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Chapter 7 You took away my first kiss

Mrs. Huo was very sad for her refusal.

Therefore, the eyes that looked at Huo Yunxiang were also dissatisfied, and he whispered.

“Why are you so useless?” The

little girl didn’t even look at it.

Huo Yunxiang: “โ€ฆ”

This isโ€ฆ his fault?

Mrs. Huo couldn’t force the delivery, so she took a step back and adopted a roundabout way.

“Xiao Qiao, Yun Xiang will be responsible for handling the lawsuit against you.”

Let him brush his favors, and maybe they will accept him.

Huo Yunxiang agreed in the eyes of Mrs. Huo.

“Okay, I will deal with it.”

Mrs. Huo patted Nan Qiao’s hand and suggested very enthusiastically.

“Xiao Qiao, you are living outside by yourself and it is not very safe. If you don’t mindโ€ฆ stay at Huo’s house for now and move out after the matter is resolved.”


Huo Yunxiang couldn’t see what the old lady meant. This is for him to approach the water platform.

In order to send him out, she really broke her heart.

“Then I would be more respectful than fate.” Nan Qiao said simply.

Although she knew that the other party was doing her own routine, there were too many people out there who wanted to beat her, and it was indeed safer to live in Huo’s house.

Seeing that she had agreed, Mrs. Huo smiled and asked.

“Thenโ€ฆ In order to prevent Yun Xiang’s old illness from recurring, can Xiao Qiao stay with him in the hospital?”

Nan Qiao thought about taking so much advantage of others, of course it is not good to refuse.

“no problem.”

Mrs. Huo kept the people, and took them away with joy.

Huo Yunxiang stared at the girl who stayed in the room and asked with a smile.

“Why refuse?”

“Mr. Huo meansโ€ฆwhat?” Nan Qiao was stunned.

“Permit with the body.” Huo Yunxiang reminded.

Nan Qiao sat down on the sofa with the cat in his arms, took out the bottle of yogurt and took two sips, and said seriously.

“Mr. Huo, a noble person like you is not suitable. I am afraid that you will be defiled.”

The unrequited grudge is one aspect, and more importantly, she has heard people say that the third youngest of the Huo family has a deep mind and is unscrupulous in order to achieve the goal. Ruthless.

So, even if the beauty is right, she can’t faint.

Such a person is someone she can’t afford.

Huo Yunxiang raised his hand and gently rubbed his beautiful thin lips with his fingers.

Then, the words were amazing.

“Butโ€ฆ you have defiled me.”

He opened his eyes, and he remembered exactly what she did.


Nan Qiao choked with a sip of yogurt, and after a long time he coughed for a while before he came back, smiling very sincerely.

“Mr. Huoโ€ฆ a person like you, to me, can only be seen from a distance, the flower of Gaoling that is not to be played, the small one can’t afford to climb high.”

“Allow you to climb high.” Huo Yunxiang’s thin lips pouted a bit deep. Unpredictable smile.


Nan Qiao said, I don’t want to climb.

Biscuit swallowed what was in his mouth and meowed a few times.

“Even you want to soak, perverted!”

Nan Qiao nodded, agreeing with Papa Biscuit’s point of view.

She is like this, no different from beggars on the street.

He actually wants to rush to agree with his body, how heavy is his taste?

Huo Yunxiang looked at her and nodded, his eyebrows lightly raised.

“Nodding to indicate acceptance?”

Nan Qiao shook his head frantically, “No, I just got a sore neck. It doesn’t mean to agree. Don’t get me wrong.”

He has shared his life value and asked them to help her solve her troubles. If you ask for their money, people who want him again are really inferior to a beast.

As a human being, you still have to be kind.

After Meng Yan’s case is resolved, she’d better stay out of the river with this person and Huo Jiajing, and stay out of touch with each other.

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