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Chapter 8 What a miserable woman

In the evening, the Huo family sent someone to deliver things.

There was a change of clothes for her, cat food and dried fish for biscuits, as well as her dinner with Huo Yunxiang.

The VIP ward where Huo Yunxiang lives is as luxurious as a presidential suite.

In addition to hospital beds and escort beds, TV sofas, coffee tables and toilets, everything is available.

Nan Qiao poured cat food and water on the biscuits before sitting down to have a meal with Huo Yunxiang.

Huo Yunxiang glanced at the black cat who was eating well, and stretched out his hand to touch the cat’s head.

Biscuit tilted his head proudly, and slapped his hand away with a paw.

“Your cat really likes to reject people like you.”

Nan Qiao smiled, “It’s just not familiar with you.”

I’m not familiar with you either.

“Does it have a name?”

“It’s called a biscuit.”

Huo Yunxiang used the meal casually, with aristocratic elegance in every move.

“How many times did Miss Nan kiss me before I woke up?”

Nan Qiao choked with a mouthful of rice, then swallowed after beating his chest.

Could he not always be scary when she eats, and choke easily.


At the same time, the biscuit that was eating cat food was choked with fright.

This surname Huo couldn’t think of how much he had to give her a personal promise.

“I don’t remember it.”

Huo Yunxiang’s thin lips raised slightly, and his handsome face was even more stunning.

Nan Qiao was stunned for two seconds, guiltily buried in the rice.

“Mr. Huo…must be mistaken.”

Damn, this damn beauty attack.

Huo Yunxiang took a napkin and wiped his lips, and said solemnly.

“Whether it is once or twice, Miss Nan, you…take away my first kiss.”

“…Mr. Huo said and laughed.” Nan Qiao laughed dryly.

People of twenty-seven and eighty, still kiss for the first time, lie to ghosts.

Huo Yunxiang looked at Nan Qiao, whose face was about to be buried in the bowl, a smile flicked across his deep eyes, and said with embarrassment.

“I have always been a clean person. The first kiss is for my future wife. Miss Nan… How are you responsible?”

“Mr. Huo is such an excellent person, I think… Your future wife won’t mind such trivial matters. “Nan Qiao smiled, already very irritable inside.

She also lost her first kiss, who did she go to to make sense?

“I mind, I will not be able to afford my future wife.” Huo Yunxiang said.

Nan Qiao resisted the urge to lift the table, “…so?”

“Miss Nan should be responsible.” Huo Yunxiang said seriously.


How could there be such a brazen person in this world.

Nan Qiao put down his chopsticks, looked up at the other person, and persuaded him earnestly.

“Mr. Huo, don’t think so. I am a scumbag.”

“You see that I am involved in people’s families now. Maybe I am still a murderer, and I am especially prone to

love the new and dislike the old.” “I not only like men, I even women. I like it both, men and women take it all.”

In order to let the other party retreat, Nan Qiao desperately to blackmail herself.

The smile in Huo Yunxiang’s eyes gradually faded, “Miss Nan is…I don’t want to be responsible?”

“No!” Nan Qiao shook his head resolutely, I’m just such a scumbag.

“It’s a pity.” Huo Yunxiang sighed disappointedly, and then said, “It’s okay, it will be long in the future.”

“…” Nan Qiao was really going to kneel for him.

She didn’t believe it, just because of a kiss, he really wanted to agree.

He just had doubts about her origin and purpose, so he did so deliberately.

After all, he is such a shrewd businessman who would not be so innocent at first sight.

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