Chapter 3 Three Years Later

Three years later.

While she was in the classroom, Ning Qing received a phone call from Xu Junxi. “Hey, I’m at the Imperial Hotel, Room 2016. Bring me a new set of clothes. Now.”

Although he sounded cold and harsh, Ning Qing was glad that he called.

Over the past three years, this was the first time that Xu Junxi had called.

Three years ago, she ended up being two hours late for their date for saving that injured man on her way. By the time she got to the park, Xu Junxi had already left.

After returning home, she learned that Xu Junxi accidentally had fallen off the rock in the park and was sent to the hospital. Coincidentally, her half-sister Ning Yao was also in the park at that time. While trying to save him, she fell as well and bruised her head. She was also taken to the hospital. That accident left a scar on Ning Yao’s head.

And that was when the drama began. There was something going on between Xu Junxi and Ning Yao. And as far as he could see, she, Ning Qing, was the one to blame for everything.

This was despite the fact that the two families had allowed an engagement between the two, and technically Xu Junxi was her fiancé.

Ning Qing rushed back to the school dormitory and took out a brand new outfit, consisting of one men’s shirt and a pair of suit pants. It cost half of her monthly salary from her summer job.

Way too many things happened these past three years, including her parents’ divorce. The Ning family had thrown her and her mom out. She was no longer the young lady of the Ning family.

Ning Qing rushed to the Imperial Hotel. She laid her hand on the doorknob of Room 2016 and found the door unlocked, so she opened it a crack.

Two voices emerged from the room.

Her face stiffened, and her heart instantly sank to the bottom of her chest.

She pushed the door open softly. As expected, she could see clothes strewn about the carpet, while two people were entangled with each other on a wide, soft sofa.

To Ning Qing, this felt like a stab in the heart. She thought that Xu Junxi had called her to reconcile. She didn’t expect that he actually had her come to witness this–her fiancé sleeping with another woman?

Over the past three years, he had treated her coldly and been completely indifferent to her. She often saw reports about his love affairs with a certain female celebrity or socialite from the newspaper, but she always believed that such were simply extravagant headlines based on gossip. She chose to believe that he wouldn’t do any of that.

She had always stood firmly by him, without even a shred of doubt. She had given him full respect and trust.

But now what was all that for? He cheated on her right in front of her!!!

How much did he hate her to have to humiliate her like that?

Thinking of how delighted she was on her way here, she felt like a complete, utter fool.

Ning Qing’s presence was noticed by the two people on the sofa. As the woman’s red nails ran across the man’s chest in a tempting way, she giggled and said, “Mr. Xu, your fiancée is here…”

While talking to Xu, the woman kept glancing at Ning Qing provokingly.

There was not one person in T City hadn’t heard of Ning Qing, the No.1 socialite in the whole city. Her beauty was far beyond that of any other woman.

It was a pity that the No. 1 socialite’s glory was gone. Everyone wanted to take their chance to step on her and humiliate her, for no other reason than her much-envied beauty.

The woman was so complacent that she slept with Ning’s fiancé.

A thin layer of sweat formed on Xu Junxi’s forehead. Kissing the woman’s neck, he said indifferently, “Ignore her, so disappointing! She just came to bring me clothes. Let’s continue.”

“How could you say that, Mr. Xu? Haha…” The woman chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Ning Qing clenched her fists tightly. It was unbearable. She took another step and walked in.

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