Chapter 1 Retaliation

I have been in love with my husband for four years and married for three years. They have a deep relationship and are a model couple that everyone admires. Besides, my husband has just been promoted to be the deputy manager of the company not long ago, and the future is bright.

I am like all the housewives who have no sense of crisis, taking care of my husband’s daily life, treating him as the only one in life, but I don’t know that behind such a calm and comfortable, there are betrayals and lies.

In fact, his problem began half a year ago, but out of trust in him, I didn’t think about it until a mysterious phone rang…

At that time, I knew that my husband actually used our marriage house mortgage loan of 3 million to buy a house in Shanghai for a pregnant mistress. After discovering this, I dragged my girlfriend to the door with a scumbag, but I didn’t expect it. Was overthrown by Xiaosan.

In fact, this is my fault. Because of the deformity of one side of the ovary, my husband and I have been married for three years and have not been pregnant. This time the period did not come. I thought it was the eldest aunt’s postponement, and I did not think about pregnancy. Seeing that there was blood under my skirt and taking me to the hospital, I didn’t even know that I had lost a child without knowing it.

During the miscarriage and confinement period, my husband and the mistress were hanging out, almost staying at night. He calculated that I would not divorce him, because once the divorce, as a joint debt between the husband and wife, I will be shared 150 A huge debt of 100,000 yuan is simply a disaster for me who has no job.

I watched him take the things and leave the house with cold eyes. After a short meeting, I received a message from Xiaosan. There were two sweet embracing two people. The smiles were like roosters in a fight, and they were provocative and provocative. .

Being betrayed by my husband and the sore spots that my children shed, I hate them, but under Zhang Cheng’s calculations, I can’t even get divorced. The only revenge I can do is cheating and putting on Zhang Cheng. A green hat can be used to relieve the hatred.

I chose to choose, and finally I set my target on the new president of Shengshi Company.

After I used various methods, I finally found a chance to approach him.

I came to the 2001 room of the Dorsett Hotel wearing a pair of hate, youth and beauty. Lin Yi, who was standing at the door, handed me the prepared room card a long time ago: “Mr. Sheng went to the banquet today and miscalculated.”

As for the secret words, as a married me, I knew it in my heart. It seemed that all of this was really easy.

“Also, what happened between me and Ren Xiao…” Lin Yi asked me blushing.

I raised my eyebrows towards Lin Yi, with a clear look: “Don’t worry, your appointment with Ren Xiao is on my body.”

After speaking, he took the room card and swiped the door directly.

I don’t know if Sheng Shihua can’t wait a long time ago. As soon as I entered, I was dragged into his arms.

At this moment, he asked me with scarlet eyes: “Have you washed it?”

“Don’t worry, I washed it at home.”

I shoved Sheng Shihua, then untied my jacket, and instantly revealed the low-cut sexy dress inside.

This dress is tight, with a deep V collar, close to the curve of the figure, and the skirt tail just wraps my round buttocks. With this attire, a man can feel excited just by looking at it.

Sure enough, this costume ignited all the excitement and passion of Sheng Shihua. He almost immediately picked me up, and then untied his clothes and walked to the bed.

This night, I can say that I tried my best to please Sheng Shihua and completely unlocked the posture that Zhang Cheng had never tried.

Zhang Cheng complained most about being too conservative in bed, waiting for him to be lucky like a dead fish, he had long been bored, and Lin Ling was more fit with him physically and mentally, so he would cheat, in other words shamelessly , That means I personally pushed him into the arms of Xiao San.

Look, men are always like this. When you love you, everything is good. When you don’t love you, even the posture on the bed becomes a reason for disgust.

Because of Sheng Shihua’s medicine, he tossed me all night before going to sleep, but my body was exhausted, but my spirit became excited.

Nothing is more enjoyable than the way of the other.

Staying up until midnight, I couldn’t resist the sleepiness and fell asleep.

The next day, I was torn from the bed, and I opened my eyes and saw an angry face of Sheng Shihua.

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