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Chapter 1 Going to Jail

In the scorching summer, Yincheng was so hot that he was silent.

In the air-conditioned room, there was a cold sweat behind Lu Yiyu. He looked at his mother and sister close at hand, and his tone was trembling. “Do you know what consequences your behavior will cause me to face today? If my The boss will hold me in prison for more than ten years. Do you know the seriousness of the matter?”

Liu Wanning’s expression did not change at all, “Lu Yiyu, your dad has no money to treat the illness. I will use a design drawing of yours in exchange for money. What’s unpleasant, or do you want to watch your dad die in the hospital alive, and you will feel better?”

“I said that I will find a way, and I will renew it before the hospital’s money is used up! Not you steal it I’ll sell it!”

Her father was hospitalized for a week, and she had already saved 200,000 yuan in her father’s card.

Within a week, her father’s medical expenses could not be spent 200,000 yuan.

She led her subordinates for half a month in a row, striving to take down this large-scale urban construction project.

In this way, her bonus will be more, and her dad will not be nervous about money even if he is hopeless.

Unexpectedly, her mother would actually do such a thing.

Liu Wanning ignored Lu Yiyu’s words at all. She just took a design drawing of Lu Yiyu to sell, what’s the big deal.

Is it necessary for Lu Yiyu to yell at her mother?

“What do you want to continue? The family is too poor to open the pot. You still put on makeup and dress decently and go out to participate in bidding meetings with the company. You don’t care about your dad’s life or death. You are so awkward that I and your dad can count on you in the future. Are you? I almost died in childbirth when I gave birth to you. Your dad didn’t go in the wind and rain for you all these years. It’s okay for you. If your dad is sick all his life, you will pretend to disappear. If your sister is not smart, you know Your broken pictures can be exchanged for money, and your father died yesterday!”

Liu Wanning said as she raised her hand, she slapped Lu in the face.

Lu Yi’s tone was trembling all over, knowing that her mother’s slap had been slapped, but he didn’t have the strength to avoid it, and he took it abruptly.

A palm print immediately appeared on the white face, and the tongue was cut by the teeth, and the mouth was full of blood.

When Lu Weiyan saw Lu Yiyu’s swollen cheeks, a gleeful smile flashed under his eyes.

She stepped forward to support Liu Wanning, and softly persuaded: “Mom, don’t get excited. If you are angry, your health will be bad. My dad is still in the ICU ward. I don’t know if anything happens to you, what should I do? “

Liu Wanning hugged Lu Weiyan quickly after hearing the words, “Yanyan, don’t be sad. Mom, you won’t be killed by Lu

Yiyu’s sordid person .” Liu Wanning gave Lu Yiyu a stern look, wishing to kill with her eyes. Lu Yiyu.

Lu Weiyan choked and said, “Mom, don’t be angry with your sister. My sister will definitely be worried about your father’s condition. She is just too busy at work and has to pay off the mortgage and car loan, so we don’t have the energy to take care of Dad’s affairs. After all, we don’t have much abilities. could not help my sister buy a car buy a bag of money to buy advanced camera can only let people earn a sister, or sister married her in-laws after her husband’s family will be looked down upon, we have to understand my sister. “

Lu complained about such words seemingly open solution, then, but in reality Words punish the heart.

Not only did Lu Yiyu’s contributions to the family over the years be wiped clean, but also Liu Wanning’s anger was fanned even higher.

Liu Wanning was trembling with anger, “Lu Yiyu, your real estate certificate, get out quickly. Your house can be sold for three million, and with three million, your father’s illness and rehabilitation costs will be reduced. And your cameras, what use is it for a woman who nobody wants to want these things? Your sister will be using a camera when she gets married next month. Get it quickly!”

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