Bergamot Benefit

Bergamot has English names Kaffir lime, Leech lime, Mauritius papeda and scientific name Citrus x hystrix L. and also has different names for each region, for example Ma Kun Ma Gru (Northern), Citrus kaffir lime (or Southern region) The ancient people used kaffir lime as an herb to treat various diseases. And also can be used to nourish the body as well, such as curry paste, tom yum soup, spicy soup, spicy curry paste, curry paste, curry paste, and curry paste.

Benefits of bergamot

  1. Benefits of bergamot. Kaffir lime is highly anti-oxidant. Helps to strengthen the immune system to be strong and resistant to disease.
  2. Helps to appetite
  3. Bergamot essential oil has properties to help relieve stress. Relieve anxiety Calming the mind By inhaling the bergamot skin or bergamot oil will help to a certain extent. But the use should not be used more than 1% concentration as it may cause irritation
  4. Helps to cure insomnia. By using the skin of bergamot, licorice root, plai oblique, cut, turmeric, in the same amount, crushed into powder, brewed to dissolve in hot water or boiled as drinking water.
  5. Used as a heart tonic By using a slice of fresh kaffir lime skin into small pieces, about 1 spoon of curry, add camphor or borneol 1, hand picked, brew with boiling water, leave to soak and then drink the water to drink 1-2 times (fruit peel)
    Helps to relieve wind, dizziness, dizziness. By using a slice of kaffir lime slices brewed with boiling water, add a little camphor. Then taken orally to relieve symptoms (peel).
  6. Helps to cure cough, expectorant by using bergamot to cut into pieces, add salt to burn the soft shell. Then squeeze the lime juice into the neck little by little to help relieve coughing This formula can also be used as an expectorant.
  7. Used to relieve vomiting in the blood. Resolve bruising as well.
  8. Helps to purify the blood by bringing the bergamot into 2 halves and then pickling with salt or honey for 1 month and then pouring only drinking water Will help to purify the blood as well
  9. Bergamot leaves have properties that help inhibit or slow down the growth of cancer cells. Can help fight cancer Because kaffir lime leaves are rich in beta carotene.
  10. Helps to neutralize phlegm. By using a slice of fresh kaffir lime skin into small pieces, about 1 spoon of curry. Add camphor or borneol 1, hand picked, brew with boiling water, soak and leave to drink 1-2 times (fruit peel, root)
  11. Bergamot juice can be used to cure scurvy. After brushing the teeth, use kaffir lime juice to rub thinly on the gums.
  12. Used as a medicine to help expel intestinal flora. Relieve colic, bloating distension by using 1 tablespoon of fresh kaffir lime skin into small pieces. Add 1 camphor or borneol curry with a handful of boiling water and leave to drink 1-2 times (fruit peel).
  13. Helps to relieve stomach ache or is used as an upset stomach medicine for babies. By bringing the bergamot to the core filling Put a asafetida and close the stopper. Then burned until charred and grind until dissolved into powder with honey for eating to relieve pain. Or will bring the baby tongue tag Can also be used as a meconium
  14. Helps to expel menstruation with the use of bergamot, pickled, made into sour pickles for eating to cure symptoms.
  15. Help poison the ram Helps to treat internal abscess (root)
  16. Helps to inhibit the growth of microbes as well
  17. Bergamot oil has a mild effect, helping to prevent muscle spasms.
  18. Use shampoo to clean. Make the hair shiny. Prevent gray hair Solve hair loss problems The sourness of the bergamot juice is also acidic, helping to eliminate shampoo stains. Or cleanse various clogged pores on the scalp. And also makes the hair easy to comb By splitting the bergamot into 2 pieces when washing the hair To wash the kaffir lime hair repeatedly By using kaffir lime over the hair and rinsing it will help to clean the hair.
  19. Helps to wash chemicals in the hair. Because each day we have to be exposed to dust, sunlight, shampoo, which causes hair to become dry and crispy. Even using hair conditioner or hair treatment and repair treatment But these things still contain chemicals. For methods of protecting hair and washing chemicals is easy. Just use kaffir lime juice to nourish the wet hair. Then ferment for about 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water Then rinse again with cold water to make the hair shiny and weighty And also helps to nourish the hair and nourish the hair in the body as well
  20. Used to treat dandruff and the lotus root By using kaffir lime to burn Cut in half and use it to wash your hair Will help heal the symptoms
  21. Use as a shower bath for cleaning Helps prevent skin from drying out. By splitting the kaffir lime into a pot of boiling water
  22. There are some foods that are popularly used as bergamot juice.
  23. Since Bergamot juice contains a lot of essential oils with a pungent odor, it can be used to repel certain insects such as moths and ants in rice. By using 4-5 fresh kaffir lime leaves per 1 bucket of rice and then tearing the leaves into 2 parts to smell out Then put in the rice bucket when the Bergamot leaves are dry then change to a new one. Just this, there will be no more moths to your heart.
  24. Bergamot can be used to repel mosquitoes and eliminate larvae. When eating or squeezing the water, don’t leave the skin peel. To dry the bark and burn the fire will help to repel mosquitoes very well (fruit peel).
  25. At present, essential oil is produced in capsule form for insect and worm repellent for farmers. By sprinkling under the tree that wants to repel insects The capsule will slowly release the oil. Plus there is no danger as well
  26. Bergamot oil helps stimulate the growth of certain fungi, such as stimulating the production of the mold of the Mucer. Aspergillus Alternaria And stimulate spore production of Aspergillus
  27. Bergamot leaves and kaffir lime juice can be used to deodorize the fishy smell in the food.
  28. Used in cooking and flavoring the fishy aroma of foods such as tom yum, spicy curry, stir fried in spicy curry, steamed curry, topped with sticky rice, shrimp on top, etc.
  29. Bergamot juice can be used instead of lemon juice or can be combined with lemons Will get the sour taste and aroma of essential oil that increases the bergamot skin
  30. Bergamot is also used in important ceremonies, such as the Sotiras. Which states that kaffir lime and sompoi leaves must be present in the ceremony
  31. Menstrual pills, menstrual, menstrual tonic Or a mild antidote Always have kaffir lime in the recipe.
  32. The peel of Bergamot is used as an ingredient in some cosmetics such as soap, shampoo.. Mosquito and insect protection products, etc.