Chapter 10 The Man Is Crazy


Those who can’t escape must face it. This is the most basic rule that the local church taught her.

Mu Yuqing clicked the corner of her lips slightly, stepped on high heels and walked to the elevator step by step, pressing down on the floor in memory, and reaching the top floor directly.


She entered her birthday, with a beep and the door opened. Mu Yuqing pushed open the door in a complicated mood and walked to the back room.

He hasn’t come yet.

The sensor light turned on automatically, and she looked around, the black and white decoration style did not feel at all at home.

But it is!

How could he let her now step into his house? After all, she has a wife, so she should avoid it.

Mu Yuqing laughed at herself, changed her slippers, walked in and found a place to sit down and wait for him, just like before countless nights, waiting for him to return.

I thought he would be there soon… I

didn’t expect to wait, but waited until eleven o’clock…

Mu Yuqing looked at the time again and again, still standing up and preparing to go back. She had Mengbao at home, and she never tried to stay overnight.

“Drip!” The

man pushed the door in, his cold eyes falling on the woman who stood up.

His handsome face was cold and murderous, but his red neck reminded Mu Yuqing that he had drunk, and he drank a lot.

“Mr. Liang.”

Mu Yuqing wrinkled her brows slightly and her voice was extremely cold: “If you have something to do today, you can notify me to come back tomorrow.”

“I’m fine now.”

Liang Mosheng walked over step by step, and he looked like hell in the night. Satan walking out is so strong that people dare not approach.

Mu Yuqing wanted to retreat, but her heels were already on the edge of the sofa, and she couldn’t retreat.

“Sit down, Dr. Mu.”

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her down rudely.

The scorching temperature was transmitted through the skin, and Mu Yuqing’s heart skipped for a beat, uncomfortably trying to withdraw her hand.

The man held it tightly and watched her struggling action with a playful smile on her lips: “Why, now you don’t even want to touch me?”

“Mr. Liang, you are drunk.”

She was a little panicked. The heart thumped and trembled, and people were very nervous.

“How can you see the humiliation in your woman’s bones if you are not drunk?”

He tried hard to see her clearly.

Once he loved her so much, he would rather abandon the entire Liang family for her, and even have a violent conflict with his grandma who raised him since childhood.

But this woman was fine. She took a huge check from her grandmother and betrayed their feelings, and kept her secret from letting him find her. Why? Why are you so cruel?

See her and hide!

Liang Mosheng squeezed Mu Yuqing’s chin, and leaned over, pressing her heavily on the sofa, unable to move.

“Mr. Liang, please respect yourself, I’m just your doctor, and you already have a fiancee.”

Mu Yuqing panicked.

Desperately trying to push him away, but the man is very powerful, all her resistance looks like a joke in his eyes.

“Yeah, you are my doctor. You are here to help me treat. Do you know how to treat my insomnia best?”

He leaned forward indiscriminately, kissed casually with his mouth on her face and his hands. It is raging, and the voice is extremely cruel: “Just sleep with me, I will sleep with you naturally.”



Mu Yuqing struggled desperately.

But in the end, the clothes were torn apart by the man, and he did not give her a chance to resist.

He’s crazy!

Rage like crazy, rude as crazy.

From the sofa to the bed… the tearing heart that hasn’t been experienced for a long time made Mu Yuqing tears in her eyes, she bit her lower lip tightly, forcing herself not to make any noise.

Finally…death silence!

Mu Yuqing stared at the ceiling blankly, still couldn’t believe that everything that happened to her was real.

But the tearing pain that came from her body was telling her clearly that the man who punished her was Liang Mosheng, who she once loved the most.

It’s him!

356f6105 is all him!

Tears fell from the corners of her eyes one by one, and she turned to look at the man who really fell asleep, muttering in a choked voice: “Why?” The night was quiet!

The woman’s question was sad and could not get any answer.

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