Chapter 17 What Kind Of Attitude is That, Ning Qing?

Xu Junxi was wearing a thin white sweater and a dark coffee colored windbreaker today. He was handsome and smart, and matched Ning Yao’s Korean-inspired outfit of a light yellow woolen overcoat. They looked like a match made in heaven when standing beside each other.

Ning Qing saw that Xu Junxi was holding Ning Yao’s small hand with his own while putting the other hand around her petite shoulders and half embracing her. “You’d caught a cold in the States the other day. Are you feeling better? Did you get car sick just now?”

Ning Qing suddenly wanted to laugh. Xu Junxi’s movements were very cautious, as his expression was full of tenderness and love. Even his voice was as soft and tender as the spring breeze in March. Ning Yao was the apple of his eye, his darling.

What is she to him?

She hadn’t seen Xu Junxi look so tender for three whole years, and now he’d given all his tenderness to another woman.

Ning Yao rested against Xu Junxi’s chest as a fragile pet would rest upon a man, with a sweet and lovely smile on her face. “Junxi, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Only then did she notice Ning Qing and her expression changed dramatically. The tears in her eyes were about to spill over. She looked shy but wronged. “Sister…”

Ning Yao’s voice was like her own, delicate and sweet, like the singing of birds in spring.

In the past, she’d liked Ning Yao because of her shyness. She took her under her wing and treated her like a sister, helped her teach her bullies a lesson, and brought her to the upper class.

But she never would’ve thought that she’d been the ‘farmer’ in the fable “The Farmer and the Snake”.

Ning Qing’s mouth formed a sarcastic arc as she sneered. The Lamborghini had driven over just now, and unless the people inside were blind, she didn’t believe that they hadn’t seen her.

Acting lovey-dovey in front of her, then pretending to be afraid of her now. People who were unaware would’ve thought that she’d bullied her, but she kept mum.

Ning Qing’s sneer caused Ning Yao to shrink back and bury her petite shoulder in Xu Junxi’s arms. She looked at Xu Junxi, her expression full of panic and helplessness, as if asking for help.

Xu Junxi immediately frowned at Ning Qing unhappily. “What’s with your attitude, Ning Qing? Ning Yao is your sister. She didn’t want to fight with you. In order to avoid you, she left and went to America for three years. What else do you want her to do?”

Ning Yao didn’t fight with her. But did she really go to America to avoid her? Ning Qing smiled and said, “Oh, really? In that case, what is she doing back here?”

“You…” Xu Junxi couldn’t think of a reply. “Ning Qing, I hadn’t expected you to become so selfish.”

A flash of glory appeared in Ning Yao’s eyes when she heard those words, but her expression was sad as she grabbed Xu Junxi’s sleeve and pleaded, “Junxi, stop talking, it’s all my fault. Sister, will you forgive me? I hope our family can be happy together, I…”

“You said you were wrong and want me to forgive you. Fine. Now tell me how you were wrong,” Ning Qing interrupted.

Ning Yao didn’t know how to respond.

Ning Qing smiled as she approached her step by step. “Your mother secretly gave birth to you and committed adultery behind her best friend’s back. Over the years, you’ve hidden beside me, pretending to be pitiful and weak, but you’ve coveted everything about me. You’ve destroyed my happy family and snatched my fiancé. Now you’re shamelessly asking me to forgive you? Ning Yao, you make me sick!”

Ning Yao’s little hands clenched into tight fists. She suppressed the anger in her heart, temporarily allowing Ning Qing to revel in her ranting.

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