Chapter 8 I Will Not Divorce

“Uncle, why are you unhappy?” The cream cake was carefully fed into Liang Mosheng’s mouth, and Mu Keke asked. The steward’s eyes signaled, and a group of people in black silently retreated to the gate, just protecting them from a distance, not daring to listen to Mr.’s privacy.


Liang Mosheng was silent.

Savoring the sweetness of the cream melting in the mouth, I have mixed flavors in my heart.

“Is it work?”

Mu Keke asked.


He smiled and rubbed Mu Coco’s little head: “Are you a curious baby?”

“If you say unhappy things, you won’t be unhappy, but you don’t want uncle unhappy. Of course you have to ask clearly. “

She smiled cutely, and then passed a sip of the cream: “Is this cake particularly delicious?”

“Well, which cake shop bought it?”

Liang Mosheng planned to visit frequently in the future.

“My mom made it by herself. She is amazing. She will make them delicious. If you like it, I will give it to you tomorrow.”

Mu Keco took a bite of the cake and put it in his mouth accidentally. The cream stuck to the corners of her lips, she didn’t know yet, and she smiled sweetly: “Uncle, you haven’t told me, why on earth are you unhappy? Is your wife making you angry?”


Liang Mosheng nodded.

“Uncle, will you get a divorce?”

Mu Keke blurted out.

Liang Mosheng raised his brows slightly and looked at Mu Keke with some surprise.

A guilty conscience flashed through the little girl’s eyes.

He hurriedly scooped up a big mouthful of the cream cake and handed it to Liang Mosheng: “Uncle, hurry up


His voice was extremely weak, he took the fork in Mu Keke’s hand, took her in his arms, did not eat, but fed her carefully.

At this age, he had only fed food to two people, except for the little one in front of him, that was the woman with no conscience.

The man’s eyes flashed dark…

“Uncle, do you love your wife very much? You are obviously very angry and you still don’t want to divorce?”

Mu Keco ate so small that his cheeks were like hamsters, and he moved and moved to the extreme. , I still have to speak, the voice of milk and milk is ambiguous.


Liang Mosheng still understood, and smiled softly.


He was sure before, but now there is only hatred and only revenge.

He must let that sad woman taste the bitter fruit of betraying him, and he will regret her leaving without saying goodbye all her life.

“Isn’t it?”

Mu Keke raised his head and asked him.

Liang Mosheng squeezed Mu Coco’s face: “After the cake is finished, would you like to drink some water? I will ask the front desk to bring some water over.”

“No, I’m going home.”

Mu Coco slid down Liang Mosheng’s slender legs. Sliding to the ground, stood up: “Goodbye, uncle, I will come tomorrow.”

She turned and ran.

My brother said that he would come every day, and each time he was not allowed to exceed twenty minutes.


Liang Mosheng wanted to call her, but he opened his mouth.


But it was just the child who came to him to talk to him every day. He wanted to know the contact information of the other party, which was ridiculous.

“how about it?”

As soon as Mu Keke ran to the flower bed, Mu Jingxuan ran out of the corner and couldn’t wait to ask her what she had gained today.


Mu Keke was downcast: “Daddy is in a bad mood today. His wife made him angry. Then I asked him if he would get a divorce. He said no. I think he loves his wife, Mummy. It’s over, we’re over.”

“I haven’t found out who is Daddy’s wife, but I have found out that he has a fiancee, he is a big star, and he should not be married yet.”

Mu Jingxuan didn’t intend to say. Because it hasn’t been determined yet.

But seeing Mu Keke’s sadness, I couldn’t help but comfort her: “As long as we don’t get married, we still have a chance.”


Mu Keke didn’t understand, and asked weakly: “The fiancee is just going to get married. What do you mean?” “It can be, or it can’t. Anyway, we just follow the plan. Daddy likes you so much, maybe he won’t marry that woman.” “Then I will tell Daddy and say I am his relatives, let him not marry other women.”

Mu Keke was excited.

She didn’t want a big star to be a stepmother, she only wanted mom and dad together.

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