Chapter 20 Junxi, Grandma Shall Pass Qingqing To You

The most annoying part was that she shamelessly said that Ning Yao took her fiancé away. Even though he was her fiancé, she was willing to sleep with other men but didn’t allow him to touch her. He blurted out that he loves Ning Yao out of anger.

Then, a sheer feeling of vindictiveness surged over him. He wanted her to feel envy, jealousy, and pain.

However, he couldn’t see a hint of jealousy across her face as she looked at him proudly and coldly, as though she were saying, Xu Junxi, I’ll see how the two of you end.

He suddenly recalled that she never seemed to have gotten jealous of him over these years. Upon this realization, he felt disappointed and empty. He seemed to feel… lost.

Xu Junxi suddenly felt annoyed when he thought of this. What to think about Ning Qing? Ning Yao was such a great girl that deserved his love. Didn’t he fall in love with Ning Yao too?

He wanted to push open the door, but the grandma and her granddaughter were in there eating her birthday cake. Ning Qing scooped up some strawberry cream with a fork and fed her grandma.

Grandma suddenly dipped into some cream and smudged it by Ning Qing’s lip. Looking at her grandma messing with her, she tugged her grandma’s sleeve and shook her body as she called in a girlish way, “Grandma…”

Xu Junxi felt his scalp go numb, alongside a rush of emotions, as his body stiffened.

He watched as Ning Qing licked the cream by her lip. Her lips were glistening red and her tongue looked smooth and moist. It was quite the image.

Xu Junxi gulped and suddenly thought of the moment when he kissed her forcefully on the sofa the other day. His eyes immediately grew red.

At that point, Grandma noticed Xu Junxi. She waved and said, “Junxi, come in. What are you doing hiding behind the door?”

Ning Qing turned around and looked. Xu Junxi was really standing by the door. However, he looked arrogant. He didn’t bother to look at her but walked towards her grandma and asked, “Grandma, how are you feeling?”

“Not bad,” Grandma replied.

Ning Qing was shocked. Her grandma didn’t remember her but she remembered Xu Junxi. She saw that her grandma’s mischievousness faded and was replaced with simple friendliness.

Ning Qing then understood that her grandma wasn’t completely lucid. There were times that were good and there were times that were bad. Now is probably one of the better times.

She felt dispirited and she held her grandma’s hand. Her grandma sighed and said heavy heartedly, “Junxi, Grandma shall pass Qingqing to you. You must treat her well.”

Her dispirited emotion was tainted with melancholy. Three years passed and they changed beyond recognition, but only Grandma couldn’t notice.

Xu Junxi looked to the side and saw Ning Qing in distress. He felt happy and he beamed with joy as he said, “Grandma, I’m now with Ning…” with Ning Yao.

“Junxi…” Ning Qing took her hand back and shouted at him. She pleaded with her eyes, Grandma’s not in a healthy condition. Don’t provoke her.

Xu Junxi was suddenly happy as he thought Ning Qing was full of regret and wanted him to say that they were together. Even though he didn’t want her anymore, she pretended that they were still on good terms.

At that point he was in a good mood so he played along with Ning Qing and didn’t refute.

Her grandma exhorted again that Xu Junxi take care of Ning Qing. Then, she went back to bed as she was exhausted. Ning Qing tucked her grandma in and left the room with Xu Junxi.

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