I Don’t Want to Win Lying Down

When Xu Mang was about to work hard, God found him, but Xu Mang let out a stinky fart, and God was smoked away…
From then on Xu Mang became a salted fish.
“In fact, it’s not bad to be a salted fish.”
“Because you can win by lying down.”
Title: I Don’t Want to Win Lying Down
Alternative name: 我真不想躺赢啊
Author: Extremely White Cat
Genre: Fantasy, Urban Life
Release: 201X
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Xu Mang sat in the last row of the classroom by the window and glanced at Teacher Tian who was teaching on the stage. He knew that he was about to be expelled from the classroom again, with about ten seconds left.

“Xu Mang!”

“Answer the question I asked just now!” The instructor suddenly got into trouble, and shouted at the listless Xu Mang.

“Teacher Tian…you passed!” Xu Mang stood up, with the word’unyielding’ written on his face: “You know that I won’t, and you asked me to stand up to answer the question. Is this a personality insult? “

Get out!”

Amidst the laughter of the surrounding students, Xu Mang walked out of the classroom. This is not the first time he was blasted out of the classroom by a teacher. In the eyes of many teachers, he should not appear in the classroom.

“Students, please remember that you are now in the third year of high school. Don’t be confused about this section. You must give me a twelve-point spirit!” The lecturer helped the frame of the mirror: “If you don’t work hard during this period, Xu Mang is What will you look like in the future!”

Xu Mang, who was expelled from the classroom, heard the teacher comment on himself like this, his heart did not fluctuate, because the ordinary self has a special identity…to

learn cancer,

and suffer from advanced cancer while studying. Xu Mang is a more degenerate existence than the so-called scumbag. Xu Mang is a representative of cancer. Compared with ordinary cancer patients, Xu Mang has reached the point where he gets a headache when he picks up a book, and he often says, “I am a genius. ‘This kind of thinking.


Give me a system, I want to work hard!


“[If you own me, you will be promoted and raised to become general manager, become CEO, marry Bai Fumi, and reach the pinnacle of life!] The system is called by the host, is it bound?”


There was such a passage in Xu Mang’s head that could not help condensing a thousand words into a single word-Fuck!

Take off!

Suddenly it took off, not mentally prepared!

Xu Mang has read a lot of novels from the starting point, most of which are systematic texts. He knows what happened to him. Think about the protagonists who are unlucky and sad. After binding the system, they look awesome…

Today, Me, Xu Mang, take off!

[Yes] or [No] appeared in front of you


Send sub questions!

Xu Mang sneered and did not hesitate to choose an option.


“Choose…the wrong one!”

Among the people who pinched himself with Xu Mang’s left hand, unexpectedly, unexpectedly… This turned out to be a proposition!

For a long time,

there was a riot at the door of the classroom.

“Not good!”

“Xu Mang is dead!”


school infirmary,

Xu Mang was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling above his head, his face was full of’pain’, God gave countless opportunities, and he But avoiding them one by one, this is too tragic, right?


“Life is like a coffee table, full of cups… Ah! My life!” Xu Mang couldn’t help writing a poem about advancement in light of his own situation.

“[Lying Win] The system has detected the host, and given the limited IQ of the host, it has been forced to bind!”

At this time,

Xu Mang’s head once again appeared such a sentence.



What is limited IQ?

Xu Mang was very unconvinced, because this system not only carried out life attacks on himself, but also forced bundling and did not respect human rights at all.

“Is there no instructions for use?” Xu Mang muttered.

When the words fell,

a series of characters appeared in consciousness.

“Your life is to lie down and win, don’t work hard… The word hard work is out of line with you, please remember that you are a salted fish!”


Xu Mang understands that the final setting of the system is to let himself not forget his original intention.

Next, I checked my own property page.

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