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Chapter 1 A man named Huo Yunxiang

Meeting you, all the time is sweet.

——Nan Qiao

” Fuck , I came across the oceans in Haiti, and found me such a body?”

” I’m so short, even if my chest is so small , I’m still in the detention center?”

Huadu Xichengdi 3. Detention center.

As soon as Nan Qiao opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but vomit.

Obviously, he was very dissatisfied with this reborn body.

She was originally an imperial family daughter Sheng Nan Qiao, not only has brilliant beauty, but also has Asia’s largest pharmaceutical group, properly top Bai Fumei.

Now, he was reborn with such a short and thin figure, and he was still locked up in a detention center.

Nan Qiao picked up the suicide note left by the original body and looked at it, then tore it to pieces again, sighing to himself.

“Suicide does not prove innocence. Others will only say that you committed suicide with fear of sin.”

“However, since you have taken up your body, I will clean up your suspicion.”

The original body of this body is also called Nan Qiao, which is a person. A young singer who just debuted.

Because of secretly interacting with Jin Chen, a senior from the same company, Meng Yan, Jin Chen’s original wife, discovered the relationship between the two and clashed with Nan Qiao.

The next day, Meng Yan was found dead near Nan Qiao’s home.

As a result, she became a suspect.

Now, not only facing criminal lawsuits, but also the company’s huge financial compensation.

However, these are not the most important now.

The most important thing is that she must find a man named Huo Yunxiang (iang) within three days of the body’s rebirth.

Otherwise, she will ascend to heaven after three days.

However, she is now locked up here, where to find the surname Huo.

Nan Qiao tore off the original suicide note and applied to the guard police to call his family.

The top priority now is to find someone to fish her out of here.

However, she did not contact any of the Nan family members, and in desperation she could only call her agent Fang Yan.

“Sister Fang, this is Nan Qiao, can you… first find a way to bail me out, I’m in a hurry.” When the

other party heard her voice, his tone immediately changed.

“When you are a detention center, you open it. Come out if you think about it.”

“It destroys a family and kills two people. Now countless netizens are petitioning to severely sentence your case. Do you still want to come out and dream about it? What?”

Nan Qiao hung up and sighed helplessly.

No one of her relatives or friends believes in her, so it’s no wonder that the original body is about to commit suicide.

Back in the detention room, she couldn’t help but worry about how to get out.

The guard opened the door and shouted.

“Nan Qiao, someone is released on bail, you can go.”

Can you go?

Surprises come so soon?

Nan Qiao followed out, passed through iron gates, and saw a middle-aged man with glasses in a suit and leather shoes.

The other party took a look at her and said very politely.

“Miss Nan, the procedures have been completed, let’s go.”

Nan Qiao followed out of the detention center confused, and saw the Maybach parked outside and a few well-trained bodyguards in black suits, and the doubts deepened in his heart. .

The middle-aged man with glasses pulled the car door and said politely.

“Miss Nan, please get in the car.”

Before getting on the car, Nan Qiao couldn’t help asking.

“May I ask, who bailed me?”

With the attitude of the agent just now, the company cannot arrange for someone to protect her. The Nan family has been missing and it is even more impossible.

Moreover, this drove the Maybach to pick her up, and the background must be not small.

“Miss Nan, get in the car, Mr. Huo is already waiting there.” The middle-aged man with glasses was gentle and polite.

Mr. Huo?

Nan Qiao frowned. Could it be that Mr. Huo Yunxianghuo she was looking for?

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