The Crazy with His Reluctant Lover

Chu Mu Jin’s brother eloped with rich girl, Lu Ming Yue. Because she did not manage to escape on time, she was caught by Lu Ming Yue’s fiance, Lin Cheng Yao. Thus, began her tragic 99 days of contact lover life. Being entangled between two men, the overbearing Lin Cheng Yao and the gentle Gu Ting Zhi, she found out that she is pregnant …
Title: The Crazy with His Reluctant Lover
Alternative name: Devil’s President Sacrificial Bride, 撒旦总裁: 情人只做一百天, 恶魔总裁的祭品新娘
Author: 落籽七 Luo Zi Qi
Genre: novel, Revenge, Romance, Slice of Life
Release: 2017
Chapter: 270
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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