Chapter 4 Woke up, she passed

“Madam, slave and maid, please, wake up soon! If you don’t wake up, the young lady and the young master will really become the little lady’s children.” The first few lines, the young lady and the young master are quite sad, and they are still going Come to see Madam, and stay on her bed for a while. But, slowly, they accepted the fact that the lady could never wake up again, and they didn’t come here much. Sticking to the little lady every day, Erniang and Erniang’s screaming is so affectionate.

Although she was very angry for the wife, she was only a servant, but she could not say anything about the young lady and the young master.

Because the wife has not been awake, she was sentenced to death by the imperial doctor, and the old lady is too old to take care of things. So this middle-handed child has been handed over to the young lady. After she took the middle-handed way, she increased the wages of the servants in the house and improved the food for the master and the servants. People support her very much.

She heard people talking in private on more than one occasion, saying that this little lady was more magnificent than her. He said that his wife came from the country, not being generous, and treating them harshly.

If the wife hasn’t been able to wake up all the time, everyone in this mansion, except for himself and the general, will probably forget the wife.

Thinking of this, Qiu Ju couldn’t help crying.

“Woo…” She cried and wiped Shen Wan’s hands.

Shen Wan slept soundly, when she heard a cry, she opened her eyes a little displeased, wanting to see who was crying on the plane? But when she saw the green gauze tent on the top, she was shocked.

If she remembers correctly, there should be no such gauze tent on this plane! She was stunned for a moment, feeling that someone was wiping her hands, turned her head slightly, and saw a woman in ancient clothes crying and wiping her hands. The hands rubbed by her were black and thin, just like chicken paws, obviously they didn’t belong to her. Although my hands with pens and keyboards weren’t slender, they didn’t feel as ugly.

This room is also antique and decorated, just like that in the costume drama. What she can be sure of is that she shouldn’t be filming again. After all, she went to Bali by plane and not Hengdian. Moreover, this body does not seem to belong to her.

In her early years, she also liked to read online novels, and she also read some novels about traveling through. The current situation is very similar to the plots in the novels.

“Damn” Although she didn’t want to believe it, she seemed to have passed through. Didn’t she just sleep on the plane? This can be traversed. This makes those who fall into the river, fall off the cliff, get hit by a car, and encounter an air crash.

Qiu Ju heard Shen Wan’s voice and raised her head abruptly. She looked at the wife who was looking at her with open eyes on the bed, and screamed in surprise.

“Madam, you finally woke up, great.”

Shen Wan’s ears hurt because of her voice, and she closed her eyes in disgust. This little sister’s voice is too loud!


“Great, the general must be very happy to know that you are awake, I’ll go and tell the master.” After Qiu Ju finished speaking, she ran out of the room violently.

Shen Wan opened her mouth, looked at the figure disappearing outside the door, exhaled a foul breath and closed her mouth. She originally wanted to ask the little sister where it came from, and the little sister ran out in a rush. She raised her hand weakly and looked at it, but from where the little sister called her, it can be inferred that this body is a married person. What general did the little sister say when she ran out, is it possible that this body is still a general’s wife?

Tsk tusk… a lady in the General’s Mansion, this hand actually looks like this, you don’t need to think about it, that General Rao Shizi treated her badly, even if he didn’t torture her physically, he was torturing her mentally.

Shen Wan wanted to see what she looked like now? But she tried several times, but couldn’t sit up by herself. So, she dispelled the idea of staying to take a bronze mirror. She touched her face with her hand, and suddenly felt like crying. Oh my! This body is too thin, she just touched the bones, it seemed that there was only a layer of skin on this face, and that layer of skin was still very rough. However, it is certain that this body should not be too old, because she did not feel the pleats.

“Cuckoo…” Shen Wan’s stomach sang the empty city plan. Obviously, this body hasn’t eaten normally for a long time, otherwise, she wouldn’t be weak.

She only hopes that the little sister can come back earlier and give her something to eat. She is a very receptive person, so she has accepted the fact that she has crossed. Although it was a damn thing, she didn’t want to complain. Because, her life experience told her that complaining is of no use.

After a while, Shen Wan heard a rush of footsteps.

“Wan’er…” A tall man, stalwart, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, and wearing a silver brocade robe, rushed into the house, ran to her couch in four or five steps, using a pair of thick hands with a big calluse. , Grabbed her thin chicken paws.

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