Chapter 4 Meeting

“What should I do?”

Mu Coco pursed his mouth, his eyes flushed, tears were squeezing out.

“Don’t worry, I’ll check who is Daddy’s wife, and then I’ll talk about it depending on the situation.”

Mu Jingxuan was very calm.

He glanced at the closed door, and pulled Mu Keke into the study.

Turn on the computer and directly intruded into the local Civil Affairs Bureau system to search for Liang Mosheng’s marriage. The capitalized word unmarried on it made the two cute babies look at each other.

“Daddy lied to me?”

Mu Coco couldn’t believe it.

What a bastard, no wonder people say that a man can trust a sow to climb a tree.

“It may be a lie to you, or it may be a registered marriage abroad. Anyway, don’t tell Mommy about this in advance. I will find a way to check it carefully. Before there is no result, we will proceed as planned.”

Mu Jingxuan was only four years old, and his childish little face had an old man not his age.

“Okay, let’s go to Daddy’s presence every day. I think Daddy likes me so much. He even blows hands to me. Those people are so envious, they look at me dumbfounded.”

Mu Keke looked proud and smiled from ear to ear: “Brother, I must be cute, so Daddy likes me so much, right?”

“of course.”

Mu Jingxuan touched her little head, and his eyes fell on the computer screen. He must find out if Daddy is married.

Two days later.

Sitting in the office of Norwegian University, Mu Yuqing carefully dialed out the mobile phone number that was printed in his memory and had not forgotten for more than four years.



Every sound seemed to hit her heart hard.


The man’s magnetic voice was low and cold across the phone and echoed in his ears.

Mu Yuqing’s nose was sour, and she couldn’t make a sound for a while.


The man frowned: “Speak.”

“Hello, this is Anxin Hospital. I am the new psychiatrist Mu Yuqing. Your attending doctor has resigned. I will be responsible for your medical records. When will you have time? Let’s meet and talk. Your sleep in recent times.”

“Mu Yuqing!”

The man chewed on the name he heard, and he couldn’t believe it: “Mu Mu?”


For a long, long time, I haven’t heard anyone call her this name. This is his exclusive name. I didn’t expect to hear him call again after five years.

Mu Yuqing was quiet.

Listen to the breathing over there, once, as if echoing with her heartbeat.


he asks.

“You were treated before…”

The phone has hung up before the voice is over.

Mu Yuqing listened to the busy tone from the microphone in a daze, her eyes flushed and the corners of her lips raised, so she couldn’t wait?


She couldn’t wait to see him, wanted to tell him, we have children, and we… can finally be together again.

Five years!

God knows what kind of terrible life she had, but it finally came over.

As long as he is still there!

As long as they still love each other, nothing matters.

half an hour!

One hour!

Two hours!

Mu Yuqing, who originally thought Liang Mosheng would be there soon, was like an ant on a hot pot, appearing time after time in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of Novosibirsk, looking at the road outside, Liang Mosheng’s car should come into sight from the end of the road.

But again and again…

Mu Yuqing was disappointed, picked up the microphone several times, and finally put it down again.

He might be busy!

After five years of waiting, she is not such a restless person.

at last……

Before leaving get off work, his car still came and slowly stopped in front of the hospital gate.

Mu Yuqing looked close to the window and saw the driver wearing white gloves pulling the car door.

He got out of the car, wearing sunglasses was still so full of aura, even a back figure could make her already stagnant heart beat violently, flushing her cheeks like a girl.


Mu Yuqing’s heart suddenly stopped, and he actually pulled a woman out of the car.

Wearing a custom-made suspender skirt, stepping on twelve-inch high-heeled boots, and falling through the shawl of dyed and hot big waves of long hair, even if you don’t see the front, you can feel that she is beautiful and indispensable.

“Be careful…” When the woman lowered her head, Liang Mosheng’s voice gently urged in her ears, and the eyes were full of warmth.

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