Chapter 5 So He Has a Fiancee

Mu Yuqing’s eyes fell tightly on their overlapping hands, and she was inexplicably panicked, she didn’t even know how to sit back at the desk.


The assistant was knocking on the door: “Doctor Mu, Mr. Liang is here with his fiancee.”

Does he have a fiancee?

Mu Yuqing was so messed up that she wanted to escape.


“Doctor Mu?”

The assistant is urging, there is no back door here, she can’t avoid it.

“Let them in.”

Mu Yuqing took a deep breath, working hard to maintain her only sanity.


As the door lock turns.

The assistant opened the door, and Liang Mosheng walked into the office one after another with the woman.

His gaze fell on her, not as affectionate as imagined, but indifferent, as if she was just a stranger.

“Please, please sit down.”

When Mu Yuqing heard her own voice, she trembled slightly and was caught off guard.


He led her.

He opened the chair for her, and the gentleman asked her to sit first, and he stood beside her, staring at Mu Yuqing blankly, as if admiring her embarrassment at the moment.

“Mr. Liang, I have read your information and I know that you have severe insomnia, and I have also seen the course of treatment arranged by Dr. Wu before. I want to know how your recent situation is and make sure that her treatment is treating you. In terms of curative effect.”

Mu Yuqing opened the file.

In fact, I have already remembered it by heart, staring seriously just to cover up the panic at the moment.

“Recently, I have a good sleep, after all, someone is with me.”

A man’s magnetic voice has a little more than a man’s unique charm.

Yes, five years have passed!

They no longer have the youthfulness they used to be, but a few more years of vicissitudes.

It’s just that she has always believed that he loves her!

This kind of love will not be eroded by the years, and will not fade away because of her absence.

But now…

She began to wonder if she was stupid, all her previous efforts were a joke at all, and he was an outsider.

“Hello, Dr. Mu, I am Mo Sheng’s fiancee. Just call me Tangtang. I have to come with Mo Sheng, because my family and I care about Mo Sheng’s health. You won’t mind. Oh?”

Shen Haitang’s voice was very sweet, Liang Mosheng still put his hand on her shoulder when speaking, and the affectionate behavior stung Mu Yuqing’s eyes, making her feel that she was a joke even more.

“Mr. Liang does not mind.”

Mu Yuqing took a deep breath, closed the document, and officially met Liang Mosheng for the first time.

The intimate hugs and even kisses that she thought would have disappeared when she touched his indifference, only polite: “Mr. Liang can sit down, I want to make a questionnaire for you, so that I can customize the next Course of treatment.”

“it is good.”

He pulled the chair and sat down, stretched his hand to clasp Shen Haitang’s fingers.

Do you want to be so showy?

Mu Yuqing glanced over their overlapping hands quickly, and took out the questionnaire that had already been prepared: “Mr. Liang, the next question may involve your privacy. If you don’t mind Miss Tangtang’s hearing If that happens, then it will begin.”

“Let’s start, Tangtang and I are going to be married, there is nothing she can’t know.”

The man cocked Erlang’s legs.

The black pupil was as sharp as an eagle in the sky, and she was the prey being stared at, with nowhere to escape.

“Okay, did you sleep more than eight hours in the last three days?”

Mu Yuqing had recovered her calm, there was no expression on her delicate face.

Living in that place, if she couldn’t even cover her mind, she would have died a thousand or eight hundred times long ago, and it would be impossible to return.


The man answered extremely quickly.

Shen Haitang’s face was always grinning, surprise flashed in his eyes, and he didn’t understand why Liang Mosheng would lie about such a small matter.


“It shows that Dr. Wu’s treatment is very effective.”

Mu Yuqing asked several questions in succession, and the pen quickly recorded, her voice was cold and no mood swings: “When was your last sex?”

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