Extramarital Affair

–I was discouraged when I found out that my husband had an outside room. I wanted to get a divorce, but found that if the divorce would have to shoulder a huge debt of 1.5 million, I had no choice but to struggle in this devastated marriage.
Title: Extramarital affair
Alternative name: 婚外情痕
Author: loose money
Genre: Urban Romance, novel
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 7+
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I have been in love with my husband for four years and married for three years. They have a deep relationship and are a model couple that everyone admires. Besides, my husband has just been promoted to be the deputy manager of the company not long ago, and the future is bright.

I am like all the housewives who have no sense of crisis, taking care of my husband’s daily life, treating him as the only one in life, but I don’t know that behind such a calm and comfortable, there are betrayals and lies.

In fact, his problem began half a year ago, but out of trust in him, I didn’t think about it until a mysterious phone rang…

At that time, I knew that my husband actually used our marriage house mortgage loan of 3 million to buy a house in Shanghai for a pregnant mistress. After discovering this, I dragged my girlfriend to the door with a scumbag, but I didn’t expect it. Was overthrown by Xiaosan.

In fact, this is my fault. Because of the deformity of one side of the ovary, my husband and I have been married for three years and have not been pregnant. This time the period did not come. I thought it was the eldest aunt’s postponement, and I did not think about pregnancy. Seeing that there was blood under my skirt and taking me to the hospital, I didn’t even know that I had lost a child without knowing it.

During the miscarriage and confinement period, my husband and the mistress were hanging out, almost staying at night. He calculated that I would not divorce him, because once the divorce, as a joint debt between the husband and wife, I will be shared 150 A huge debt of 100,000 yuan is simply a disaster for me who has no job.

I watched him take the things and leave the house with cold eyes. After a short meeting, I received a message from Xiaosan. There were two sweet embracing two people. The smiles were like roosters in a fight, and they were provocative and provocative. .

Being betrayed by my husband and the sore spots that my children shed, I hate them, but under Zhang Cheng’s calculations, I can’t even get divorced. The only revenge I can do is cheating and putting on Zhang Cheng. A green hat can be used to relieve the hatred.

I chose to choose, and finally I set my target on the new president of Shengshi Company.

After I used various methods, I finally found a chance to approach him.

I came to the 2001 room of the Dorsett Hotel wearing a pair of hate, youth and beauty. Lin Yi, who was standing at the door, handed me the prepared room card a long time ago: “Mr. Sheng went to the banquet today and miscalculated.”

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