly the rhythm of giving the Lu Group a hand!

Naturally she was the first to refuse.

“Su Li, give Chen Jiu a try.”

Su Li actually didn’t want to call, but it was the birthday of the old man. She didn’t want the old man to get angry. She hurriedly got up and said, “Grandpa, don’t be upset. I will give him a call and try. It was delayed.”

She said, went out and went outside the courtyard.

Su Li called Lu Chenjiu over.

The phone was answered within an instant.

However, the person who responded was not Lu Chenjiu.

“Brother Nine…”


With her toes, Su Li had already guessed what disgusting things the dog men and women over there were doing.

My heart still stabbed a few times in despair.

“Lu Chenjiu, today is grandpa’s 80th birthday. If you still consider yourself to be grandpa’s grandson, get out of here!”

In response to Su Li, Lu Chenjiu’s disgusting words coaxing the woman in bed.


Su Li couldn’t listen anymore, and hung up the phone first.

Suddenly, her chest was like a lump of cotton soaked in water, making her breathless at all.

A thin layer of mist was drenched in the bottom of his eyes only for a moment.

Su Li knew that the woman on the phone was not the mistress who came to the house that day to force the palace, and Lu Chenjiu had changed women again.

In his bed, the shelf life of a woman never exceeds a month, she should have been used to it.

But I don’t know if she thinks too much, but always feels that the female voice on the phone looks like her sister Su Wei.

Su Li shook his head in confusion.

“Su Li, what do you think! Xiaowei is your sister.”

She wouldn’t do such a dirty thing!

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