Chapter 1: Onsite

Su Li coldly looked at the two people who came to force the palace in front of him.

One is her mother-in-law Li Wenjuan, and the other is a child-rearing tool carefully arranged for her husband by her mother-in-law, commonly known as’Little San’.

“Suri, sign it! Let go of my son.”

Li Wenjuan arrogantly used her chin to compare the cheque on the coffee table, “I signed it, and the ten million is yours.”

Su Li looked faint.

After taking the property agreement, he flipped through two pages, “How many months?”

She asked the little third opposite without raising her eyes.

“It’s almost five months.” Xiao San answered truthfully.

“several times?”

“Eight times.”

I remember very clearly.

“Zuli, what are you doing? The criminals are on trial!”

Li Wenjuan couldn’t stand it anymore, and began to show off to Xiao San, “You can’t blame her for this. You can only blame your own stomach for being too unsatisfactory. It’s been five years, and you have a chicken at home and still lay eggs, but what about you?”

She waved her hand impatiently, “Take this little money, and quickly vacate the position of Mrs. Lu for others, so that you can take up less of the pit and not shit.”

Su Li chuckled and tapped his chin, “Looking at you like this to me, Lu Chenjiu really looks like a public toilet.”


Li Wenjuan turned green with anger when she heard this about her son.

“Sister Su Li, you and Chen Jiu have been married for so many years, don’t you understand it yet?”

The honest little San’er finally spoke up, his tone was gentle and gentle, but he said every word, “Why doesn’t Chen Jiu want to touch you? Because he has a habit of cleanliness, he thinks you are dirty, he said that your body is more than a sewer Dirty, so it’s impossible for him to touch you at all. He didn’t, he won’t, and he won’t! That’s it, do you have to dominate Chen Jiu? Besides, you two have been separated for many years now, legally I don’t agree with your marriage long ago.”

Xiao San’s voice fell, and Su Li also turned the last page of the property agreement.

Yes, Xiao San said it right, the law has long disapproved of her and Lu Chenjiu’s marriage, but as long as she bites this agreement for a day, no one can take her.

She threw the agreement on the coffee table, folded her legs gracefully, folded her hands around her knees, and leaned back, “I don’t agree with what you are looking for me to sign? She intends to spend this ten million to send it. Excuse me, I remember that the property is divided. The husband and wife should be half-and-half. I still can’t look at the ten million yuan, so I won’t sign the word, and I will trouble you to take the money.”


Li Wenjuan shot the case, “Don’t push your nose on your face.”

Su Li looked up at Li Wenjuan who was angry and smiled, “Mother-in-law, I just want to watch your most precious grandson become an illegitimate child in the eyes of others.”


Li Wenjuan raised his hand and wanted to slap her.

Su Li just wanted to reach out, but didn’t want to. One hand had already grabbed Li Wenjuan’s hand before her.

It turned out to be today’s actor Lu Chenjiu.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

Lu Chenjiu let go of his mother’s hand, and his long body subconsciously blocked Su Li.

“Brother Nine!”

Seeing Lu Chenjiu, Xiao Sanyi showed a pleasant expression on his white face, got up and approached him hurriedly, and said softly: “You are here…”

Su Li couldn’t help but look up at the pair of dogs and men beside her.

Xiaosan is very tall, and when talking to Lu Chenjiu, his voice is always soft, his posture is charming, and there are some charming little women, which can be said to be very attractive to men.

Where is Lu Chenjiu?

The steep facial features are like artificial carvings, with sharp outlines glowing with cold, cold complexion, and a feeling of being extremely difficult to approach.

“Who asked you to come here?”

He asked Xiao San in a cold voice, his sword eyebrows twisted deep.

“Brother Nine, I…”

“I asked her to come, what happened?”

Li Wenjuan pulled Xiaosan over and protected her behind her, “What are you cruel to her? What happened to her? She is your son’s mother and will be the mistress of this house in the future! It’s just right for you to come back, hurry up, too. Sign this agreement together.”

“Who said I’m going to divorce!”

Lu Chenjiu’s voice was cold to his bones, and at the end, he turned his gaze to Xiao San’s face coldly, “If you want to stay by my side, please obediently take the kid in your stomach.”

“Brother Nine…”

The tears gathered in Xiao San’s eyes suddenly welled up.

“Lu Chenjiu, are you crazy? You really want to piss me off, don’t you?” Li Wenjuan beat her chest for a while.

“Brother Nine, I was wrong. I’m sorry. If you don’t like me coming here, I won’t come here again. Let’s not anger the child, okay? He is innocent…”

Xiao San pulled Lu Chenjiu’s sleeve, crying and begging him.

Lu Chenjiu stretched out his hand and wiped away the teardrops from her cheeks, “You are not worthy to have a baby with me, Lu Chenjiu.”

Plain tone, but said the most unfeeling words.

“What about her? Is she worthy?”

Xiao San pointed to Su Li, and was unwilling to ask him, “How dirty this woman is, don’t you know it?”

Lu Chenjiu lowered his eyes to look at Su Li on the sofa, his eyes cold.

After a long time, only four words were said, “She is even more unworthy!”


Su Li stood up, “You three continue to sing slowly in this play. I’m still in a hurry to go to work, so I won’t accompany you!”

After she finished speaking, she carried her bag, stepped on small seven-inch high-heeled shoes, raised her chin, and went out like a proud peacock.

“Chen Jiu, look at her, what kind of attitude do you see from her! They are all broken shoes that have been made big by others, so where is the face against our Lu family?”


The mother-in-law’s harsh words were blocked by Su Li.

He sighed and warned himself not to cry, but the tears did not keep up, one by one went straight out.

Lu Chenjiu’s phrase,’She is more unworthy’, was more like a knife, and it pierced her heart fiercely, making her blood flow.

Lu Chenjiu, if he is unworthy, why marry?

After listening to Su Li’s retelling of the morning farce, my best friend Chinian was tickled with anger, “This Lu Chenjiu is really nothing! He is a brute, a well-dressed beast! His mother, too, actually went off to find a mistress for his son. Groove! How could she not come on the court to give birth to her son?”

The curse of his girlfriend made Su Li laugh out loud.

The fog under her eyes became uncomfortably heavier, she raised her head and drank the blood-red cocktail in the glass.

The strong wine ran across the throat, scarlet stained the eyes, and the internal organs were all soaked in sulfuric acid, and the fire was burning with pain.

“To this day, I have loved this bastard for fifteen years, from the first time I saw him when I was twelve, until now, every year, my whole youth is full of him…”

Through the dim water vapor in his eyes, Su Li seemed to see them again in their youth.

At that time they were simple, beautiful, and carefree.

Until she was 21 years old, a strange man broke into her life forcefully, took her for the first time, and even made her pregnant with his seed.

At that time, she wanted to take the baby the first time, but she was not willing to accept it after all, but she did not know that the baby died in her womb when it was only eight months old.

Forget the past.

Every frame is Ling Chi to her.

Chi Nian sighed, “Lizi, I really don’t want to understand what Lu Chenjiu meant. Since he never wanted to live with you, why did he insist on marrying you in the first place? Does he have a brain hole?”

“…Take revenge!” Su Li stared at the wine glass with blood red eyes.

“Retaliation?” Chi Nian grinned directly, “What is the revenge for you? Just because you have been defiled by other men, so you feel that you are unfaithful to him? So you want to retaliate? purpose?”

Su Li was silent.

In fact, Su Li still does not understand this question.

She broke up with Lu Chenjiu after she was brutally defiled, and now Lu Chenjiu also agreed. Only a year later, Lu Chenjiu found her again. Not only did she reconcile, she also carefully planned a marriage proposal for her. Li Man was moved to marry himself.

I just don’t want to, but the married life is completely contrary to her vision.

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