Chapter 2 Uncle, do you have a wife

There was no child’s mummy who hadn’t imagined that there would be a child’s mummy, people around, and after seeing their vicious atmosphere, they didn’t dare to stop and leave quickly, for fear of causing trouble.

“what happened?”

The team suddenly stopped, there was the cry of the child, Liang Mosheng appeared beside the housekeeper.


Before the housekeeper’s voice, his soft and tender voice was crisp: “Uncle…”

The man’s cold eyes fell on Mu Ke Ke, with a murderous air.

Not to mention a child, even an adult can be frightened by such domineering eyes at this moment, but she is not afraid.

“Uncle hug!”

She even opened her hands and smiled at Liang Mosheng with crooked eyebrows. The pear vortex on her cheeks was very deep and sweet, as if with an invisible fatal attraction that could lock people’s hearts.

The man was startled!

Her eyes stayed on her pear vortex, and what came to mind was the sweet and delicate face of the woman who had suddenly disappeared five years ago.


The housekeeper’s call made him regain his senses, and his handsome face suddenly sank: “Just leave her alone, let’s go.”

Sure enough, as cold-blooded as rumors!

The man in black said that such a cute little girl wanted to hug, but she was not tempted. No wonder so many women desperately wanted to be in position, and ended up desolately.

“Uncle, don’t you like cocoa?”

The little girl was in tears, with teardrops still hanging on her face, shaking, as if she was about to hit the hearts of those guys at any time, causing their hearts to tremble, worried that Mu Keke might provoke the terrible Demon King to suffer.

“Baby, be good, go find your mother.”

The man in black quickly stretched out his hand to hug her, and Mu Keke slapped his hand away: “No, no, I don’t want you to hold me, I want my uncle to hold me.”

She got up, flew over, hugged Liang Mosheng’s thigh.

People in Black Petrochemical!

Looking at her empty hands, and then at the affectionate little Mengwa holding the Demon King’s thigh, she stood up silently and returned to the team.


Men are cold and cool.

“No, no, I want uncle to hug, uncle to hug me.”

Obviously he was the big demon that everyone was afraid of, but at this moment he was entangled by a child.

The butler was also dumbfounded. He wanted to stretch out his hand to pull Mu Coco away, but didn’t want to. The next second Liang Mosheng stretched out his hand and hugged the little cute baby.

“Uncle, look, I fell down just now and my hands hurt.”

Mu Coco stretched out a little hand.

There was only a faint, almost invisible red mark on the pink and tender palms, and she pouted her little mouth: “Uncle Blow.”


The butler’s lips twitched.

The man in black looked away silently, not daring to look at the next moment when Liang Mosheng really pouted and blew the horror scene.

Knew it!

Girls who can tease, regardless of age, will be great to tease handsome uncle at the age of four.

“Does it still hurt?”

Liang Mosheng’s magnetic voice was tender.

The housekeeper’s chin almost disappeared with a click, and the man in black was also dumbfounded, with a ghost-like expression, but seeing someone glance over, he immediately retracted his shocked expression.


The man’s voice regained his murderous chill.

The man in black immediately opened the way, and the group hurriedly approached the building.

Mu Jingxuan, who was hiding in the corner of the flower bed, walked out slowly, with a triumphant smile at the corner of his lips: Planning everything goes well, it’s time to prepare for the next step.

“Where is your lord?”

Lobby sofa.

Liang Mosheng sat with Mu Coco in his arms, and the housekeeper stood aside respectfully.

“Mom is at work, so I just sneaked out to play, uncle, my name is Coco, but cute and loving Coco, what about you? What’s your name?”

Mu Keke raised his head forty-five degrees and looked at him, bewildering someone with the sweet and deadly smile that his brother said.

“Liang Mosheng.”

The man actually answered his name honestly.

The butler standing beside him dropped his chin once again, staring at his husband in disbelief, his eyes bursting out.

“Then do you have a girlfriend?”

Mu Coco asked.

The housekeeper’s lips twitched, and silently watched his husband’s lips move: “No.”

“Haha, it’s nice that uncle doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

Mu Keke was so happy.

Before they came to see Daddy, she and her brother had been worried about their uncle having a girlfriend, or… Xiao Meng Bao’er trembled: “Then uncle, do you have a wife?”

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