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Dongsi Pailou Dong – 东四牌楼东

Dongsi Pailou Dong – 东四牌楼东 – Ep20
Genre(s): Republican
Release: Feb 18, 2020
Episode(s): 52
Country: China
Broadcast: Beijing TV
Director(s): Guo Baochang
Writer(s): Jiang Xuan, Wu Xinhua, Li Xiaomi


Set from the 1920s to the 1940s, the story follows the playful and cowardly Beile Halan of the former Qing Dynasty whose life changes tremendously after he obtains a secret record to the treasures of the imperial tombs.

In 1909, Halan (Fu Dalong) was born inside a dilapidated palace in the capital. He is childhood sweethearts with Xiao Yuelou (Dou Xiaoxuan). He once entered the palace as a study companion where he falls in love with imperial cuisine and befriends Godly Cook Xie (Liu Peiqi).

On the day of his engagement to Tong Lihua (Hao Lei) who is the daughter of Marquis Tong (Li Chengru), Halan rejects their union and expresses his desire to marry Xiao Yuelou instead. Elsewhere, Eunuch Wang (Mei Qingyang) has stolen the secret records to the imperial tombs. Godly Cook Xie cleverly switches it out by hiding the records inside the food that he gives to Halan. Meanwhile, Eunuch Wang’s godson Wang Sihai (Yu Zhen) is also after the treasure.

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