I Become a Dragon in Other World

I who was just an ordinary Office Lady transferred into other world.
26 years old Asahi Kamisaka.
For some reason, she transformed into a beautiful shining white dragon.
However, she was mistaken as a witch from demon country and was exiled from the village so she started a slow-life at the demon forest.
In that forest, she picked​ up a wounded dragon knight of this kingdom, Shimei.
What’s wrong with this Ikemen.
This is serious….
I want to get married to him!
That was the beginning of their everyday rom-com.
A slightly sorrowful, farewell and reunion story.
This is the tale of a dragon heroine and a stubborn dragon knight hero, a funny and heart-warming romance story.
Title: I Become a Dragon in Other World
Alternative name: Isekai de Ryuu ni Narimashite, 異世界で竜になりまして
Author: Inumuramasa, Nekomasamune
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2019
Page(Chapter): 39 Chapters (END)
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