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Chapter 4 I am your savior

With his deep and handsome face, as his eyes opened, a fierce and dangerous aura filled the entire ward.

Nan Qiao did not react, his lips still pressed against the man’s, and he blinked in a daze.

Huo Yunxiang frowned lightly and fixedly looked at the girl’s close eyebrows.

Those eyes were as bright as stars.

The air, quiet and awkward.

The black cat biscuit couldn’t stand it anymore, and patted Nan Qiao’s head with a paw.

“When are you going to kiss?”

Nan Qiao hurriedly stood up, smiling awkwardly and politely.

“I want to say… I was saving you just now, do you believe it?”

Huo Yunxiang looked at the talking girl, his eyes full of inquiry.

Nan Qiao said with a smile when he saw that he was not talking.

“…Hehe, you don’t believe it.”

Don’t say he doesn’t believe it, she doesn’t believe it herself either.

In the situation just now, no matter how she looked at it, she seemed to be a pervert who coveted beauty.

He did not wake up early and late, but he just woke up while she was kissing.

Huo Yunxiang stared at her deeply and unpredictably, and his voice was a little hoarse.

“You are…”

“I am your savior.” Nan Qiao said with a grin.

Although he didn’t believe it, she was really his savior.

However, she saved his life, and she shared his life value, which was even considered even.

Huo Yunxiang narrowed his eyes slightly, obviously not believing her absurd explanation.

He turned sideways, ready to ring the bell for someone to come in.

However, when he turned his head, he met a pair of colorful eyes.

A chubby black cat was squatting on his pillow, glanced at him contemptuously, then stepped on him and walked to the bed.

“Excuse me, I’ll call your family members in.” Nan Qiao snatched the cat into his arms, opened the door and said, “He is awake, you can go in.”

Mrs. Huo was overjoyed and ran into the ward and saw that she had been in a coma for a week. Of people have really woken up.

“Shengxun, hurry, call the doctor to have a check.”

Huo Chengxun was also unbelievable, and immediately asked the nurse to call the doctor over for the check.

Several doctors came over and after a detailed inspection, they said with a strange expression.

“Mr. Huo’s body data is returning to normal.” It is

too strange, they have done various checks these days, and they can’t find the reason for his coma and serious illness.

But all the data show that he will not live for three days.

Now, he unexpectedly woke up again,

and, it didn’t look like a serious illness, on the contrary, it seemed that he was just sleeping.

Mrs. Huo covered her heart, and said to Huo Chengxun.

“Quickly, tell Shuning, don’t make her worry anymore.”

“Yes, yes, I will notify her.”

Huo Chengxun hurriedly left the ward to inform his wife who had just fainted of the great news.

Huo Yunxiang looked at the surprise and joy of his family, and asked inexplicably.

“Grandma, what happened?”

Mrs. Huo was at the bedside, reaching out to grab his hand, and slowly patted the back of his hand.

“You fainted suddenly at the company. You have been in a coma for seven days in the hospital. The doctor said you were not saved. Fortunately… Fortunately, we found Nan Qiao. You woke up within half an hour of her coming in.”

“Hong Guang The master is right, she is indeed the noble person you hit.”

Huo Yun frowned, thinking of the pretty girl who opened his eyes just now, and…the fat cat that stepped on him.

She… saved him?

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