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Chapter 2 The Nobles Hit

However, she did not get in the car immediately.

“Please wait a minute. I’ll look for my cat.”

“Cat?” The

middle-aged man with glasses looked around. There are sparsely populated areas. Where is the cat?

Nan Qiao walked towards the wasteland next to the detention center and called out.


“Brother Biscuit?”

“Papa Biscuit?”

โ€ฆ The

middle-aged man with glasses looked at the girl looking for a cat with a strange expression. He knew that all the cats were cat slaves.

However, it was the first time that he called a cat like Big Brother and Dad.

After a while, the grass in the wasteland came out with several meows, and a billowing black cat with different pupils slowly walked out of the grass.

In general cats with different pupils, the colors of the two eyes are different.

However, this cat with different pupils is extremely rare.

Its two eyes are exactly the same color, butโ€ฆ each eye has two colors.

Half of the gemstone is blue, and the other half is brown.

Nan Qiao picked up the cat and rubbed it twice.

“I thinkโ€ฆyou really should lose weight.” The

black cat meowed fiercely after hearing it.

All the middle-aged glasses men heard was a meow, but it fell in Nan Qiao’s ears.

“I want you to take

care of it !” ” Yes , no reduction, you are fat and you are reasonable.” Nan Qiao was afraid of you.

After all, she really can’t afford the cat father.

She also discovered after death that the stray cat she picked up back then was an extraordinary cat.

The biscuit is a cat with a sense of wisdom, although he ate a bit more and got a bit more temperamental.

However, it is a cat who knows his favor.

Because she had saved her life, she brought her to China and helped her find someone with the same fate.

Then, help her get a birth.

Nan Qiao, who committed suicide in the detention center, was the target of their rebirth.


Huadu First People’s Hospital.

The attending doctor came out of the ward with a solemn expression and gave the Huo family’s family a final critical illness notice.

“Mr. Huo has been in a coma for a week, and his body organs have begun to show signs of failure. We really can’t do anything. You shouldโ€ฆ prepare for the funeral.” A

week ago, Huo Yunxiang, the third master of the Huo chaebol, suddenly became seriously ill.

Although I have hired the best doctor and used the best medicine, my condition still hasn’t improved.

Moreover, according to the current situation, it will not last three days.

When Mrs. Huo heard it, she fainted as soon as her eyes went dark.

The doctors and nurses hurriedly put the person on the mobile bed and pushed into the rescue room.

Mrs. Huo, who kept dialing the Buddhist beads to read the scriptures, squeezed the Buddhist beads in her hand and asked in a deep voice.

“That girl, how long will it take to come over.”

“It’s already on the way here, and it is estimated that there will be half an hour.” Huo Chengxun looked at his mother who had added a lot of white hair, and sighed in despair, “But so many doctors She is helpless, she is a little girl here, and what problem can she solve.”

“Master Hongguang said that she was the noble person hit by Yun Xiang, maybe there is a miracle.” Mrs. Huo sighed.

After all, there is no other way.

Half an hour later, Huo’s lawyer and bodyguard brought Nan Qiao to the hospital, one person and one cat.

Mrs. Huo took her into the ward and said hopefully.

“Miss Nan, I know it’s very presumptuous to invite you here. This is my grandson. He was seriously ill for a month. The doctor couldn’t find out what went wrong. Can youโ€ฆ save him?”

“A week ago?” Nan Qiao Frowned.

Wasn’t it the day she died a week ago?

She walked up and took a look, stretched out her hand to catch her pulse, which was the last breath at all.

Forget it, she came here to find someone, not to save someone.

“Well, I can ask, which of youโ€ฆ is Mr. Huo Yunxiang Huo?”

Mrs. Huo was startled slightly, pointing to the dying person in the hospital bed and said.

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