Chapter 5 Xu Junxi, Don’t Insult Yourself!

She could feel his hot and heavy breath.

Her slim back hit the wall. It hurt. She could smell the model’s perfume on his body and lips. Tears began to well up in her eyes. When she closed her eyes, she abruptly turned her head aside to avoid his kiss.

Xu Junxi’s kiss fell on her neck. The girl’s skin felt smooth and warm on his lips, like a piece of premium silk.

And she smelled nice. It wasn’t perfume, rather a natural female scent emanating from her fine body.

He opened his eyes. Her neck was revealed to appear especially elegant and fair as she turned her aside. Under the dim light, her radiant skin looked like flower petals covered in a mist of dew. Even the thin layer of fluff seemed to be crystal and soft

For three years he hadn’t properly looked at her.

How could he know she had become so alluring.

He had yet to even look at her face. Just the skin of her neck had made his blood boil.

Xu Junxi grabbed her by the waist, picked her up, and walked toward the sofa.

“Xu Junxi, what are you doing? Put me down!” It wasn’t until then that Ning Qing realized what was going on and started struggling. Her hands smashed against his shoulder and his back, trying to make him let go of her.

Despite her resistance, she was thrown into the sofa. She thought about him and the model. The image was fresh in her mind and made her feel sick.

“Xu Junxi, get off of me. Don’t you touch me with your filthy hands!”

Xu Junxi wrapped her soft little hands into his and clenched her chin with two fingers. He sneered, “Filthy? You think you can use that word on me? You went to the Beijing Film Academy, slept your way into show business, and you know better than anyone with how many men you’ve slept with. You’re so lucky that I am willing to touch you. Just enjoy it.”

How many men she’s slept with?!

She thought that even though her being late to the date three years earlier had deeply hurt the boy’s feelings, their affection for each other would not easily fade away. For the past three years, she had always turned a blind eye to the rumors about his love affairs and silently stood by him–she thought she could win him back.

But is this what he has been thinking of her?

Ning Qing opened her eyes and bit the tip of his tongue while he extruded it through her teeth. The taste of blood filled both their mouths. He felt the pain and stiffened.

He hissed and immediately let go of her, looking at her gloomily.

How could she be so fierce?

How dare she treat him like that!

Ning Qing pushed herself up and wiped her lips with her hand. She looked pale, but she stared at him fearlessly with a pair of watery eyes. “Xu Junxi, don’t insult me, and don’t insult yourself!”

She stood up and left.

Walking on the street, the chilly wind of autumn was blowing against her face. She started choking up, and the tears she had held in for so long began rolling down her face.

She did not know how or why he had become so vile.

He wasn’t like this before.

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