Chapter 18 Gain a Sense of Presence

“Junxi, it’s not like that. My sister misunderstood me…” Ning Yao’s tears flowed down her cheeks. She looked extremely delicate when she was crying. “I don’t know anything about Mom and Dad. I am innocent too… I really treated Qingqing like my own sister. To you… I’ve lived a very tough life for the past three years. I ran away to the States to forget about you, but…”

“That’s enough!” Xu Junxi hugged Ning Yao tightly in his embrace. He roared at Ning Qing with hatred plastered across his eyes, “Ning Yao is the one I like. I love her!”

Ning Qing was numb from the pain. Otherwise, when she heard Xu Junxi say that he loves Ning Yao, how could she not feel anything besides sorrow?

Ning Yao buried herself in Xu Junxi’s embrace and lifted her long slender eyebrows. She looked at her with a provoking smile. She found it satirical. A man who had just slept with a young model a few days ago and a woman who takes to faking every moment of her life. She wondered how this ridiculous combination would turn out.

As a stalemate was developing, the chalet door opened. Ning Zhenguo and Li Meiling came out.

“Yaoyao…” Li Meiling pulled Ning Yao into her embrace. “Let Mama see. How have you been for those three years in the States? Yaoyao, you lost weight.”

Ning Zhenguo hugged Li Meiling’s shoulder comfortingly. The scene of the family reuniting was so lively.

Ning Qing looked at them but no one noticed her. She felt like an outsider.

Ning Yao chatted with the two of them happily, and Ning Zhenguo said, “Let’s stop talking outside and go into the house. It’s rare that Mister Xu comes by. Yaoyao, your mom prepared dinner long ago. Let’s head in.”

Ning Qing suddenly remembered the butler said they only cooked a bowl of longevity noodles for her grandma, but it looks like they prepared a sumptuous dinner for their daughter.

“Dad…” Just as the four of them prepared to enter the house happily, Ning Qing suddenly called out. She had no choice but to gain some sense of presence herself.

Ning Qing walked before Ning Zhenguo and lifted the cake in her hand. She smiled and said, “Dad, today’s Grandma’s birthday. I ordered a cake for Grandma. Can I come in to see Grandma?”

Ning Zhenguo was a mediocre and weak person. Although the Ning family was a huge family, all with great careers, when Ning Zhenguo’s father was alive, he simply relaxed and enjoyed the ride. When his father passed away, Ning Zhenguo’s mother was the one who took charge.

Ning Zhenguo’s mother liked Yue Wanqing and Ning Qing a lot and she insisted that she was against the idea of Li Meiling joining the family household. However, there was an accident three years ago. Her grandma fell down the stairs.

Hence, Ning Zhenguo divorced Yue Wanqing by right and married Li Meiling.

Ning Qing knew for a fact that although Ning Zhenguo gave the orders, Li Meiling was the real advisor. Li Meiling was smooth and slick.

Ning Zhenguo was easily convinced, so he couldn’t help to listen to Li Meiling’s unheeded advice. Plus, the forty-year-old Li Meiling was attractive and enchanting.

But, a man like Ning Zhenguo was soft-hearted. Ning Qing could see hesitant and apologetic eyes, and she was taking advantage of that.

At that moment, Li Meiling clapped and smiled. “I see. Qingqing came back. Then let’s hurry up and get inside. Grandma will definitely be very happy that you came back for her birthday.”

Ning Qing smiled in her heart. She thought it was certain that she would enter the house, but Li Meiling seized the chance to do a favor at almost no cost. Ning Qing couldn’t help but admit that Li Meiling was a smart woman. She knew how to make a man happy and how to use him.

As expected, Ning Zhenguo revealed a happy face. The guilt towards Ning Qing then became appreciation and tender passion towards Li Meiling. “Qingqing, let’s go in.”

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