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Chapter 2 Your Sister has a copy of your things

Had it not been for the little daughter to remind her, she would have forgotten about Lu Yiyu’s camera.

Lu Yiyu’s cameras are all professional cameras, and lenses and everything are expensive.

If a few professional cameras record all the details of the wedding at the wedding, it must be very face-free.

It is best to have a house for dowry, so that the younger daughterโ€™s mother-in-lawโ€™s family will value the younger daughter more and treat them better.

She also has a dependency when she is old.

Lu Yiyu read what she didn’t say from her mother’s greedy eyes, and her heart became cold, and she said directly: “Mom, you can just change the name on my real estate certificate to Lu Weiyan, so that I have everything Everything is yours, and it saves you from calculating my things all day long.”

“Your sister also has a copy of your stuff. If you give it to your sister, you are wronged?”

“Don’t be wronged. She can take whatever she sees, anyway. The best at grabbing things, even my boyfriend grabbed it, and grabbing a house, a car, and a camera is nothing. Lu Weiyan, what else do you like? Letโ€™s grab it together.”

Lu Weiyanโ€™s eyes immediately turned red, “Mom.” , Look at my sister. I just wanted to help Ye Feng try to be loyal to my sister. I was also kind. I didn’t expect my sister would look at me like this.”

“Yes, I tried to bed.” Lu Yiyu sneered. Tao.

Liu Wanning waved her hand again to hit Lu Yiyu, but was stopped by Lu Yiyu halfway through her hand.

Lu Yiyu’s eyes were calm and indifferent, “I will pay half of my dad’s medical expenses in the future, and you will figure out the remaining half. As for my things, don’t even think about it!”

Liu Wanning and Lu Weiyan looked at each other and were panicked. “What do you mean?”

“That’s what you heard. Dad is not my father alone. Lu Weiyan also has support obligations. She has also worked for several years and should have savings. It should be possible to spend half of the money. In addition, the family is not so poor that even medicine In addition to the medical insurance, Dad also has work-related injury compensation from the company. Even if the work-related injury compensation is not enough, there are still savings at home. Itโ€™s necessary for Dad to be hospitalized for a week before you start to calculate mine. Are the

blueprints , the house, and the car?” Liu Wanning and Lu Weiyan’s expressions changed drastically. Lu Weiyan pulled Liu Wanning’s hem, and said softly to Lu Yi: “Sister, mom is also anxious for dad’s illness. You too. I know that my parentsโ€™ relationship is very good. Mom is worried about my dad.โ€

Lu Yiyu looked at the two people coldly, and walked out of this disgusting courtyard with a bag.

She has been accustomed by Lu Weiyan and her mother since she was a child, and they usually take advantage of her, so she won’t get angry.

What they did today really made her feel cool and alert.

This time, even if her boss told her not to go through the legal procedures to sue her, she would have come to an end in her career as an architect.

It didn’t take long for her to steal the company’s blueprints, and it didn’t take long for it to spread in the industry, and there would be no daring to use her as an architect without professional ethics.

She started contacting the construction industry at the age of 18, and now she is 28. She has devoted her best ten years to construction.

She passed the first-level registered architect exam last year before she began to lead subordinates.

Her current annual salary and bonus are about 1.2 million a year, and if she adds some private work, two million a year is not particularly difficult.

But in the years before she was admitted to the first-level architect, her monthly salary was only 5,000, and her bonus was only more than 10,000.

Her mother and Lu Weiyan calculated her money all day long, so she basically didn’t save much money with the money before she was admitted to Yizhu.

Later, in order to get rid of her mother and Lu Weiyan, she gritted her teeth and bought a small apartment near the company.

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