Chapter 7 Your little cutie is here again


Following Mu Jingxuan’s shout, the convoy drove into the square and slowly stopped in front of the red carpet at the gate. In the next second, Mu Keke next to him had already ran over with the cake.


Her voice was so sweet, it spread far away, the person in black who got out of the car did not stop her, but smiled kindly and reminded her: “Be careful not to fall.”

“Cocoa doesn’t fall. Coco brought cakes for uncle. Does uncle love cakes?”

Mucoco’s voice is extremely sweet.

Laughing, her eyebrows crooked, Li Wuer was like a whirlpool with a fatal attraction enough to let people put down all the defenses, and was willingly captured by her.

“Should love to eat.”

A group of men always stay away from strangers, but they are very generous towards Mu Ke Ke.

Liang Mosheng got out of the car.

The housekeeper held an umbrella over his head, and the group waited to look at Mu Keke.


She rushed over, holding the cake in her hand: “I invite you to eat the cake, it’s vanilla cream, and there is pudding in it.”


The housekeeper looked back at Liang Mosheng.

I thought he would accept it very happily. After all, when he saw this little dilemma the day before yesterday and yesterday, he was rarely gentle and accommodating.

At this moment, he was stern, his expression gloomy as if the prelude to a ten-level storm, not to mention the children, even the adults were upset.

“Uncle, are you unhappy?”

The smile on Mu Coco’s face froze.

Mommy was also very unhappy when she went home at noon. She was also sullen and reluctant when she laughed. Uncle seemed to be the same.

The corners of his lips twitched, and the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes. He said, “No.”

“You are lying, you are obviously unhappy. Coco feels it. Uncle is still uncomfortable. But it doesn’t matter. Eat cake. When Cocoa is sad, eat cake. The cake is sweet and the heart is sweet. It’s uncomfortable.”

She graciously removed the cake box, revealing the exquisite and cute puppy cake inside. It looks very good, and she feels in a good mood when she smiles on the dog’s kawaii smile.

“Come on, uncle, try a little bit.”

Mu Keke raised his hands and raised his head, looking at him at a 45-degree angle, smiling sweetly, Li Guo’er looked very much like that woman.

She used to coax him like this, insisting on forcing him to eat these sweet and greasy things, saying that he will feel better after eating, will it be good?


He can never get better.

The man loosened his breathless bow tie, raised his foot and walked away, his voice indifferent and cruel: “Not interested.”

He is extremely fast.

Passed her as if fleeing, leaving a group of dumbfounded people in black.

Mu Keke’s small mouth was flat, his eye circles were red, and tears were condensing, a little bit of it turned into teardrops and rolled in his big eyes.

“Little Coco, sir, he’s not in a good mood, don’t be sad.”

The butler couldn’t help comforting her.

I sighed in my heart, my husband was too moody, he liked it a couple of days ago, and now he turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone, who could bear it.

“Cocoa is not sad, Cocoa just feels uncomfortable, because the uncle is so sad that he is so sad that he doesn’t even want to eat the cake. Then something must have happened that made the uncle particularly unhappy.”

The tears in Mu Keke’s eyes were like broken beads sliding down one by one, flashing with a clear luster in the sun.

The man walking ahead stiffened.

Mu Coco held the cake without turning his head back, and walked heavily towards the small flower bed step by step.

She didn’t know that Liang Mosheng turned her head back, and was striding towards her. The next second, the man’s big hand stretched over and took her cake.


Mu Keke raised his eyes subconsciously, with tears still on his face, but smiled brightly: “Uncle, do you want to eat cake?”

“Let’s eat together.”

Liang Mosheng hugged her, turned around and walked towards the lobby, again leaving behind the dumbfounded men.

The steward said that her husband’s mind was getting harder and harder to guess, faster than San Yuetian’s face, and it was completely impossible to guess.

Sitting on the sofa in the lobby, Mu Keke took out the fork from the cake box, and there was only one, with a soft voice: “Uncle, I feed you, I will take care of others.”


There used to be a puppy in their family, and she fed it bit by bit, but later, the dog never saw him again.

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