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Chapter 3 The Frog Prince or the Sleeping Beauty


Nan Qiao only felt a bolt from the blue sky, is she going to die?

She finally got her life back, but if he came to find him for help, he couldn’t do it himself.

The man on the hospital bed has clear and deep eyebrows and a handsome face, all of which are masterpieces carefully crafted by the creator.

It’s just that at this moment, the whole person is full of lifeless paleness.

Mrs. Huo asked nervously, “Nan Qiao, as long as you can save him, the Huo family is willing to agree to all your conditions.”

Huo family?

It must be only the famous Huo chaebol in China who fished her out of the detention center in such a big show.

The Huo Chaebol owns the world’s largest multinational bank and operates investment credit business. In recent years, it has gradually expanded its power to finance and various industries. It has become Asia’s leading monopoly.

If she saved Huo Yunxiang, not only would her life be saved, but the Huo family’s current case would definitely help her settle.

The black cat in her arms yelled lazily, and Nan Qiao came back to his senses.

“You go out first, I… think of a way.”

Hearing what she said, Mrs. Huo, as if seeing hope, quickly called Huo Chengxun to leave the ward and closed the door.

Nan Qiao approached the bed and said, staring at the lifeless person in the hospital bed.

“What to do now, he is going to die.” The

black cat jumped, jumped onto the bed, stepped on Huo Yunxiang, and finally squatted on the pillow.

“As long as you form a contract with him and share the value of life, he won’t die.”

Nan Qiao frowned, “How?”

If this had been a week ago, as a medical worker, she would definitely be a firm materialist.

However, after experiencing all kinds of things after her death, she had to start the metaphysics.

The black cat squatted on top of Huo Yunxiang’s head and said seriously.

“Kiss him.”

Nan Qiao turned to look at the door and said, making sure that no one was peeking.

“No one is there now, kiss you.”

“It’s you, not me.” The black cat emphasized.

“My kiss?” Nan Qiao pointed to himself.

What’s all this stuff?

It treats him as the frog prince or the sleeping beauty, a kiss can solve the problem.

The black cat watched her slowly and urged impatiently.

“If you don’t kiss, he will die. If he is dead, you can’t live.”

Nan Qiao looked at the man’s thin and pale lips, still a little bit unable to get his mouth down.

“Is there no other way?”

Black Cat: “No.”

Nan Qiao leaned forward and slowly approached the man, thinking about it, and then felt something was wrong.

“Hey, that’s not right. I want to share my health with him, so when I die, why doesn’t he follow?”

She died a week ago.

A week ago, this person also suddenly became seriously ill.

This coincidence always made her a little concerned.

The black cat looked down at Huo Yunxiang, seeming to hide his guilty conscience.

“Anyway, you are taking advantage of others. What’s wrong?”

“It seems so.” Nan Qiao nodded.

For such a beautiful sleeping beauty, she still wants to share his life and let the Huo family help solve her current troubles.

No matter how you think about it, she seems to be taking advantage.

However, I always feel that something is wrong.

Thinking of her unrequited grievances, she was heartbroken, bowed her head and kissed the man’s thin, pale lips.

However, just a little bit of water, kissed and left immediately.

Huo Yunxiang, who had been asleep for many days, trembled invisibly in his fingertips.

Nan Qiao straightened up and stared at the person on the hospital bed.

“It seems… useless.”

She just said, this is dying, how can the problem be solved by a kiss.

“Maybe the kiss time is too short, you can come again.” Black cat suggested with a serious expression.

Nan Qiao tangled for a moment, then leaned forward and kissed it again.

At this moment, Huo Yunxiang’s slender eyelashes trembled, and he slowly opened his eyes.

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