Chapter 6 He lied to you

“Does this have anything to do with my condition?”

He is staring at her.

Mu Yuqing paused slightly with the tip of her pen, and raised her eyes to meet his dark eyes. At that moment, her clear and beautiful eyes seemed to have a thin layer of ice, without feelings, and without any emotional fluctuations.

Her voice was chilly, politely: “Of course.”

He didn’t speak, just stared at her.

One second…

Two seconds…

“Mo Sheng, should I avoid it?”

Shen Haitang’s somewhat sweet voice broke the short stalemate.

“If Mr. Liang is inconvenient now, I can also leave it to ask next time.”

Mu Yuqing looked back.

She was so cold, as if a hard thorn was erected, and she never wanted him to come near.


The man answered.

The magnetic voice is low and warm: “Tangtang is a Christian. We uphold the doctrine and will never have sex before marriage.”


Shen Haitang blushed and glanced at Liang Mo Sheng shyly.

The man was staring at Mu Yuqing.

The woman’s voice is still cold: “When is the last life of Mr. Liang?”

She asked again.

Words and words punish the heart, as if to put the ugly man in front of him to death.

“Mo Sheng, I still avoid it. I don’t know better about these problems. I don’t want our feelings to be grudged.”

Shen Haitang suddenly got up and left.

Mu Yuqing looked at her as if she had fled from the back, there was no expression on her face, but her heart seemed to be stained with Huanglian and a bit of bitterness appeared.

He is very lucky.

Actually found such a good girlfriend, sensible, pure, and seemingly fond of him.

“five years ago!”

The man spoke, staring at her as if he was going to nail her to the post of shame.


Mu Yuqing’s answer was still so indifferent, as if the one who fought with him five years ago was not her at all.

Her pen fell.

He stood up and smiled: “Mr. Liang, you can go now. I will send it to you when I customize the next treatment.”

“What I said just now is false.”

The man raised Erlang’s legs, his lips parted with a playful smile.


Mu Yuqing was startled.

“It’s fake to have no sex. Just last night, I and two women turned upside down, and then fell into a deep sleep, until dawn.”

He was staring at her, observing her reaction, especially the charming dimples on his face, which once fascinated him and even gave up everything for it.

But this damn woman betrayed him and left him for money. Thinking of the embarrassment of looking for her in those two years, the man’s eyes flashed fiercely. He wanted revenge, and let this woman know how miserable the betrayal was. .

She is still laughing!

When she heard him say that he was doing intimate things with other women, she still laughed so sweetly. Originally, she said that the best treatment is to find a woman to sleep with Liang Mosheng. His words stuck in his throat abruptly, just staring. She said nothing.

A stalemate of a few seconds is as long as a whole century.

at last……

Her cold voice sounded: “Okay, I will keep a secret for you, and I will never let Miss Tangtang know.”

“Thank you then.”

He got up and left.

Obviously he is the overcomer, but the feeling of frustration surges crazily in my heart and finally turns into bitterness and spreads in my throat. The whole person is suffering.


The doors of the office overlapped.

In an instant, the energy in Mu Yuqing’s body seemed to be drained, and she fell into a chair.

She does not cry!

It’s just that the tears fall off like broken pearls, and they can’t stop.

in the afternoon.

Outside the building of Shengshi Media Company.

“Brother, will Daddy come again? He didn’t show up in the morning.”

Mu Keke sat on the small steps obediently, still holding the cool butter cake in his hand and staring at the end of the road.

These two days.

She came to guard every day, could see Daddy, and could say a few words. This morning, she didn’t even wait for Daddy to come.

This is not.

They just woke up, and they came to guard again.

Standing on the steps, Mu Jingxuan looked like a warrior on the watch, with his neck stretched out: “It will come. Mommy goes to work in the afternoon, and Daddy should go to work too.”


Mu Keke believed his brother, he was right.

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