Chapter 15 Visiting Mom at The Hospital

Ning Qing walked out of the hotel. She didn’t know what had happened to the old pervert, the CEO of Huayi Entertainment. He hadn’t found her last night, but who knows what he had planned for her next.

It’s alright, she would roll with the punches. She had nothing to lose anyways.

That man was right last night, things would be alright as long as she didn’t give up on herself.

Ning Qing’s footsteps were instantly much lighter, as if the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. She came to the bus stop to wait for the bus. The third year’s courses were pretty easy and there were basically no classes at all. The students were all beginning to enter the entertainment industry through various channels, so she didn’t have to go to school.

She was going to see her mother in the hospital. Two years ago, her mother had been diagnosed with kidney disease and the drug treatment had failed. A month ago, she had been hospitalized for severe renal failure.

She bought a bowl of sweet glutinous rice porridge that her mother liked and went to the hospital.

Upon entering the hospital ward, Mother Ning, Yue Wanqing, was lying in bed. Yue Wanqing had grown up in an orphanage. When she was eight years old, she had been chosen as a child bride by the Ning family. Ning Qing’s beauty was mostly inherited from her mother. Her mother was 45 years old this year, but one could still see how beautiful she was in her youth, despite her pale face.

“Mom, you’re awake?” Yue Wanqing was lying in bed and talking with her neighbor, Aunt Kong. There were only two people in the ward. So gradually, Yue Wanqing and Aunt Kong started talking to each other.

Ning Qing stepped forward, supported her mother so she could lean against the bed, and began to cushion her mother’s back with a soft pillow.

Yue Wanqing gazed at Ning Qing with love and pity. She received kidney piercings every day, which caused her to have bad circulation, but her eyes were gentle and graceful, as her name suggested.

“Qingqing, don’t you have to go to school today? You have to practice hard every day since you’re learning the piano. Mom is fine in the hospital. There’s Aunt Kong and Yangyang to help take care of me. You don’t need to come and visit me.”

Ning Qing smiled at her mother. She kept the fact that she was attending university at the Beijing Film Academy and entering the entertainment industry a secret from her mother. Her mother’s thoughts were more traditional and conservative, and she felt that a girl should not go to such a complicated place.

She’d convinced her mother that she went to a first-class government university and studied piano. Her mother was very satisfied with that. It was a good choice for a lady.

Ningqing unpacked the sweet glutinous rice porridge and fed her mother the porridge with a small spoon as she quietly comforted her. “Mom, it’s convenient for me to come to the hospital by bus. Besides, a day without seeing my mom feels like an eternity.”

“Look at this girl, why is your tongue so glib?” Yue Wanqing said crossly, with a brilliant smile on her face. She had been chosen as a child bride by the Ning family at the age of eight. She had adhered to her duties as a wife and had regarded Ning Zhenguo as the sky.

Now the sky had fallen, so her daughter was the center of her world. If her daughter’s fine, she’ll be fine too.

“Mother Ning, everybody says that daughters are mother’s ‘warm jackets’. Look at how filial Qingqing is! I can only be envious of you,” Aunt Kong said and laughed.

Right then, Aunt Kong’s son, Kong Yang, walked in. He was 22 years old and a senior in college. He was a lively and enthusiastic boy and he’d usually come to visit his mother. He’d always chatted with Yue Wanqing, and would help her with things such as pouring tea and fetching water for her. Yue Wanqing was very satisfied with him.

“You’re here, Yangyang. What a coincidence. Qingqing is also here today.” Aunt Kong winked at her son and signaled to Kong Yang to go forward and greet Ning Qing.

Ning Qing glanced at Kong Yang, only to see that the boy’s face was bright red as he scratched the back of his head helplessly. There was a shy look on his face. Ning Qing could tell that Kong Yang liked her.

“Hello, Kong Yang.” As Kong Yang was stumbling around and couldn’t get a word out of his mouth, Ning Qing greeted him naturally and gracefully.

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