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Chapter 3 As a daughter, it is impossible for her to not take responsibility

Everyone thinks that her job is easy and the salary is high, but they don’t think of the pressure she faces and the body that gradually wears down due to a lot of staying up late.

The design drawing they sold was finally made by her and her project team after three months of on-site inspections and frequent overturning of previous designs and running-in.

Everyone confidently took the design drawings to participate in the bidding meeting, but at the bidding meeting, they saw that one of the competing companies came up with exactly the same design drawings.

Everyone is crazy.

What made Lu Yiyu never expected was that the design drawings flowed out of her hands.

And Lu Weiyan and her mother actually sold a design drawing worth 30 million yuan for 1.5 million yuan.

She has studied architecture for ten years, and she has put so much effort and effort into nothing. Even if her level is top-notch in the industry, no one would dare to use her again.

Lu Yiyu thought about this, uncomfortable mixed with unspeakable grievance turned into tears.

She really hated Lu Weiyan and her mother this time.

Suddenly, there was a sharp brake sound in my ears.

Lu Yiyu turned his head to look in the direction of the sound with teary eyes, helpless tears covered her eyes, and she saw nothing.

She wiped her tears several times before she could see that the car was parked at a distance of only one centimeter from her. As long as she moved forward one centimeter, she would be knocked into the air.

Rao is now in a trance, she was also taken aback.

A pair of immaculate leather shoes suddenly appeared in the blurred vision, followed by a nice male voice, “It’s okay?”

Lu Yiyu wiped away tears, “It’s okay.”

She looked up at the man, and was stunned.

The man in front of him has sword eyebrows and star eyes, his features are so perfect that he can’t find any flaws.

His moderately thick lips were pressed tightly, and his body had a hard temperament that was not angry and mighty.

Huo Yuchen was taken aback when he saw Lu Yiyu’s face, and asked uncertainly: “Are you Uncle Lu’s eldest daughter?”

“Brother Huo, hello.” Lu Yiyu was very embarrassed and hurried to tears. Wipe it, don’t let yourself be ashamed.

Huo Yuchen saw the palm prints and tears on Lu Yiyu’s face, then looked at the direction she had just come from, frowning unhappy.

He has heard a little about the Lu family, and what he hears most is that Uncle Lu’s eldest daughter was a schoolmaster since she was a child, and she has been on the go all the way after work, becoming a first-class registered architect at a young age.

In this way, a person who should be regarded as a goddess is a bit unreasonable crying on the road during the day.

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Yiyu was afraid that she would lose control of her emotions again by mentioning her mother and Lu Weiyan again, and changed the subject: “Brother Huo will come back to see Grandpa Huo? Then you go back early. Don’t let his old man wait for a long time. Goodbye. “

Lu Yi said he wanted to leave.

The Huo family lives in the military district compound next to her home. Except for Huo Yushen, the other members of the Huo family are soldiers and their positions in the military are high. Facing the unattainable Huo Yushen, even if Xiao hadn’t thought about Huo Yushen, she didn’t want to be too embarrassed in front of Huo Yushen.

Seeing her, Huo Yushen turned his face to the side, making sure that she was not injured, and then turned into the car and drove the car into the military area compound guarded by guards.


Lu Weiyan had a lingering fear of what Lu Yiyu said, “Mom, what Lu Yiyu said just now is not true? She really doesn’t care about us in the future? Dad’s medical expenses will not be paid out?”

“She dare! Why? Say that she is also your dad’s daughter. Your dad is ill. As a daughter, she cannot fail to bear the responsibility.”

“Mom, ask me to say that you were too reckless yesterday and asked you to go to her apartment to get a few cameras and money. What are you doing? Take the blueprints too? Don’t you know that she is more important to those blueprints than to her own life?”

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