Boss Spoils Little Wife

“Uncle, do you lack a wife?” “My mommy is good, buy one and get two, think about it.” Someone went up strongly: “Woman, you are my wife, accept your fate.” Five years ago, she was He lost his life. Five years later, she paid him two lives, so Mr. Liang, do you think how to pay the three lives you owed?  
Title: The boss of the city ​​president favors his little wife
Alternative name: – boss偏宠小娇妻, Boss Favors Little Wife
Genre: Urban, president, romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 563
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“Congratulations, you are pregnant, and you are twins.”

Holding the diagnosis report issued by the doctor, Mu Yuqing pushed open the door of the small rental house with a look of excitement, and shouted joyfully: “Mo Sheng…”


The smile froze.

The old lady sitting in the room looked at her with a gloomy face, and her turbid eyes filled with the vicissitudes of time seemed to be poisonous and terrifying.

“You bitch, you dare to carry me and pester my grandson?”

The harsh voice was sharp and harsh.

Mu Yuqing’s face was pale: “Old, old lady.”


“Since you want to toast and not eat fine wine, then I’m not polite. Get rid of the evil species in her stomach, this kind of wild species of unknown origin is not worthy to be born!”

The old lady waved her hand.

Immediately two men in black came over, their eyes were fierce as if they were about to smash her into pieces.

Fear eroded like the sky, and Mu Yuqing subconsciously turned around and wanted to run. The next second, the man in black responded quickly and grabbed her hair and pulled it hard.


Mu Yuqing screamed and fell to the ground, and immediately two people in black came over, lifted her feet and kicked her belly fiercely.

a bit……


Extremely heavy!

It hurts!

“I warned you that you have to send it to your door to die. You are as cheap as you and think that a man who takes the Liang family can enter the Liang family. I have to execute a large number of women every year.”

The old lady’s voice was extremely harsh, like a ghost screaming from hell.

“Please let me go, Mo Sheng and I really love each other, I…”

“To shut up!”

The old lady’s crutches were raised high and slammed on Mu Yuqing’s face fiercely: “Don’t make love to me again, you are not worthy of a bastard.”


The ears buzzed, and the body seemed to feel no pain.

Everything in front of Mu Yuqing’s eyes was shaking, as if the sky was falling apart, and in the end everything turned into nothingness.

“Old lady, she won’t move.”

The man in black stopped. The old lady didn’t even look at the woman on the ground. She walked out the door step by step with a cane: “Throw her to the dead.”


Nuo Da’s sack wrapped the woman with blood on her face. She was still holding the pregnancy test report tightly in her hand. She wanted to say: “Mo Sheng, I have your baby.”

Five years later.

“Brother, will Daddy really appear here?”

On the small steps of the flower bed next to the gate of Shengshi Media Company.

Two four-year-old little Mengwa sitting side by side, looking bored at the crowds coming and going, they had waited for two hours, but still did not wait for the man they wanted to see.

Although they were twins of dragons and phoenixes, the two of them looked very alike, with crooked eyebrows and shallow pears when they laughed, causing passers-by to unconsciously focus on them.

“Sure, this is his company. He is the chief president and should appear. Cocoa, in a moment, you remember to act according to plan.”

Mu Jingxuan was sure.

The handsome face of the man on the screen of the mobile phone was cold, and his pupils were as sharp as ink, which seemed to make people afraid to disobey the king.

This is the man they are looking for, a daddy who has never appeared in their world.

“We can only wait for another twenty minutes, or Mommy will find out that we are missing and we will be over.”

Mu Keke looked at the time uneasy, after all, Mommy’s anger was too scary.

The voice just fell.

The convoy drove into sight and slowly stopped in front of the red carpet.

“Sir, here it is.”

The driver in white gloves pulled the car door.

The man who came out of the car had a handsome face and black pupils, and his brows radiated a cold air of abstinence. Don’t get close to strangers in capital.

The man in black opens the way!

A group of people walked quickly towards the lobby.


The little girl who broke out suddenly slammed into the man in black, and then fell to the ground and let out a piercing cry. The crystal tears on her pink and tender face slipped down, looking distressed.

“what happened?”

The housekeeper walked quickly and frowned. What the husband is most afraid of is the cry of this kind of baby, how well a little girl will appear.

“No, I don’t know.”

Faced with fierce gangsters, the man in black knew how to deal with it.

Such a soft and cute little girl is not beating or cursing, and a group of big guys look around helplessly to find rescue.

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