Chapter 2 Sons and Daughters

The next day, Lin Qingxue moved out of the General’s Mansion. She was going to marry into the General’s Mansion. Naturally, she could not live in the General’s Mansion before getting married. The date has been set, it is set for March 28th. This marrying a flat wife is no better than a concubine, this general mansion naturally must be handled in advance. This matter should be handled by the mistress of the house, but Song Heng didn’t want Shen Wan to feel uncomfortable, so he taught the matter to a maid who had seen the world before.

Because the marriage was bestowed by the emperor, and Miss Lin’s father was the general’s lifesaver, so the mother took care of it with great care. The etiquette and pomp are also a lot.

However, Shen Wan felt that Song Heng was afraid that she would have resentment in her heart and would mess up his marrying his wife, so she was not allowed to handle it.

As the days progressed, the whole family was busy with Song Heng’s marriage to his wife.

The most leisurely person in this mansion is Shen Wan. On this day, after sitting in the room for a long time, she wanted to see her daughter. But when she arrived at her daughter’s yard, she was told by her subordinates that her daughter had gone out to accompany Lin Qingxue three days ago.

Shen Wan returned to her yard in despair. She sat under the vine frame in the yard, looking up at the white clouds in the sky. Her pair of second daughters treated Lin Qingxue more closely than her own mother. The servants in the house are more concerned about Lin Qingxue’s affairs than their own master mistress. After she enters the door, will her life really be better?

March 28

A red sedan chair fell outside the gate of the General’s Mansion in the north of the town, and the procession for welcoming and giving off marriage was as long as a street.

Many people gathered outside the general’s house to watch the excitement.

“Oh… this pomp is really big! Even though it’s marrying a regular wife, it’s even more lively than marrying a regular wife!”

“After all, it was the emperor who bestowed the marriage. This ostentation must not be small.

A woman wrapped in a headscarf said: “I really feel sorry for the general’s wife. She was originally a peasant woman. Now this mansion has a flat wife who was given a marriage by the emperor. She is afraid it will be difficult for her.”

“That’s what she asked for. If she didn’t allow Miss Lin to come in as a concubine, could the emperor give her a marriage?”

“That is, she was ungrateful and didn’t know good or bad, so the emperor deliberately gave Miss Lin the wife of the general to be the true wife! The emperor was beating her on purpose.”


The woman in the turban narrowed her mouth and did not speak, and only a woman could understand a woman. Is there another woman who is willing to let her man enter the door with a young and beautiful person who is better than her? She would not agree to changing her.

Because the marriage was bestowed by the emperor, all the officials and small officials in this imperial city came to congratulate. As the hostess, Shen Wan wore a deep purple skirt with cross-neck, combed a silver ingot on her temples, and brought a set of golden headdress on her head, a gold collar on her neck, and a pair of gold bracelets on her hands. , Stroked his eyebrows and wiped the rouge, and stood with Song Heng who was wearing a bright red wedding dress.

Her original complexion was a bit dark. She was wearing purple clothes and golden jewellery, which made her look darker and more old-fashioned. Standing beside Song Heng, not like his wife, but like his sister.

With a smile on her face, she nodded and thanked those who came to congratulate her. Also watching, Song Heng and Lin Qingxue led the red silk into the gate of the General’s Mansion. She wanted to cry, but she had to smile. She knew that it would be more ridiculous if she shed tears.

With a smile that was uglier than crying, she watched her husband and Lin Qingxue worship, and watched them being sent into the bridal chamber.

After watching all this, she couldn’t hold it anymore and wanted to go back to her room and take a break. As soon as she reached the corridor, a pair of children stopped her from going.

Today, they are all wearing gorgeous new clothes, which she has never seen before. The General’s Mansion did not have such good materials, so she knew that this new clothes was made by Lin Qingxue for them.

“Ziyu, Ziling” she whispered to a pair of children.

“Mother” Song Ziyu pouted and looked at Shen Wan and said, “Er Niang is already married to Dad, you must not bully her in the future.”

In the past few days, she has been with Erniang outside, and Erniang has been worried all day long. Marrying a father, a stepmother and a stepmother will dislike her and hate her.

“…” Shen Wan opened her mouth, she didn’t expect her daughter to say this to herself.

Song Ziling also raised her small chin and said, “Er Niang treats us very well. If you treat Er Niang badly in the future, we will not recognize you.”

If the daughter’s words were an arrow that pierced Shen Wan’s heart, then the son’s words were a knife, cutting her chest open, taking out her heart alive, and slamming on the ground. broken.

“She treats you well, did the mother treat you well?” Shen Wan asked with her eyes red, holding her aching chest with her hand, looking at the pair of children.

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