Chapter 3 Daddy Has a Wife


A certain sentence.

Not to mention the housekeeper, the people in black are instantly confused, when did the husband have a wife?

Hide so deep?

They don’t know how, but they do know that there is a fiancee.

Mu Keke’s expression changed from shock to deep disappointment, his eyes flushed: “Uncle has a wife?”


Liang Mosheng was staring at her Li Guo’er, and suddenly realized that it had disappeared, and he was stunned when he met Mu Coco’s red eyes.

The butler dared not look.

Doesn’t this little girl want to grow up and marry their husband?

“Ding Ding Ding!”

The watch is ringing.

Mu Keke looked at the time, his face suddenly changed: “Oops.”

“what happened?”

Liang Mosheng could not keep up with the rhythm.

“I gotta go.”

Mu Keke slid off Liang Mosheng’s feet and ran out of the gate.

A group of adults froze on the spot.

This child changed his face too quickly. When he heard that someone had a wife, he immediately turned his face and refused to recognize him.

Looking at the petite figure disappearing outside the door, Liang Mosheng’s self-deprecating lips raised slightly.

He actually feels like he is suffering from gains and losses, but he is just a little girl, but she just met, and unexpectedly thinks of the woman with no conscience, huh.


Outside the gate.

Mu Jingxuan, who has been guarding, waved to her: “Hurry up, we have to go back.”


The two little cute babies held hands and rushed to a black Santana that had been waiting on the side of the road. The car burst out like a flying arrow.

“You two don’t let me do this kind of sneaky thing next time.”

The woman who drove had a bitter face.

She absolutely does not admit that she was bought by Mu Jingxuan for 100 yuan to be responsible for receiving it.

“Oh, sister Han, anyway, you just happen to be unemployed and have time for mutual benefit. Don’t worry, my mom will never know.”

Mu Jingxuan made a promise.

Han Han expressed his disbelief. Even if a shrewd woman like Mu Yuqing didn’t notice it this time, she would definitely be spotted after several visits. By then, she would not be stripped alive.

Although she was a best friend, she didn’t realize her scalp numb when she thought of Mu Yuqing’s cold eyes when she was angry.

“Don’t worry, even if Mommy knows, we will definitely not confess you.”

The car parked in front of the apartment building.

Xiao Mengbao pushed the car door and ran to the elevator one after another.

As soon as he entered the door, he turned on the TV, and then rushed into the bedroom to change into home clothes.

Just sat down on the sofa.

The door lock clicked and the woman pushed in.

“Mommy, you are back.”

Mu Keke jumped up, flew over and hugged the woman’s thighs, raised his head and smiled deeply.

“Two little babies, are you good at home?”

Mu Yuqing squeezed Mu Coco’s small face with a fond look.

“Good, good good, brother and I have finished our homework. By the way, Mommy, did you see Daddy today?”


Mu Yuqing shook her head: “I just joined the job, and I haven’t officially taken over the remaining patients. There are still two days left. After I officially take over, I will be able to see your daddy.”

“Mummy, are you afraid that Daddy has a wife?”

Mu Coco suddenly blurted out.

Mu Jingxuan: “Cocoa!”

He was winking desperately to make Mu Keke shut up, but Xiao Mengbao was still saying, “Man, Big Trotter, if Mommy isn’t there, he will find another woman to be his wife.”

“Fool, your daddy is different, even if all the men in the world are big trotter, he is not, there will be no other women.”

Mu Yuqing’s face was determined.

She pulled away Mu Keke who was holding her thigh: “Come on, let me go in and change my clothes. I can eat in a while.”


Mu Coco loosened.

Seeing Mommy enter the room, she looked a little lonely: “What should I do, if Mommy knows that Daddy has a wife, she will definitely be sad.”

“Daddy really has a wife?”


Mu Keke is very sure: “He admitted personally, saying that he has a wife.”

“Oh my God!”

Mu Jingxuan’s dejected face had the same sad face as Mu Keke.

The thing they worry about most still happened. Mommy wanted to get close to Daddy for so many years, so her efforts to get him home would have to be ruined. 

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