Angry Birds: Bubble Adventure

TAngry Birds: Bubble Adventure” is a playground where all imagination can come true. A small branch can be a powerful boomerang, a tree can be a ladder to heaven, and a seemingly simple puddle can be a passage to another kingdom! Through absurd, short, and interesting narratives, “Angry Birds: Bubble Adventure” shows how far imagination can lead us. In each episode, the characters are involved in a small but ironic conflict, which develops to the point of absurdity with their imagination.

A simple hide-and-seek game may become a real detective hunt; an easy chase will eventually evolve into an action movie. In the bubble, the characters manage objects and environments according to their own wishes, creating interesting dynamics in the world around them-a leaf may become a superhero’s cloak or parachute; a stone can be used as a gladiator arena . The main idea of ​​the short film is to show the imagination of the birds.

Angry Birds: Bubble Adventure
Also known as: 愤怒的小鸟之泡泡奇遇记
Genres: Animation
Director: N/A
Country: America
Episode: 20 episodes
Release: 2020

Categories: Anime, Oversea Anime

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