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Chapter 5 Isn’t that your first kiss?

After coming out of the VIP ward, Nan Qiao went straight into the elevator and went downstairs.

The black cat biscuits nested in her and meowed a few times.

“You blush.”

“Where did I blush.” Nan Qiao said nonchalantly with a disdainful expression, “It’s not just a kiss, I have something to blush.”

Black Cat Biscuit: “Isn’t it your first kiss?

” No!” Nan Qiao denied.

However, the reddened face undoubtedly betrayed the truth.

She walked around the hospital with the cat in her arms, and finally entered the convenience store.

“There is no cat food, and no dried fish. You can eat some first.”

Since her accident, she hasn’t eaten a full meal of biscuits in a week.

She bought ham and milk, and when she came out of the convenience store, she was inexplicably grabbed by several people who rushed up to her clothes.

“Nan Qiao, you murderer, don’t stay in jail well, who let you out.”

“Shameless slut, seduce a married man, and killed two people.”

“You’re here. It’s time to go to hell!”

A group of people are pulling her clothes and pulling her hair again, like they can’t kill her with that resentment.

The biscuit was so angry that he showed his fangs and claws grimly, and scratched his claws fiercely.

Worried about the fierceness of the biscuit, a few women dared not get close, so they took things and smashed them on her.

While smashing, cursing at the same time.

“Shameless mistress, murderer!”

“Are you still a human being even a pregnant mother?”

“Why don’t you die!”

Nan Qiao gritted his teeth, crossed the road with the cat in his arms, and entered the opposite hospital.

Biscuit looked at her pitifully, touched her head with his paw, and meowed a few times.

“Are you stupid, don’t know how to fight back, you can’t beat them?”

With her fighting power, these people are opponents.

Nan Qiao disassembled a ham sausage again, and said while feeding it.

“I’m on bail pending trial. I’m going to be arrested for a fight.”

Moreover, its claws were scratched so hard, and the faces of those people were painted on their hands, and they didn’t take advantage of it.

Back to the VIP ward on the top floor, Mrs. Huo was looking for her all over the hospital.

Seeing her embarrassed look, she vaguely guessed what trouble she was having.

“Sorry, we should arrange someone to accompany you out just now.”

Nan Qiao said with a smile after adjusting his tousled hair.

“It doesn’t matter, Mr. Huo… how’s it going?” Madam Huo

said with a smile on her face gratefully.

“Thanks to you, I just finished the inspection. There is no major problem. I can be discharged after a few days of recuperation.”

She thought that she was going to send a white-haired person to a black-haired person.

Unexpectedly, the miracle she really brought about by this nobleman saved the life of her precious grandson.

Mrs. Huo led her into the ward and introduced enthusiastically.

“Nan Qiao, I forgot to introduce it just now. This is my grandson… Huo Yunxiang.” On the

hospital bed, the handsome man was bathed in the afternoon sun, with clear and picturesque eyebrows.

Ordinary hospital gowns, when worn on him, have a sense of luxury and luxury of high-level customization.

Nan Qiao held the cat in one hand, and slid the plastic bag from the convenience store in the other, with mottled water stains printed on her body, embarrassed as if she had just returned from begging for food.

“Mr. Huo, hello.”

Huo Yunxiang looked at her from head to toe, then looked at the round black cat in her arms.

“They said, you saved me.”

Nan Qiao nodded, “Yes.”

Huo Yunxiang looked at her and became deep and unpredictable.

“So, how did you save me?”


Nan Qiao smiled guiltily, touched the cat in his arms, and said with a deep face. “Ancestral secret technique is unspeakable.”

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