Your Wife Coming to the Door: Husband Seeking Peace

Shen Wan, a gold medal lawyer who won a divorce lawsuit, crossed on the plane to Bali, and crossed over to a general’s wife who had the same name and surname as her, because her husband married a flat wife and couldn’t think of diving to commit suicide. Originally, she only wanted to take care of her body, make plans, and leave with this big pig’s hoofs, and live a happy life by herself. But this little white lotus wife had to come to provoke her, and the original owner’s pair of white-eyed wolf children also made trouble for her. No, she had to tell them with the facts that the sister is not something you want to mess with, you can mess with it…
Title: Your Wife Coming to the Door: Husband Seeking Peace
Alternative name: Noble Wife Coming: Husband Seeking Peace, 贵妻临门:夫君求和离
Author: May Tu
Genre: Literary Fiction Library, novel, history, serial
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 20+
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Dongchen Kingdom Jingyang four-year spring

The man who was kneeling on the ground at the moment in the courtyard covered with bluestone slabs in the General Mansion of Zhenbei.

A father-in-law wearing a blue round-neck robe, a blue gauze cap, fair skin, and a bright yellow imperial decree in his hands, said in a sharp voice: “We will carry it out, the emperor’s edict said, Lin Qingxue, the daughter of the deputy general Lin Zhong, Virtuous and Shude, Huizhi Lanxin, specially gifted the marriage to Zhenbei General Song Heng as his wife. If you find a good day, you can get married. Thank you!”

After the imperial edict, the people kneeling behind all looked at the general’s wife Shen who was kneeling beside the general.

This lady is also doing it. If she had agreed to let Miss Lin come in and be a concubine earlier, she wouldn’t end up in the situation she is today. Now, the emperor ordered this girl Lin to be the general’s wife, and the wife did not even have the right to object. Moreover, people inside and outside the imperial city knew that the wife of the General’s Mansion was a petty, jealous, and intolerant country woman.

This lady is really…In an old saying, she lost her and lost her army!

Shen Wan’s face was pale, if it were not for force, she was paralyzed on the ground at the moment. No matter how she objected, it was useless after all, and Lin Qingxue still wanted to enter the Song family. People in the world are afraid that they will laugh at her, and they will not let their husbands accept concubines. Now, the emperor has ordered the emperor to marry the husband to be his wife. The emperor bestowed marriage, a great honor, and her regular wife became a great joke.

She knew that for not allowing Lin Qingxue to enter the door, she was too unkind and too indifferent, but she just wanted her husband to keep her previous promises. What’s wrong with her?

Song Heng frowned his sword eyebrows and looked at his wife who was kneeling beside him worriedly. Seeing his wife’s face turned pale, his eyebrows became even tighter. He didn’t expect that this matter would reach the emperor’s ears, and the emperor would decree the marriage.

“General Song, Miss Lin is not ready to take the decree.” The father-in-law Liu Cheng, who passed the decree, looked at Song Heng who was kneeling in front of him and Lin Qingxue who was kneeling behind him with a smile.

This General Song and this girl Lin are really good matches! This Song general is handsome and mighty, handsome, this girl Lin is beautiful, gentle and generous. On the other hand, the general’s wife… Liu Cheng glanced at Shen Wan with the tail of his eyes, showing contempt in his eyes.

However, an incompetent and colorless country village woman, under the light of General Song, entered the imperial city and became the general’s wife, but she did not know how to advance or retreat, and opposed General Song’s admission of the savior’s daughter. There was still a lot of noise, and everyone in the city knew it. She also didn’t want to think, if it wasn’t for that Deputy General Lin had blocked an arrow for General Song, could General Song come back alive? She even had the face to oppose General Song’s admission to Miss Lin, who had become an orphan, and she really didn’t know what it meant to be an orphan. After the emperor learned of it, he was very angry, and he personally ordered the marriage, so that she was not qualified to object.

Song Heng raised his hand over his head and said loudly: “Weichen accepts the order, thank Lord Longen, long live my emperor and all things.”

Lin Qingxue also followed in a soft voice: “The girl accepts the decree, thank the Lord Longen, and long live the Five Emperors.”

Liu Cheng put the closed imperial decree in Song Heng’s hands, and then Song Heng stood up, and the others also stood up one after another.

“Madam…” Qiu Ju lifted Shen Wan up with a worried expression on her face. Knowing this, she should persuade her to let her agree to the general’s concubine.

Miss Lin is a concubine, and his wife is a regular wife, her status is much higher than that of Miss Lin. Now, this girl Lin is going to marry the general as a fair wife, and the emperor has given her the marriage. In the future, this girl is afraid that she will have to put her head down everywhere. Originally, this girl Lin was also very good at being a human being. In this house, no one disliked her except his wife.

Shen Wan stood up, if it weren’t for Qiu Ju’s support, she couldn’t stand still at the moment.

“Aunt Lin, great, you can finally marry my dad.” The little girl wearing a pink skirt, combing her double maids and inserting two pink bead flowers, grabbed Lin Qingxue’s hand, happy Said.

Shen Wan shook her body and almost fell down. She held Qiu Ju’s hand tightly, her heart hurting like a needle. Because the little girl who spoke was her daughter Song Ziyu, who was only twelve years old. Lin Qingxue is about to marry her husband and be a regular wife. She is uncomfortable, but her daughter is happy for Lin Qingxue. Is she really wrong?

“Aunt Lin, am I going to call you Erniang from now on?” Lin Qingxue, the little boy with a tall chest, asked her with a smile.

This little boy is not someone else, but Shen Wan’s nine-year-old son Song Ziling.

The son’s words were like a heavy punch, which hit Shen Wan’s chest heavily, making her breathless. She was a failed mother, and the children she raised so hard did not turn toward her.

Lin Qingxue blushed, bit her lip and gave Song Heng a shy look at Song Heng who had sent her father-in-law to go out. She groaned: “It’s still early! The day is still undecided!” She is a flat wife, and this son Ling and Ziyu naturally want to call. She screamed as Erniang.

Liu looked pale, like a daughter-in-law who would fall down at any time, and couldn’t help sighing.

She shook her head and whispered, “Why did you know that today!” She had agreed to Qingxue’s entrance and it would be fine.

“Mother, I…” Shen Wan opened her mouth, her throat seemed to be blocked with a big stone, she couldn’t say anything.

“Sister…I’m sorry.” Lin Qingxue walked to Shen Wan, looking at her with a guilty expression on her face.

Shen Wan pursed her lips, a bitterness spread in her mouth.

The subordinates in the general’s mansion looked very guilty when seeing Miss Lin apologizing to his wife. I was thinking, how could there be such a kind woman in this world! Obviously it was the wife’s heart that prevented her from entering the door. Now that the emperor gave her the marriage, she was guilty and apologized. This young lady who knows books and gifts is different from the village women from the countryside. Madam and this girl Lin stood together, it was a difference between clouds and mud.

It’s no wonder that Madam disagrees to let General Nalin be a concubine! She should be afraid that the general will take in this young and beautiful girl Lin, who is knowledgeable and courteous, and she will lose her wretched wife!

“Aunt Lin, you’re right, why are you sorry?” Song Ziyu raised her chin and glanced at her mother sideways. It was her mother who was obviously wrong.

Aunt Lin’s father died to save his father and became an orphan. Before his death, Aunt Lin’s father entrusted Aunt Lin to his father and asked him to Na Lin as a concubine. But her mother disagreed life and death, and said that no matter who Aunt Lin marries, she can’t be Daddy’s concubine. I also quarreled with my dad several times about this. A few days ago, Aunt Lin knelt in the rain and begged her mother, but she just refused to agree. Aunt Lin was sick for several days, and after she recovered, she secretly left the general’s mansion. If she hadn’t found out in time, Aunt Lin, who had nowhere to go, wouldn’t know where to go now!

Thinking of Aunt Lin lying on the hospital bed, she felt that her mother was good or bad.

“No…” Lin Qingxue shook her head and said with red apricot eyes: “It’s my fault. If it wasn’t for me, the emperor wouldn’t… Anyway, it’s all my fault…”

“No” Song Ziling interrupted Lin Qingxue, raising her round face and said, “Aunt Lin, you are not wrong.”

It was his mother’s fault. His mother was a jealous woman who was careful. Because of his mother, the students in the college are laughing at him, he doesn’t want to go to the college now.

Looking at the pair of children standing next to Lin Qingxue from left to right, Shen Wan only felt chilly and heartache. If it weren’t for Lin Qingxue’s age to give birth to such a child, those who don’t know might think that these two children are Lin Qingxue’s own birth!

Shen Wan swallowed and looked at Lin Qingxue and said, “You’re right.”

It was me who was wrong, it was always me.

Shen Wan didn’t want to stay here anymore, she didn’t want to see a pair of children, standing with her like Lin Qingxue’s biological children. She also didn’t want to be receiving, the people looked at them with pity.

“I’m going back to the room first.” Shen Wanchong’s mother-in-law Liu said, and Qiu Ju helped him to leave.

The father-in-law who had delivered the decree came back and saw that Shen Wan had already left, so Song Heng went straight to the backyard.

Once back to the house, Shen Wan slumped on the low couch.

“Woo…” She lay on the couch and cried.

“Madam…” Qiu Ju stood aside, feeling at a loss, not knowing how to comfort her.

She was wrong, she was really wrong, she didn’t expect things to become like this. She knew that Vice-General Lin died to save his husband. He was dying and asked his husband to accept Lin Qingxue as a concubine. She should agree to his concubine. But she is scared! She is just a rural woman, with no talent and appearance, old and faint, how can she compare with the young and beautiful Lin Qingxue? After entering the imperial city, many people said that she was not worthy of her husband, and that she looked at her husband’s sister. For this reason, she did not dare to go out. She is afraid that with Lin Qingxue, her husband will abandon her one day, and she will lose the slightest place in her heart and side. She is even more afraid that when Lin Qingxue gives birth to children, she will fight with her children and rob her.

Before entering the imperial city, she often heard people say that the back homes of rich and noble families fought openly and secretly, doing everything for her own son to murder other people’s sons. It was precisely because he was afraid that Song Heng, who became a general, would have three wives and four concubines. Before entering the imperial city, she made him promise not to accept concubines in the future. Of course he also promised and said that she would swear. She couldn’t bear to let him say the thunderstorms in those days, so she stopped him to swear. If she had known this before, she shouldn’t have stopped it, so that he could also have a reasonable excuse to refuse.

When Song Heng stepped into the courtyard, he heard his wife’s crying. He could not help but squeeze a few minutes with his hands clenched into a fist and rushed into the house.

When the “General” saw Song Heng enter the house, Qiu Ju hurriedly bowed his head and blessed him.

Song Heng waved her hand to signal her to go out. Qiu Ju understood, glanced at the wife who was still crying on the couch, bowed her head and walked out.

“Madam” Song Heng whispered while sitting on the low couch.

Shen Wan ignored her, biting her lip to prevent herself from crying.

“Don’t cry anymore” Song Heng patted his wife’s shoulder gently, “I know, I’m sorry for you, but the matter is at this point and cannot be changed. I know what are you worried about? Don’t worry, even if Qingxue enters. Door, in my heart, you are my Song Heng’s wife. I, Song Heng, will definitely not take you down in this life.”

When he married her, he promised to live up to her in this life, and he would do it naturally. Lieutenant General Lin asked him to accept Qingxue as a concubine on his deathbed. He refused at the beginning, but the Lieutenant General Lin said that if he shouldn’t, he would not die. He had no choice but to agree to allow Lieutenant Lin to die.

When the war ended, his class returned to the court and went to Lieutenant General Lin’s house. He originally wanted Lin Qingxue to pick a good man from the generals in the army and marry someone else to be his regular wife. But Lin Qingxue said that he would follow his father’s last words and be a concubine for him. He already had a good wife who gave birth to her own children. He didn’t want to take a concubine, so he persuaded Lin Qingxue several times. Lin Qingxue saw that he did not want to accept her as a concubine, so she said, if she couldn’t follow her father’s last words, she would go to the temple and be an aunt. No way, a month ago, he had to take her into the imperial city and live in the general mansion.

Won’t you lose her? Shen Wan sat up, wiped her tears with her sleeves, turned her head and looked at Song Heng with red eyes: “You remember what you said today. When Song Heng was pregnant with Ziling, you were arrested and sent to the army. I went there for five years. My mother was in a bad health, and she had a natural disaster for two years, and the family was supported by me alone. I don’t know how hard I had been during those five years. If you marry Lin Qing Snow forgets me, then you have no conscience.”

Whether Lin Qingxue wants to marry Song Heng, she has to accept it whether she wants it or not. Now, she can only pray that her husband will not marry the new and forget the old. She wanted her husband to think about the hardships she had suffered, and remember what she had done for this family.

Thinking of the suffering his wife had suffered in those years, Song Heng felt distressed and guilty. When he went to his teacher’s house to propose a marriage, he once said that she would not let her suffer half-heartedness and bitterness. However, they had only been married for three years, and a war broke out in the north, so he was arrested and taken into the army. She is a woman’s family, not only to raise two children, but also to take care of a sick mother. She suffered and suffered all the grievances. Three years ago, he returned to his hometown as a general, but when he saw his black and thin wife, he didn’t dare to recognize it. Only in the past three years in the imperial city did he allow her to live a good life. Song Heng owed her all his life.

Song Heng stretched out his hand to wrap his wife’s thin shoulders, and repeated softly: “I know, I know, I will never be a heartless person.”

When Lin Qingxue enters the door in the future, he will do more to make a wife, so that she will not feel the slightest difference.

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