Chapter 3 Falling into the water, lawyer Shen Wan

In the past, when they were still in the country, their family was too poor. When they eat, she eats porridge, they eat noodles and she drinks soup, they eat porridge, and she eats wild vegetables. She did her best to give them the best things she could give them, but now they only remember Lin Qingxue’s kindness to them, and forget her kindness to them. For Lin Qingxue to speak to herself like this, in their eyes, she has become a bad woman who will bully Lin Qingxue.

Song Ziyu and Song Ziling hesitated and looked at each other. The mother is good to them, but the second mother is better to them. Erniang will buy them beautiful clothes and jewelry, and also buy them delicious and fun things. Unlike mothers, they are also reluctant to bear this and that, they are very stingy, making them dress very poorly, and they are made fun of by the young ladies in the imperial city.

“Anyway, you just can’t bully Erniang.” After Song Ziyu finished speaking, he stomped and ran away, and Song Ziling ran away.

Shen Wan looked at the children who ran away, tears falling silently, she supported the wall and walked towards the backyard step by step.

In the dead of night, Shen Wan opened her eyes and lay on the cold couch. Although she was covered with a quilt, she could not feel any warmth.

At this moment, her husband Song Hengran is giving a gift of Zhou Gong with Lin Qingxue! Thinking of that scene, she felt so uncomfortable, feeling out of breath.

She lifted the quilt, got off the couch, and put the clothes hung on the screen on her body. She walked out of the room by the moonlight. She wanted to go for a walk and breathe, but before she knew it, she walked to the lotus pond opposite the Floating Cloud Pavilion.

The lights in the pavilion have been extinguished, only two large red lanterns with the word “囍” hung outside the courtyard. Obviously, the people in that pavilion have stopped.

Shen Wan stood quietly on the edge of the lotus pond, looking at the Floating Cloud Pavilion opposite, she couldn’t help thinking about it.

Lin Qingxue is so delicate, sleeping with her, Song Heng must be very happy, after all, there is no man who does not like young and beautiful women.

He is old and dark, will Song Heng really treat himself as before in the future? A pair of second daughters like to protect Lin Qingxue like that, and Song Hengran will like her too soon!

Everyone in the mansion likes Lin Qingxue, will she be in this mansion in the future? Where else is there? Thinking of this, Shen Wan couldn’t help but feel sad.

Suddenly, another pair of hands pushed hard behind her.

“Ah…” she yelled and fell into the lotus pond.

“Help…” She waved her hand and showed her head in the water. In the blur, she saw a black figure and ran away hastily.

“Cough…Help…” The cold pool water poured into her mouth and nose, drowning her call for help, and then she lost consciousness and sank into the pool water.

21st century

Shen Wan, wearing a capable professional attire, walked out of the court and stood on the high steps. She looked at the sun in the sky with a smile on her face. Today, she won another divorce lawsuit, allowing the woman to get her due property.

Yes, she is Shen Wan, the leading divorce lawyer in H City.

“Lawyer Shen” her client Ms. Liu walked to her side, “Lawyer Shen really thank you so much.”

If Lawyer Shen had not helped her win the divorce lawsuit, not only would she not get anything, she would also lose the custody of the child.

Shen Wan hooked her lips and smiled and said, “No thanks, this is what I should do.”

As a divorce lawyer, it is her duty and duty to strive for the best interests of the parties. After all, she has not received any money or less. As the premier divorce lawyer, her fees are three or four times higher than those of her peers!

“Thank you, let’s have a light meal together tonight!” Ms. Liu kindly invited her.

“No need.” Shen Wan refused directly. She raised her hand and looked at her watch and said: “My plane flies to Bali at four o’clock. I must dare to go to the airport now.”

She has been working continuously for half a year. She planned it half a month ago and went to Bali to rest for half a month after the lawsuit.

Ms. Liu looked regretful, and said with a smile: “Well, I won’t waste your time.”

“Yeah” Shen Wan nodded, waved to Ms. Liu, and walked down the steps step by step.

Shen Wan first went to the parking lot, changed into casual clothes in her car, and then drove to the airport.

At four o’clock, she got on the plane to Bali on time. After getting on the plane, she put on the blindfold and fell asleep in the first class. Because she was busy recently and didn’t have a good rest, she fell asleep soon.

Zhenbei General Mansion, Qiushiyuan, the unpretentious courtyard is spotless and very quiet.

Holding a basin of water, Qiu Ju walked into the master’s bedroom and placed the copper basin on the shelf. Wet the towel, twisted the water, and sat on the couch and wiped her face with Shen Wan who was lying on the couch with her eyes closed.

“Madame, it’s been a month, when will you wake up?” On the night the general married the little lady, the lady fell into the water. After being discovered by the night-watching palace soldiers, he came up. Although this person didn’t die, he never woke up. The imperial doctors in the palace came to see, and they didn’t see why they came, only that this person might never wake up.

Everyone said that his wife jumped into the lotus pond because the general married his wife, and General Lian thought so too. However, she didn’t believe that, the wife cares about the young lady and the young master, and she will never leave them to commit suicide. If the lady hadn’t been murdered, she would have slipped into the lotus pond.

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